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FFT Where you play only with Ramza. Basicly the idea is to give everyone MA- and defense up to everyone by using these Defend Up innate all
0x11F2E6 change 0x40 to 0x20
Credits to Razele

Magic Defend Up innate all
0x11F336 change 0x40 to 0x20
Credits to Razele

That means battles are slower. and more dificult.

You will be going with a quest throught whole game they will change alot. There would Boco, Delita, Gaffy, Agrias, Cloud, Reis, Rad, Lavian, Alicia(Rad Lavian and Alicia would have new jobs and they would come on moment's like after chapther 2 or something like that.) Beowolf, worker 7(or 8 can't remember) and so on.

There would be some cutscenes that were they will leave and come bacck or they will die something like that.

There would be some changes on classes that there would be 2 diffrent archer quess how bard and dancer will be replaced with these two and they have diffrnt skill set and equiment.
And calculator would be red mage.
Mediator will be replaced by blue mage.
Priest and Wizard are named as white mage and balck mage.
Lancer wil be named Dragoon and won't use anymore jump.
Ramza and some of the Ramza, guest's and bosses will be able to have attack up and MA.

Mime will be only for Boss guys like Miluda, Wiegraf, Balk, Gaffy

That's my idea.

Also Arch that would be great if we could play WOTL with PSX.

Asmo X:
I have thought about a Razma-only patch too. It would require some ASM hacking, but I was thinking each sign of the Zodiac could give you different innate abilities/traits. So Ramza would actually be getting RSM from his ability list, whatever was innate to the class he was in, and whatever sign of the Zodiac he was.

Asmo X:
Also, some of the threads that have been closed recently like the ovelia chapters and that deal ShadowX was working on could be reposted to this thread being that they were still at the "ideas" stage.

Dominic NY18:
I've let the authors of those topics know that they can do so. Whether they do so or not is up to them.

Currently: Spriting, text edits, skill changes

Nonstoryline changes
- Replace Deep Dungeon or add a new sidequest involving the Organization 13 from KH (If I replace Deep Dungeon (if possible) there will be the addition of a new difficult sidequest.
-Complete job and slight skill change
-Replace Dancer with a female only class called Muse and scrap Bard Muse will consist of Attacks and buffs to keep the Bard and Dancer feel
- Replace Bard with a male only physical class (This is not certain, I might have to show the magical classes some love)
-Implement new item system for chemist new job Alchemist Decided to scrap, changing chemist to Medic which has no real big changes.

Story synopsis
The story revolves around 2 young men who serve as knights under the King of Ivalice. The two young men rose in rank quickly because of the special skills they acquired from the distant land from which they came as children. The kings rule came to an abrupt end when he was pronounced dead from an illness he recently developed. The brother of the king took his place on the throne soon after. One of the young men find that the death of the king is odd because the king had been fine the last time he visited him only days prior, so he decides to investigate this matter. the young man finds more that he bargained for when he find out the king had been poisoned by his own brother. The boy tries to find someone to explain this to, but not even his own brother (the other young man) believes him. He decides to take this information to the church, the only people with a voice as big as the royal family in Ivalice.

Main character roles, jobs, and sprite ideas
Kojiro (Last name TBD) Job: Ronin Skillset: Soul Blade Role: This is the main character taking the role that was originally Ramza's. He is your main protagonest and his role in the story is much similar to Ramza's (The preserving justice thing not the save Alma thing.) Sprite: Incomplete- I was thinking of making or having made a sprite based on the Parivir from FFTA2 because of his job. For chapter one I want him to have a innocent looking portrait much like Ramza in chapter one and for the next three I was thinking of  a more proud look. Maybe in chapter 4 he could even get full samurai armor, helmetless of course.

Kotaro (Last name TBD) Job: Shinobi Skill: Ninjutsu Role: He is the brother of Kojiro. He switches between protagonist and antagonist throughout the story His role is similar to Delita's but becomes much different after the major changes in chapter 2. Sprite: Thinking of making him similar to the ninja in FFTA with a revealed face. I don't know what changes I want to make to his appearance over the chapters.

(More to come)

Opening script
Many will find this a complete rip off of FFT's opening. But I assure you the story will take turns that will pull away from FFT's plot. Even my chapter 1 flashback proved to be different.
(Inside church chapel (Hopefully I will be able to use the chapel in Ramza and Delita's cutscene instead of the one from the original opening))
It has been weeks since this has happened.
I cannot believe it has come to this.
It seems like I've turned my back on everything I once stood for.

Father Roan: Thank you, Child. This is enough proof to restore the peace Ivalice once had.
Kojiro: No father, thank you. I want nothing more than to bring that man to justice.
Father: You always were loyal to the late king. But I must ask a favor of you before your request is realized. You must escort the High Priestess to the capital with this book so that the main branch of the church will aid you.
Kojiro: This task is only a mere stepping stone in my quest to dethrone that traitor.
(Knight enters)
Knight:Father! The Banner of Red is attacking the church!
Kojiro: This can't be!
(Kojiro quickly exits)
Father: Protect us, oh lord.
(Fade out)

(Outside the Church)
Red Banner Knight: So the church has sent a traitor to fight us. The money on his head seems like a bribe to divert us from our objective.
Kojiro: Don't think the bounty on my head will be an easy mark
Church Knight: We've been trying our best to drive them away.
Kojiro: Then they must be incapacitated.
(Battle begins)

(After the battle)
(High Priestess screams)
Priestess: Unhand me! This is an act of heresy
Unknown man: There are no heretics serving under the king.
(Man punches the priestess)
Man: Forgive me, Father...
(Kojiro runs through back door)
Kojiro: Stop where you are!
(Kojiro surprised stance)
Kojiro: Wait... Kotaro?
Kotaro: It's been quite a long time... brother.
Kojiro: Return the priestess!
Kotaro: I cannot do that. And I'd advise you not to follow me, traitor...
(Kotaro rides off on his chocobo)
Kojiro: Damn...
(Fade out)

Job changes (I lost the chart I made on my old comp so I'm just going to type up what I had here.)
Squire --> Warrior Skill: Basics (Note: Basically made this class to show that the main character and his group are more advanced from the start.)
Chemist --> Medic Skill: Item (Note: Not much changes here except for name and sprite.)
Knight --> Aegis Knight Skill: Sword & Shield (Note: Trying to implement some defensive skills here.)
Archer --> Ranger/Hunter Skill: Aim (Note: Not sure on name just yet. I want to implement some new skills other than charge/aim)
Wizard --> ??? Skill: ??? (Note: I will need to get my chart back to get this one, I forgot what I had.)
Priest --> Savior Skill: Healing Magic (Note: Not much changes here.)
Monk--> Monk/Berserker Skill: Focus/Maul (Note: Not sure on which one to go with. The one that is chosen will probably determine the skills.)
Thief -->Thief Skill: Debauchery (Note: Couldn't think of a better name. I'm going to try and make Thief more interesting.)
Time Mage --> Chronologist Skill: Time Distortion (Note: Not much changes but you could see a variation of Galaxy Stop in here since I'm not using Astrologist.)
Oracle --> ??? Skill: ??? (Note: I'm not sure if I had one for this on my chart.)
Geomancer --> Elementalist Skill: Elemental (Note: Note much changes here. I don't want to waist the Geomancy system.)
Lancer --> Dragon Knight Skill: Dragon Skill (Note:Going to try and compile jump into one skill and add Reis' skills.)
Summoner --> ??? Skill: Contract (Note: Not much changes here. I can't remember the name I had at the moment.)
Mediator --> Tamer Skill: Tame (Note: I'm probably going to spread the word skills out among the classes. This job will Work closely with monsters but the invite skill will be here and it will work on humans.)
Ninja --> Ninja Skill: Nindo (Note: I have an idea in mind involving my main characters and that's why there's no name change. Also there's might not be a sprite change)
Samurai --> Samurai Skill: Living Blade (Note: See Ninja)
Bard --> ??? Skill: ??? (Note: Currently don't have anything for bard because of the new Muse class)
Dancer --> Muse Skill: Song & Dance (Note: My solution to Bard and Dancer though it will be female only)
Calculator --> ??? Skill:??? (Note: Don't know exactly what to do with this.)
Mime --> ??? Skill: ??? (Note: See Calc)

Pending changes
-Main character sprites
-Job sprites
-Organization 13 sidequest sprites

Completion list
- Job and skill set name changes


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