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Hi FFT hackers,

I started writting an FFT clone.

The goal

The goal is not to make a complete game, it's too much work for me alone. But I think I could release a small playable demo.
The game would be online and PvP, no AI for now, no classes for now, something very minimal and easy to code.
However, it is an open source project so I try to make things as reusable as possible. So the project may be usefull to people wanting to code a more RPG-oriented FFT, by provinding classes for battle mechanics and the graphical engine.

Technical details

Temporary server written in Perl with Dancer. (Of course I plan to drop HTTP wich is not suitable for the project.) Server written in python using the datagram protocol.
Client written in python using Panda3D engine.
Source code on github

I'm currently working on

* Effects
* Fonts
* AI
* Official map exporter
* Keyboard support
* New maps
* Disabled menu items
* Battleflow bug
* Direction buttons
* Baked shadows
* Gameplay
* Too much freedom in camera movements
* Character animation bug
* Using CEGUI, a better GUI Switched back to DirectGUI for now
* Server not supporting xyz indices for tiles
* Ugly textures
* Connecting client and server
* Contacting people like the ffh guys, dbp, gomtuu, Mephs, Calvin Chen, ebonrai, galaxymage team, sofakng, onimatrix...
* Replacing copyrighted content from the client
* Nice 2 color background


* Special effects


* Formation screen
* Bugfix for the camera ratio
* Code refactoring
* New keyboard config
* Typo fix in Lijj
* Keyboard configuration in the config file
* Remove kivu and lirmont folders server side too
* Code cleaning
* Configuration variables for the keyboard
* Code cleaning
* Apply the last two patches on Lijj folder
* Fix the hand texture
* Remove the characters on attack_check image, replace them with the fixed font
* Fixed many issues with the regular font: color, shadow, line height, spacing
* Removed kivu and lirmont folders for now, they add too much work
* Custom direction chooser for Lijj game
* Added modularity for the code
* Config files, multigame support
* Forgot to add particle textures and config files
* 12 palettes for Lijj's girl knight
* Particle effects in the battle
* More UVmapping for the map 007
* Finaly fixed sprite resolution
* Battle cursor pointer
* Remove the action preview when the battle is complete
* A lot of improvements in the attack GUI flow
* Attack check message placement fix
* gitignore
* Resolution fix
* Double resolution sprite + per team palettes
* Daylight version of the custom map 006
* Remove the auto shader to temporary fix the background bug
* UV mapping improvements on map 007
* Custom texture for the first custom map
* Better texture for the zones
* Textures for attackables and walkables tiles
* 40x40px cursor and shadow
* Finished to declare the tiles for the second map
* Second map improvements
* The new map exported to egg
* Map rename
* UV texture for the second map
* Map improvements
* Map cleaning
* A new map almost modelized
* Point light support
* Higher walk animation speed when moving
* Some modeling experiments
* Fixed the other json map files with the new syntax for multiplayer


* Fixed an awfull bug about party joining, details here
* Big patch: unlimited number of teams in a battle!


* Some job informations
* Compute CT using character speed, according to the Battle Guide Mechanic...
* Better job files from the Battle Guide Mechanics
* Compute true character stats using their job and level
* True bare handed damage formula
* A new small font + display true brave and faith
* Some improvements on the return to party list code
* Removed the useless STATS datagram
* Fix for the canact bug

* Unload the map chooser models
* Added the small jump animation
* Center the intro animation on the map bounds center
* Code cleaning
* Refresh button texture
* Added some imagemagick scripts to export sprites to tethical format
* Display the sprite corresponding to the job and gender of the character


* The new map chooser


* Display battle coordinates with the official font
* Allow characters to move through death bodies
* Allows characters to move through the tiles containing a team member
* Server code cleaning to prepare move algorithm improvements
* 4th custom map model
* Send only usefull informations to fix the lag on character turn
* Code cleaning
* Made the help message cancelable


* Added UV coordinates to all slope models, so they are texturable
* Moded the client code to switch cursor shape according to terrain shape
* Color the cursor in red when on an unwalkable tile


* I finally understood how panda fonts work
* Made a multicolored (black & white) font
* Display character's stats during the battle

* A new custom map
* Add an unfinished custom map
* Fixed the map exporter to not place characters in water
* Allow more parties to be created
* Connect server only when credentials are provided
* Window title
* Return to party list after a battle
* Battle Complete datagram
* Fix the Game Over screen
* Code cleaning


* Updated the README to reflect the server switch
* Raise TCP header size to allow bigger maps
* Change default port to 3001
* Fix damages
* Command line argument to specify server port
* Prevent panda to open a window for the server
* Renamed some files
* Server rewritted to python, switch to the datagram protocol
* Readme
* Attackables algorithm takes height into account
* Move algorithm takes jump stat into account
* Remove useless code
* Add genericity so the game can handle both original and custom maps

* Export complete .obj maps with flipped normals
* First steps in map logic export


* First official map exported, special thanks to lirmont who wrote the exporter!


* Fix for the tile ratio bug
* Fix for the sprite animation bug
* Conditions for winning screen
* Congratulations screen
* Game over screen


* Fixed the terrain aspect ratio
* Fixed the walk speed
* Color fix for the direction chooser textures
* Move and Attack check messages
* Hide the black overlay when selecting a character to attack
* Fix cursor Z
* Clear the blue zone before the character starts to walk
* Textured cursor


* New map
* Keyboard driven battle menu


* Battleflow bugfix: clear attackable tiles on cancel and any special tile...
* Fix the no walkable battleflow bug + keyboard driven cancel menu
* Keyboard driven direction chooser
* Keyboard driven help messages
* Code refactoring: tile chooser keyboard events
* Code refactoring: battle phases


* Display character name, job and sign in the character status
* Right sound effects for the lobby widgets
* Add camera movements for move and attack action in passive phase
* Better use of the lobby tasks to poll the server
* Add a 1sec delay before first character start
* Lobby code refactoring : moved all the GUI related code to the GUI module
* Keyboard support for the tile chooser


* First steps in displaying character status


* Better battle introduction, with camera moving around the map
* Help messages for the direction and tile choosers
* Fixed the wheel background resolution, it was blurry
* I fixed the camera height, it was too low


* New lobby GUI
* FFT font
* Ramza sprite


* Better party selection list
* Less hardcoded accounts, the way is open to store accounts in a database
* Walk speed fixed


* Automaticaly open active character's menu
* AT sprite
* Lock camera control and tile highlighting when needed
* Direction selector
* Automaticaly open direction selector when character has already moved or acted


* Sound effects
* Basis for a better GUI


* Better aspect ratios
* Better camera angles
* Unique texture for maps
* Transparency bug fixed
* Character shadows


* Characters can attack, lose HP and die
* Lot of code cleaning
* Added 'weak' and 'dead' statuses to the sprites
* Some work done on a new GUI wich is way better


* Battle moves shared accros the server
* Better camera movements
* Code cleaning


* 2 color background
* keyboard driven camera handler


* Random team generated
* Full support of xyz coords server side
* Draw walkable tiles sent by the server


* Players can create parties
* They can join parties too
* Removed formation screen for now, a random team will be generated


* Original map + original but ugly textures
* Coords displayed top right of the screen
* GUI to connect the game server, and create a party


* Uncomplete camera movements
* Character movements keeping right direction
* Exported official map using Ganesha, but texture issue

See also

* Final Fantasy Flashtics  
   A kind of Tactical RPG Engine With Flash by dbp
* Galaxymage Redux Open Source  
   GalaxyMage Redux is an attempt to revitalize the open source game, GalaxyMage with a fresh codebase. GMR is an open-source tactical RPG similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea.
* TACTIC Strategy RPG Engine  
   "A technical demo of the pathfinding AI used in my TACTIC SRPG Engine. The algorithm was written using C# and the graphics are handled by the MOgre graphics library." by Mephs11
* Tactics Droped  
   "Tactics is currently a clone of Final Fantasy Tactics. However, it does not intend to keep using these sprites - mainly because I do hope to have the game available for download with the option to compete online versus other players (details have not been fully thought out yet)." by Calvin Chen
* Ganesha Open Source  
   A map editor for Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) by gomtuu
* Map Viewer Open Source  
   OpenGL FFT Map viewer by gomtuu
* Strategic RPG  
   A game in the spirit of Final Fantasy Tactics with mechs like those in Front Mission III, using Panda3D by onimatrix
* Tactics Arena Online  
   Commercial game
* Tactics Core  
   Flash game
* 3D SRPG XNA engine
* Tactics Game Engine  
   A tactics battle game engine that I have written for C# using microsoft's XNA framework. Its very near completion and mainly requires some more art for characters and levels.
* KR Tactics Forest  
   2D based on RPG Maker XP
* Gundam Wars Tactics
* Primecia  
   Based on RPG Maker VX
* RPGM2 Tactical Battle System[/list]

Very nice work! Keep it up! :D

Between this and dbp's project, I have high hopes for an online pvp fft. I simply can't wait ^_^

Awesome stuff
Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks a lot for your support.
I added a new video.


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