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--- Quote from: "philsov" ---Bombs... are a whoopsy on my part.  I messed with their MA so I could mess with the flame attack coeffecient for the blue mage, and neglected to take level 4 MA into account -_-
--- End quote ---

It's not that big a deal, since it took what I think was Good Compat from the Bombs to actually land a one shot on my Leather Hat / Clothing Wizard.  It wasn't really that bad for everyone else, since they had a bit higher HP despite also wearing Leather Hat / Clothing.

--- Quote from: "The Damned" ---Dual Kiss and Turtle Shell have mixed up descriptions.
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I mentioned that in the other thread with the previous ASM'd beta, so I thought he fixed it.  >_>


--- Quote from: "The Damned" ---I'm sure you know, but Poison Volley doesn't have an actual quote. It also seems to hit 100% of the time no matter what.
--- End quote ---

It's not 100%.  I've had it go as low as 75%, and yes, it does get blocked.  You were just having a string of good compat, I believe.

--- Quote from: "The Damned" ---There was something that I thought I would mention, not so much more because it's a glitch but rather because it seems to be rather noticeable even earlier on: It seems like you (accidentally?) made Item even more powerful since, due to the Throw Item, Items can literally go twice the range of most units AND hit 100%. I know this isn't a fault of your own and I'm not sure what you can do to fix it since I know if you take away Throw Item from Chemists then they won't be able to equip it. But not everyone likes to use range units like I do and the other revival methods so far--Wish and Raise--are uncertain compared to Phoenix Down.
--- End quote ---

He could do what Eternal did and make Items cost an arm and a leg.  They're better, but when Potions cost 300 and Phoenix Downs 3000, have fun trying to use them.  

The Damned:
Well that would solve the problem for the player, but not the computer, which is honestly what I'm more worried about since so far there's no way to limit the amount of items that the computer can have.

Thank you for the information on Poison Volley. I guess it has been good compatibility.

So I got up to Thieves Fort last night and I took some snapshots of my journey so far.

Highlights include:

Name TBA?

Seph24 in this patch?

Miludia's a trap.

The Damned:
Minor update since I only got on battle in (at Mandalia) before Secretary came on, which is something that I've been wanting to see.

That needless bit of information aside, there were a couple of things that I've noticed:

* I think that RavenofRazgriz has pointed this out before, but it seems rather impossible to Save Algus if you choose the second option (especially since the it's the less assholish one and there's no longer [permanent] incentive for picking the first one). He just moves too little and doesn't have enough HP. You can't really get to him unless maybe you start a Chemist right near him.
* Steal Sanity/Muddle might have too much of a hit rate considering that Confusion doesn't wear off and, unlike Steal Heart, it isn't bound by sex like Steal Heart.
* Last thing of note would be that Battle Boots currently don't do anything, do they? They're still listed as Move +1, but...yeah.
I'll try to get through more by tomorrow's end.

No, Battle Boots add jump +1


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