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The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 1.02 - DOWNLOAD HERE!
« on: October 14, 2019, 11:18:32 PM »
Do we have a timeline for the patch resources for modders?  I'm itching to get started on transferring my mod to this as a base

Help! / How to sync evtchr palettes?
« on: March 08, 2019, 05:10:39 PM »
Heyo homies, another deep question for ya:

So for my mod I'm making several evtchr edits so that new sprites match up with the cutscene sprites.  For example, I'm using the de-hooded version of Meliadoul, so I'm editing sprites 116 0-2.  The easy part is editing the actual pixel art, the hard part is getting the palettes to sync up properly so that each character displays without wonky colors (the hooded Meliadoul uses a fairly different palette and color order than the vanilla Melly).  I adjusted the order of the colors in the palette for the first image, sort of eyeballing them to follow the similar pattern for the palettes in the next two images (the first image has meliadoul's palette, the second, Ramzas, the third, the Zodiac stone's).  Unfortunately, the colors have to be in exactly the right order, and I don't know of a reliable way to predict this.  Otherwise one image will look fine, but the other two (Ramza and the stone) will be wonky.

Bottom line is, I can figure this out with A LOT of trial and error, but there's gotta be an easier way, some sort of systematic method to make the palettes sync up with the colors of the modified palette in the proper order.  Unleash your wisdom upon me

Help! / How to reduce allowable number of player units in battle?
« on: March 08, 2019, 04:24:44 PM »
Heyo homies,

I'm looking to create a random battle (a specific floor of the DD) that only allows the player to enter one unit into battle, as part of a duel scenario.  I've run across a random battle editor here, but my cursory review of it at least did not make this capability obvious. Am I missing something there, or is there another method to unlock this madness?


PSX FFT Hacking / Re: How to permaguest joining units?
« on: March 08, 2019, 04:19:07 PM »
Sweet, that's helpful.  Seems like a viable method then.  Looking at the pros and cons, I guess this system would incentivize retaining up to 4 permaguested units.  On the other hand, the other method, referenced here would give the player more choices as to who to keep, but at the cost of removing all guest joins and editing the Beowulf event conditions.  Furthermore it seems that this has the advantage of more potential room for monster breeding.

Spriting / Re: We need MOAR Monsters
« on: March 05, 2019, 08:10:25 PM »
Wow, this is brilliant  :shock:.  Brilliant.  I'll have to save a spot for this guy in my hack.  And when I'm rich and famous, I'll appoint you to be the Secretary of Spriting

PSX FFT Hacking / How to permaguest joining units?
« on: March 05, 2019, 07:28:00 PM »
Heyo homies,
So as you know in FFT, there are some units that join as "guests" and do not contribute to your party limit of 16.  In vanilla, this designation is ultimately temporary.  In my mod, I want to have 4 characters that can permanently join and fight in random battles, but will retain the "guest" flag so as to allow for up to 20 party members.  I don't see an option that influences this in patcher, is this an event-related thing, or how do I alter it?

Edit: I ran into a thread talking about expanding the party roster to 20, but apparently there are bugs with it, especially involving the Beowulf sidequest.  Either way, it doesn't seem to be fully resolved there.
Also Edit: I realize I probably should have posted this in the "help" forum again. My bad

Hopefully this doesn't count as a necropost. Not that old anyway.

But yes, I'm here to report that it works great.  I had been having quite a few issues on that computer, but I tried it on a different one, and it works great, so thanks to Glain for that!

Also, I'm making a mod that significantly alters what formula 4 is used for (generally more powerful items than vanilla), so yeah, this hack is pretty useful for me

ai'ight.  Maybe I'm applying it wrong, but it doesn't have any effect yet

Edit: it could be the problem on my end; FFTorgASM is being dumb and may not be applying or recognizing new patches properly, and I don't know how ASM stuff translates to pure hex

Dope.  I'll have to try it out.  Although I wonder if it's at the right offset - I normally apply patches via hex, and Battle.Bin ends before offset 188C34.  Is that the offset as referenced from the whole ISO file?

Yeah, like I said, increasing the damage output of the formula is the end goal, I don't really care how it's done.  I suppose there's a way to multiply the current damage by 1.5 or add in a damage modifier with X or Y as with some swordskills. Currently the only way I know to make the magic guns do more damage is to raise the WP (but then jump becomes OP with that weapon), or raise the spell damage (but then the spell becomes OP), so modding the formula is the way to go.  ASMing is not and probably never will be my specialty, so if you or some other pro could help me that would be sweet.

And yeah, I haven't found anything to indicate that item types have been successfully changed, so I guess I'll do some reshuffling there.

Heyo homies,

So formula 4 in FFTP is the one that allows for guns that can fire variable spells (Fire1, 2, or 3). Problem is, the guns that use it are pretty underwhelming.  I'd like to be able to increase their damage output by 50-75%, but don't want to raise the Weapon Power, since this can be abused with Jump and similar abilities.  By the same token, the spells are already pretty powerful by themselves (I wonder if this formula halves the damage versus the spell was cast normally).  Anyway, is there a well-worn path to either crank up the damage output of this formula across the board, or allow for variable increases, such as formula 2D (PA*(WP +Y))?

Also, while we're at it, I've changed several item types in my mod (e.g. helmet to robe), and it sort of works, except that the robe has a little helmet image next to it and is only equipped on the head - Apparently modifying "Item Type" in patcher doesn't do much.  How does one *actually* change the type of item?  Not strictly necessary, but it would save me from a lot of item reshuffling.


Edit: Also, I guess I should've posted this in the help forum. My bad. Feel free to move

Hehehe...this topic makes me strangely amused.

My two cents: so I can somewhat sympathize with the OP, as I was raised in a somewhat conservative religious family, and still practice most of the values that come with it. Although frankly, I've come to not mind mind most swear words, especially words like "damn" and "bastard" that have a sort of rustic Old-English type charm to them, and I think are most at home in FFT-like scenarios that are based on gritty medieval wars.  On the other hand, I respect people wanting to exercise a little judgment in how they use their language, and understand the need to be seen as not personally promoting something (such as swearing), even if that thing is prevalent in society.  So I would classify this sort of thing as small change - nice to do if it's easy, but not a huge deal if you don't do it. 

Regarding the graphical and storyline violence in this thread, my perspective is that FFT is a much darker game on paper than the actual game makes apparent due to the how much the cartoonish medium undermines the shock of that violence. Frankly, and oddly, the descriptions people are writing about FFT violence in this thread give me a much more graphic mental picture than the actual game graphics.   Maybe it's the fact that all the characters look like cute chibi-teenagers, or the protagonist's own childlike nature, but I just can't perceive the events as very traumatic.  So despite the "heavier" themes, I don't really see FFT as being "not for children" (within reason). There are a lot of classic fairy tales that have very dark themes, but are portrayed in such a way as to not be "too disturbing for children."
So really, the portrayal is huge - Game of Thrones, for example, while having many of the "dark themes" similar to FFT, portrays them in a much more graphic, believable, and grounded way than FFT, such that I would say GoT may not be for children.  But I digress, and you are free to feel otherwise.

Anyway, to the original point, I actually don't know if there are any swears in Tactext (which is stupid easy to use, BTW, don't look for anything to get easier than that).  Most of them would be in events, as has been mentioned.  The good news is that you don't really have to learn the intricacies of "how to event" - basically, all you have to do is familiarize yourself with the tools, then find the encounters/text in question and change them.  Once you know what you're doing, and if you remember where most of them are, I'm guessing you could knock this project out in half an hour.

Help! / Re: Trouble displaying a job class with varying palette colors
« on: December 19, 2018, 04:23:38 PM »
 :oops:  Well, once again, you are the hero that Gotham needs.  That solved it. :)   :v/:

A final question - I'm trying to maximize the number of unique spritesheets, so I've consolidated the dragon sprites (normal, blue and red) on the same spritesheet as Reis's Holy Dragon (#48).  The dragons appear normal in battle, but if you invite one of any color, they revert to the base purple color while in your party.  It seems that only the default monster spritesheets (86-99) are coded to read the Monster Palette # in FFTP.  I'm sure that this is possible given what has already been accomplished, but I don't know of any existing hacks that change that.  Any leads?

Help! / Re: Trouble displaying a job class with varying palette colors
« on: December 19, 2018, 02:42:13 PM »
It's just with repurposed special units since I think generics are already coded with that.  The units I see it with are approximately in the 40-60ish range in patcher and Shishi, but also include some of the earlier slots (Olan, Funeral, etc)

Help! / Re: Trouble displaying a job class with varying palette colors
« on: December 19, 2018, 01:42:53 PM »
Heyo, follow up question on this.  I know this thread hasn't been posted in for a while, but this is relevant & I think it's better to have the info all in one place.  So I tried Xif's hack and it works as mentioned, the one hangup is that the portrait palettes do not seem to be affected by the hack, i.e. the portrait colors for units still use the first palette regardless of which palette the rest of the unit uses.  Example here:

Anyway, wondering if there is any further development into this in terms of allowing the portraits to benefit from this hack as well.


Spriting / Re: Portrait palette color transfer issues?
« on: December 01, 2018, 04:00:30 AM »
Wow, dunno how I missed that...takes a village I guess.  But hey - it workssss!  You're a wizard Harry everyone involved.  Hecka easy  too.  Thanks guys  :cool:  :v/:

Spriting / Re: Portrait palette color transfer issues?
« on: December 01, 2018, 01:45:03 AM »
This looks brilliant.  If only I  wasn't handicapped from the beginning...So I find no way to access the "Load Palette" Option - I'd thought it might be an outdated version of GG, but I got the latest version and I couldn't find it there either...So, how does one find this mysterious "load palette" button?

Spriting / Portrait palette color transfer issues?
« on: November 24, 2018, 04:54:19 PM »
Hey homies,
So for several sprites I'm working on, I've had this problem where the portraits look funny in Shishi, even if they look fine on the spritesheet (I am aware that the portrait palette is the 9th row down in Graphicsgale).  The problem is that there is apparently not a 1 to 1 relationship between the sprite colors (first row) and portrait colors (9th row) - some sprite colors are not represented at in the portrait (meaning some portrait colors cover 2 sprite colors).  Anyway, the whole reverse engineering portrait palettes seems, tricky - Is there a simple way to insert a portrait (from a separate .bmp and insert its palette without it getting all wonky or losing colors?


Help! / Regarding number of moddable portraits/formation sprites
« on: July 29, 2018, 10:43:28 PM »
Heyo homies, I have some basic familiarity with changing unit formation and portrait sprites, and am pleased to see the ease with which this is doable in the newest version of Shishi.  Given what I know about FFT modding, I don't believe it's feasible to add to the number of existing formation portraits and sprites, but that what is existing must be worked with.  I'm aware that there are a few that are not used, namely Simon, Balmalfula, Teta, etc, for the player, but I'm wondering if there is a known way to reassign some of the sprites.  For example, Uribos are not available to join the player's party in my mod, but I want to reassign their formation graphics and portraits to a unit of a different spritesheet.  Hope this make sense, any leads?


Event Editing / Adding Random and Plot Battles to Existing Locations
« on: July 29, 2018, 10:07:22 PM »
Heyo homies, just wondering how to go about two things:

1. Add plot battles to existing locations: Locations such as Bervenia Volcano appear after a certain point, but there is never an orange dot/plot battle there, and I want to make one.  Also, I've noticed that Monster Tactics adds a battle after most cutscenes.  How might I get a start on this?

2. Adding Random Battles to other locations.  Say I wanted to add optional random battles to the Thieves' Fort, Fort Zeakden, Nelveska Temple and Golgorand Execution site, where do I begin?  I imagine these are both event related.


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