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EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 - UPDATE: 4/26/2017

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MediaFire UPDATER Download

If this is your first time using EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0, please download the full program.  Legacy versions (1.91 and previous) are no longer supported.  If you already have a copy of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 but an update has been released, simply download the updater and apply it to your copy of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0, overwriting all files where applicable. 

When you want something done more right, it's best to take three years off to code an autistic MMO then re-do it yourself in a day.  Welcome to EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0!  While this shares the name of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect with another program of similar purpose by some defunct bastard named RavenOfRazgriz, this entirely-new tool shares nothing in common with it aside from the concept.  EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 will bring the latest and greatest in event editing, including many features designed explicitly for managing large projects and managing multiple projects at once.

Features Included:

* User-created directories for storing events in, with a number of starter directories to get started with.
* Compilations in both event and TEST.EVT format of both Vanilla FFT and FFT: Complete provided stock, with write protections to prevent them accidentally being saved over.  Good for the aspiring event editor who wants easy access to initial files.
* Saving and Loading Events from any number of user diirectories, with error-checking to catch incorrect commands.  Automatically concatenates a decimal value to the title of your event based on its Offset() to help keep things organized.  Has multiple protections to keep your events saved and prevent data loss or accidental overwrites.
* Compile to any .EVT file stored in the .EVT Directory folder.  .EVTs can be given unique names for easy organization without issue.  No more managing TEST.EVTs by hand!
* Compile to any savestate stored in the root folder of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect - with no need to fuss with offsets, editing CONFIG.INI, etc., everything needed is done by the program itself.
* Compile any directory of event files to any .EVT file stored in the .EVT Directory folder.  WARNING: This can take about 10 minutes to perform with a full list of 500 events.
* Decompile entire .EVT files to any chosen user directory for parsing.
* Compile and Decompile in War of the Lions Mode for PSP users.
* Right-Click menu for Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find (+Replace), Undo, and Redo.
* Many keyboard shortcuts for keyboard-oriented users.
* Batch Offset Writer for editing the offsets of many events at once based on a name signifier.  Good if you need to rearrange many events at once.  Also supports War of the Lions Mode.
* Instruction Viewer that allows for easy viewing of any help file for event commands.
* Map Viewer for easily finding where your units need to be placed during events.
* Camera Instruction Generator and SpriteMove Instruction Generator for easy generation of complex commands.
* CONFIG.INI is the same as used in Xifanie's Event Compiler/Decompiler and is stored in the root folder.  All updates can be applied manually by the end user to this CONFIG.INI.  Event command parameters and help files are stored in root\Resources\Source Files\Event Instruction List\.  Any changes to commands must also be made in the matching event instruction text file to ensure the error-checking functions properly.  All can be handled by end-user to prevent program going out of date.
* Fully supports the Event Instruction Upgrade Hack, a copy of which is packaged with the program.  While it is not mandatory to use, it is recommended.
Stuff Missing:

* No more Auto-Complete.  Sorry, Jon!
[Shortcut List]
F1 - Open README.txt
CTRL+L / F4 - Close Active Window
CTRL+R / F5 - Refresh Folders/etc. in Active Window

Text-Editing Windiow:
CTRL+X - Cut
CTRL+C - Copy
CTRL+V - Paste
CTRL+A - Select All
CTRL+F - Find
CTRL+Z - Undo
CTRL+Y - Redo
F3 - Find/Replace Next

EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 - Home:
CTRL+O - Open Event
CTRL+S - Save Event
CTRL+E - Compile Event
CTRL+P - Compile Directory
CTRL+D - Decompile .EVT
CTRL+I - Open Instruction Viewer
CTRL+M - Open Map Viewer
CTRL+G - Open Camera Generator
CTRL+N - Open SpriteMove Generator
CTRL+B - Open Batch Offset Rewriter

EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 - Camera Generator:
CTRL+G - Generate Camera() Command

EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 - SpriteMove Generator:
CTRL+N - Generate SpriteMove() Commannd

EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 - Batch Offset Rewriter:
CTRL+B - Batch Offset Rewrite
More details can be found in the included README.txt file.  Bugtested only by myself.  Post bugs and they'll be fixed whenever I get around to them based on urgency.  Enjoy, you filthy animals.

Great job!  I want to hear more about the autistic MMO, give us a thread on it.

Back up your source code this time..  I recommend a private repo or dropbox.


--- Quote from: nitwit on March 28, 2017, 06:11:21 PM ---Great job!  I want to hear more about the autistic MMO, give us a thread on it.

Back up your source code this time..  I recommend a private repo or dropbox.

--- End quote ---
I have plenty of backups these days, don't worry.

And maybe I will put a thread up on that once I'm working on it again.


* Layout of "Home" changed.  Primary changes are a larger text field, a Close button, and adjusted aesthetics.
* Right-Click Support re-added.  Supports Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find(Replace), Undo, Redo.
* Keyboard Shortcut Support re-added.  List is in the OP.
* Sanity checks added to compiling to .EVTs.  Program now always ignores the Text Offset even if it's not commented out when compiling to .EVTs, similar to how it ignores Offsets when compiling to SaveStates.  User should no longer have any need to manage the Text Offset unless explicitly making use of it.
* Fix to a small error with SpriteMoveBeta()
* Error Checking now runs when Saving, Loading, and Compiling instead of just when saving, including when using the Compile Directory function.
* Many adjustments to the code that runs under-the-hood for stability purposes.
* Aesthetic improvements to most windows. Might not be noticeable for most users.
* Other general improvements.
Download in OP is updated.  If you already have a copy of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0, there is an UPDATER download which you can install and apply instead.  See instructions in OP.

Two bugs noticed so far:

1) The InstructionViewer says SpriteMove uses +YYYYY,+ZZZZZ,+XXXXX when it's actually +XXXXX,+ZZZZZ,+YYYYY.

2) When you're trying to type in the Find window, typing N immediately triggers the "Find Next" option.


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