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In lieu of recent events, where FFH's future is uncertain, I'd like to start a database of sorts with updated info on how people can be contacted should they leave FFH, or if something (knock on wood) happens to the site itself.

Basically, all I ask is for whatever contact info you decide to provide. E-mail, IM address, Youtube account link, whatever you want. I know that info is here on peoples' profiles, but I also know that those aren't always accurate, or up to date, and I'd like to be able to reach people in case something were to happen.

I know that sounds very stalkerish, but I think it'd be a nice resource to have just in case. If you don't want to post it on here, that's fine, please just PM it to me instead. Thanks!

email -
youtube -

Will update with more info as needed.




Email =

YT Channel =

P.S. One of the Top Guys (Any Mod/Admin) please sticky this.

ravenofrazgriz (AIM)

Pick your poison.


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