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To kickoff my formal promotion to Script Writer/Collaborator, I have teamed up with LastingDawn to begin to introduce some of the characters of Mercenaries. Feel free to comment, discuss, and make wild guesses about the characters. With me helping to write the script, you never know what'll happen....

"I get a bad feeling about this..."

Full Name: Radcliffe
Job: Apprentice
Age: 16
Birthday: December 30  
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 163 lbs.
Blood Type: O+
Birthplace: Unknown (Gariland)
Loves: Women, Bacchus Wine
Hates: Bullies, Gyashl Greens, Rondel
Hobbies: Drinking, Singing (badly), Women

Abilities: Double Bolt, Double Ice, etc.

Young apprentice to Master Goffard Gafgarion, he enjoys a life of eating, drinking, and slaying as his master dictates. He is not one to take things too heavily, but knows when to be serious. His outward happiness belies an inner sadness, about his past and his parents....

-Expect a new profile every week, depending on how many characters get created!

This is a great feature! I will be sure to follow along closely. I'm also glad that Rad's bio sort of fits in with the quests I created, and the way that I perceived his role in the story. I like it. Looking forward to more from you guys

Very cool, man. Though why did you say Goffard Gafgarion? Are certain names being replaced with their WotL counterparts?

Again, this is very cool--I can't wait to see more.

For me, at least, I'm going with the names that sound best. Probably just out of force of habit, though.

Besides, if we were doing WotL, it'd be Ladd.

"Traitors... debt unpaid!"

Full Name: Alicia Nilvox
Job: Gaia's Lance
Age: 20
Birthday: February 26
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 144 lbs.
Blood Type: B-
Birthplace: Fovoham Village
Loves: Camping, Training
Hates: Rad, Weak Men, Ghosts
Hobbies: Training, Reading, Chocoback Riding

Abilities: Aura, Divine Lance, Downsize, etc.

A young lady seeking to join the Konoe Knights, a guild of elite warriors steaded by Lady Agrias Oaks. Alicia grew up in a warrior's academy, however her only degree is in hard knocks. She uses the power of the earth itself to rip enemies asunder, as well as to protect allies.


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