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Valk's Projects: Terra, Fran, Main Vagrant Story WIP: Elegant Flier

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I will be posting the final versions of everything on the front page so no need to flip through all the others. Unless you want to see various concepts of other work that I have done that isn't finalized, enjoy! :mrgreen:

Not bad! Looks like some of the colors could use a bit more value separation.. like the reds on Terra. They seem too close to the same value, so the depth is a little lost there. Lighten the lighter colors. Also their eyes both look weird; Fran's because the white of the eyes is too dark and Terra's because of the color used for the iris/pupils is too light.

Thank you, will definitely play around some more. I just modified a Fran portrait, updating my last thread.

That Fran looks good! For Terra I suggest looking into the different fleshes used from sprites. The ones you used look so close to each other. For that Green hair I suggest looking for other shades (perhaps a tad darker but not as dark as the thiefs' Maybe Izludes?) that will blend in with the grass area stages something which Kagebunji experienced with his Rydia aeons ago.

I'll go darker with Terra on the hair, right now her lair looks radiant in Mandalia Plains, but it doesn't seems like it will be an issue. As for the darkening of the red you were totally right, changed it up and the depth came out a lot more.


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