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Help! / How to sync evtchr palettes?
« on: March 08, 2019, 05:10:39 PM »
Heyo homies, another deep question for ya:

So for my mod I'm making several evtchr edits so that new sprites match up with the cutscene sprites.  For example, I'm using the de-hooded version of Meliadoul, so I'm editing sprites 116 0-2.  The easy part is editing the actual pixel art, the hard part is getting the palettes to sync up properly so that each character displays without wonky colors (the hooded Meliadoul uses a fairly different palette and color order than the vanilla Melly).  I adjusted the order of the colors in the palette for the first image, sort of eyeballing them to follow the similar pattern for the palettes in the next two images (the first image has meliadoul's palette, the second, Ramzas, the third, the Zodiac stone's).  Unfortunately, the colors have to be in exactly the right order, and I don't know of a reliable way to predict this.  Otherwise one image will look fine, but the other two (Ramza and the stone) will be wonky.

Bottom line is, I can figure this out with A LOT of trial and error, but there's gotta be an easier way, some sort of systematic method to make the palettes sync up with the colors of the modified palette in the proper order.  Unleash your wisdom upon me

Help! / How to reduce allowable number of player units in battle?
« on: March 08, 2019, 04:24:44 PM »
Heyo homies,

I'm looking to create a random battle (a specific floor of the DD) that only allows the player to enter one unit into battle, as part of a duel scenario.  I've run across a random battle editor here, but my cursory review of it at least did not make this capability obvious. Am I missing something there, or is there another method to unlock this madness?


PSX FFT Hacking / How to permaguest joining units?
« on: March 05, 2019, 07:28:00 PM »
Heyo homies,
So as you know in FFT, there are some units that join as "guests" and do not contribute to your party limit of 16.  In vanilla, this designation is ultimately temporary.  In my mod, I want to have 4 characters that can permanently join and fight in random battles, but will retain the "guest" flag so as to allow for up to 20 party members.  I don't see an option that influences this in patcher, is this an event-related thing, or how do I alter it?

Edit: I ran into a thread talking about expanding the party roster to 20, but apparently there are bugs with it, especially involving the Beowulf sidequest.  Either way, it doesn't seem to be fully resolved there.
Also Edit: I realize I probably should have posted this in the "help" forum again. My bad

Heyo homies,

So formula 4 in FFTP is the one that allows for guns that can fire variable spells (Fire1, 2, or 3). Problem is, the guns that use it are pretty underwhelming.  I'd like to be able to increase their damage output by 50-75%, but don't want to raise the Weapon Power, since this can be abused with Jump and similar abilities.  By the same token, the spells are already pretty powerful by themselves (I wonder if this formula halves the damage versus the spell was cast normally).  Anyway, is there a well-worn path to either crank up the damage output of this formula across the board, or allow for variable increases, such as formula 2D (PA*(WP +Y))?

Also, while we're at it, I've changed several item types in my mod (e.g. helmet to robe), and it sort of works, except that the robe has a little helmet image next to it and is only equipped on the head - Apparently modifying "Item Type" in patcher doesn't do much.  How does one *actually* change the type of item?  Not strictly necessary, but it would save me from a lot of item reshuffling.


Edit: Also, I guess I should've posted this in the help forum. My bad. Feel free to move

Spriting / Portrait palette color transfer issues?
« on: November 24, 2018, 04:54:19 PM »
Hey homies,
So for several sprites I'm working on, I've had this problem where the portraits look funny in Shishi, even if they look fine on the spritesheet (I am aware that the portrait palette is the 9th row down in Graphicsgale).  The problem is that there is apparently not a 1 to 1 relationship between the sprite colors (first row) and portrait colors (9th row) - some sprite colors are not represented at in the portrait (meaning some portrait colors cover 2 sprite colors).  Anyway, the whole reverse engineering portrait palettes seems, tricky - Is there a simple way to insert a portrait (from a separate .bmp and insert its palette without it getting all wonky or losing colors?


Help! / Regarding number of moddable portraits/formation sprites
« on: July 29, 2018, 10:43:28 PM »
Heyo homies, I have some basic familiarity with changing unit formation and portrait sprites, and am pleased to see the ease with which this is doable in the newest version of Shishi.  Given what I know about FFT modding, I don't believe it's feasible to add to the number of existing formation portraits and sprites, but that what is existing must be worked with.  I'm aware that there are a few that are not used, namely Simon, Balmalfula, Teta, etc, for the player, but I'm wondering if there is a known way to reassign some of the sprites.  For example, Uribos are not available to join the player's party in my mod, but I want to reassign their formation graphics and portraits to a unit of a different spritesheet.  Hope this make sense, any leads?


Event Editing / Adding Random and Plot Battles to Existing Locations
« on: July 29, 2018, 10:07:22 PM »
Heyo homies, just wondering how to go about two things:

1. Add plot battles to existing locations: Locations such as Bervenia Volcano appear after a certain point, but there is never an orange dot/plot battle there, and I want to make one.  Also, I've noticed that Monster Tactics adds a battle after most cutscenes.  How might I get a start on this?

2. Adding Random Battles to other locations.  Say I wanted to add optional random battles to the Thieves' Fort, Fort Zeakden, Nelveska Temple and Golgorand Execution site, where do I begin?  I imagine these are both event related.


Help! / Disabling Eggs for only one monster type?
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:28:38 PM »
Heyo homies, as stated above, I want to remove breeding for only one monster class.  I know there are workarounds via swapping job slots with something that is not technically a monster, but is there a way to disable eggs for one specific class of monsters without shuffling jobs around?

Event Editing / Editing Existing Event Text?
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:52:21 AM »
Heyo homies, it's been a while.  Back to work on a mod of mine - for now, all I need to do is edit some existing event text.  I know this can't be done with Tactext, but I heard it was fairly simple.  Just looking for some leads on how to begin


Help! / Multi-Attack Weapons?
« on: September 29, 2017, 01:09:05 AM »
Hey homies,

I want to make a Zhuge Crossbow/Chu Ko Nu weapon that fires several weak bolts per attack, and I'm wondering if there's a convenient way to get the weapon to do this.  Worst case scenario, I can just make the weapon 100% proc a multi hit attack, but I think that would only animate the character firing once, and I don"t think it would stack with other abilities (e.g a weapon-range poison attack).  So what I'm looking for is for a weapon formula that fires a certain number of times while maintaining all attributes of a normal weapon attack.  Any leads?

Spriting / Stupid question about how to change accessory/item graphics
« on: August 12, 2017, 07:53:06 AM »
Can't find them in do I access the item spritesheets?
I want to add/replace sprites that aren't currently in the game.

Help! / How to make items that give negative stats or R/S/M Abilities
« on: August 11, 2017, 09:32:07 AM »
Hey homies,

So I'm looking to make some items that give high stats in some areas and negatives in others to compensate (e.g. heavy armor with great hp boosts but -1 speed).  I know this is possible, but it doesn't work in patcher since the field for item attributes doesn't accept negatives.  How can I work around this?

Also, how does one get an item that includes an R/S/M reaction (e.g. a magic carpet that makes the user fly).  Again, I know it's been done, but how would I go about it?

The Lounge / Can we skip the politics with 1.3 already?
« on: July 30, 2017, 02:32:25 AM »
Hey homies, wasn't sure where to put this exactly, hope this is the right place.

So I've known for a while that there was some tension between Arch on the 1.3 ID forums and this site, but can we let that go already?  I'm not interested in hearing old war stories about the reasons behind this schism, valid as they may be, I just mentioned it because I was going to post in the New Projects Section about a project that I'm working on that has some basis in 1.3's changes, and included a link to the ID site where I have a thread (which Arch hasn't been seen around for ages, by the way).  Anyway, as some of you well know, this site changes any mention of "Inzane Difficulty" to "insanely derpy," including in any links. 

Humorous though that may be, I can't help but finding it rather unprofessional - not that we as modders/gamers are paid "professionals" that necessarily need to conform to a standard of impeccable behavior, but for the reason that it seems a little on the medieval side - I find it overly dramatic and it creates a needless divide between two communities with great members that share an appreciation for FFT.  Whatever may be said about Arch, 1.3, which included the work of Philsov and others, was a dang good mod for its time and is what rekindled my interest in FFT.  So can't we all channel our inner hippies, kiss and make up, and recognize the validity of someone else's work, whatever his personal characteristics may have been?  Or if that's not good enough, make up for the sake of the 1.3 forum, which is still semi-active (although less so in the summer months, I've noted)?  Like two cities, these two forums can grow stronger through positive exchange and interaction, or be left to stagnate in their isolation. I say let's "not make war on dead men". But what are y'all gonna do?

Hey homies, appreciate the help I've gotten here so far.  A few more questions for now...

How do you make an ability that only works when the user is critical?  One example is fft 1.3's defy pain, but I want to make an offensive ability that is only available when critical.

Also, how do you make abilities that only work on units with certain statii? e.g. to KO a sleeping/don't move/stopped unit but nobody else?  An example is 1.3's Damnation (KO's a unit with reraise), but the setup in patcher is less than intuitive.  On a similar vein, I notice there are abilities that only affect certain classes, such as Reis's Dragon abilities or seal evil - can more be made like these, for example an ability that doubles damage to undead classes or only works on specific monster types?


Hey y'all,
So I'm trying to maximize new content in a mod I'm making, but things are not always as they seem with regards to what is actually available for use.  For example, I edited skillset 80 (80-9A are all empty and nameless) - it works fine to hold skills, but the name/text I applied to it via patcher doesn't show up, so I figure it's unusable textwise.  Other examples I've noticed are the 5C-5E ??? slots in Shishi - I've actually gotten the first one (or two?) to work, but the third one seems unusable.  Anyways, is there some list of the unusable/glitchy jobs/skillsets/spritesheet slots that I should be aware of to minimize needless effort?

(Also, I notice that jobs 9C - 9F in patcher are empty, although there's no corresponding text boxes for them in tactext - is there a reasonable way to link text to them?)


Help! / Trouble displaying a job class with varying palette colors
« on: July 16, 2017, 04:27:58 AM »
Hola all,
Pregunta - so I've been making new spritesheets and palettes and trying to have units of the same job class appear with several possible palettes (much like generics have different colors for friends and foes/different teams), but they always have the same palette. I know there's a section in FFTpatcher for palette in ENTD, but it doesn't seem to work.  Any insights?

Help! / Several Ability Questions
« on: June 22, 2017, 07:04:11 PM »
Hey y'all, making some abilities for my mod, and I was wondering how several things can be accomplished:
-Make a damage ability that can only be used in critical, similar to fft 1.3's defy ability, but with offensive capabilities
-Make an ability that targets the caster and enemies, but not other allies, and/or KO's the caster only while dealing damage
to enemies
-I want to make an ability with the grand cross graphic that removes debuffs from allies, but I haven't been able to get it working - is the graphic hardcoded in such a way that this doesn't work?
-Make an ability that damages or KOs only units with a certaim status (e.g sleep)

I'm also experimenting with having one enemy unit crystallized/treasured at the beginning of battles in a hard-to-reach area -(by having that job class have innate crystal/treasure). The crystal works decently, but the rotation is wonky, and the treasure chest looks like a discolored chicken.  I'll experiment with scrapping the sprite for that unit, but was wondering if anyone had insight into this

So for a mod I'm making, I'm editing weapon categories and converting some into others (e.g. rods into swords, bags into spears, etc) as per the guide here entitled "Converting Weapon Categories".  The problem is the actual attacking sprite only vaguely resembles the sprite/palette that I change the item to, so that the colors are off and sometimes even the type is wrong (for example, a rod changed into a katana has a straight sword sprite).  How can I fix this?

Help! / Copying Break Swordskills...
« on: December 26, 2016, 07:00:41 PM »
Hey, so I'm trying to create a new ability in FFTpatcher that uses the swordskill formula that damages and breaks a piece of equipment, but when I clone the skill, the clone invariably has a 0% chance of working in all situations.  Anybody know what's up?

Help! / My mod, and some feasibility questions...
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:41:11 AM »
Hey friends, name's Ansehelm.

I'm working on a modding the game in a way that adds units/graphics and mostly relies on FFTPatcher changes, but I do a little bit of hex editing and will employ some of the things that are possible (and realistically achievable without herculean effort) through ASM hacking...So I have a few questions regarding what is possible and how it can be done.  I've looked over quite a few ASM threads and some tutorials, but there isn't exactly a comprehensive unified list of what has been done so far.

1.  I'm trying to add a poachable monster, without replacing any existing monsters.  Is there a way to do that and assign items?

2.  I'm trying to make more than one monster (but not all of them) mountable.  The hacks I've seen allow either 1 more mountable monster, or all mountable monsters.  Is there some happy medium whereby I could do just 2-3?

3.  I want to have monsters that can equip weapons but still have monster death noises. 

4.  Is it possible to add new battles at new locations on the map, or to add new story battles?

5.  (Related) Is it possible to add more levels to the Deep Dungeon, or to add another unlockable DD style location?

6.  I've seen battles in JoT5 begin with units mounted on chocobos - how do I do this?

7.  Is it possible to add battles on the unused maps in the game, or to import WOTL maps?

8.  I know that effect animations can be modified out of game, but is it possible to switch palettes for an animation (without having to replace it), such that I could have, say, a yellow stasis sword (while keeping the original blue available)?

9. Can a unit be knocked back 3 squares with a single attack?

Thanks in advance

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