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--- Quote from: "ShadowX" ---I'm not being specific because the chances of this working are slim. This only looks like it's working because it's still on the first page...
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you still sound like you're complaining here.

--- Quote from: "ShadowX" ---but then again most of the things I see you post make little sense.
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are you joking me??

Anyways, currently started a patch inspired by mercenaries, but it won't be nearly as big. Here Ramza decides to chase after Delita at the beginning of chapter 2 and joins up with him rather than going along with agrias and them.

Asmo X:
A lot of what happens in Chapter 1 is to establish why Delita and Ramza can't really continue to coexist. So you might have to edit some of that as well. You can say that Ramza just decides to distance himself from his family completely after the shitfest at Zeakden, but Delita is still firmly disenchanted with the aristocracy thanks to his interactions with Algus. If he just decides to trust Razma, some of that becomes sort of irrelevant. Especially since Algus' belief is that the distinction between aristocracy and the commoners is assumed at birth.

Idea. Patch about times when Ramza was with Gaffy before start of chapter 2.


--- Quote from: "Shade" ---Idea. Patch about times when Ramza was with Gaffy before start of chapter 2.
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That would be a relatively short story. Not a bad idea, but there isn't a lot of "flavor" to it.

Mercenaries is a much better show of the bond between Ramza and the mercenaries, even though it is another story.


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