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Today I finished making a very basic guide for the next release, with the guide going over each job, their Move/Jump, what they can use, and a detailed description of their skills. What do you guys think? The .pdf is attached. Looking forward to a new release very soon! All I have to do is go through and finish up a few non-monster skills, make the Judicer, go over monster skills, and then playtest.

Help! / Re: Which Near-Vanilla Rebalance to Use?
« on: January 06, 2018, 10:59:19 PM »
I'm honestly not sure if it'd work or not. You're really not supposed to multi-patch, because it can cause issues.

Help! / Re: Which Near-Vanilla Rebalance to Use?
« on: January 06, 2018, 09:20:41 PM »
To address your concern, KO was specifically designed to feel as close to Vanilla as possible. Most of the changes have been number changes and formation changes, but overall it should still feel like the FFT you know and love- that was the goal from the very beginning. It's certainly not perfect, but we've worked hard to ensure that each update is better than the last while taking a look at feedback.

Difficulty against monsters at the beginning is a little more challenging than Vanilla, but you can either opt to skip the random encounters altogether until you have more abilities, or you can just be careful, use buffs and debuffs, and defeat enemies that way. This is something that's on my to-do list that I'm working on for the next update, is to make early monsters a little easier to get used to, but battles are definitely doable right now.

KO PSP can be played on a PSP, but I wouldn't recommend buying a PSP for it. PPSSPP is a great emulator that runs it nearly flawlessly. KO PSP is a somewhat different beast though, since I had to make some unique changes to that version that doesn't apply to the PSX version.

All in all, my suggestion? Try both. KO is great if you're looking for a more balanced experience, whereas LFT is a wonderful patch that rebalances things by buffing everything to be on equal pacing (sometimes being a little too buffed though). I enjoy playing through LFT every once and a while, and it's certainly fun as well. :)

Help! / Re: Which Near-Vanilla Rebalance to Use?
« on: January 06, 2018, 06:38:35 PM »
Hey there! Welcome to FFH! I'm the author of KO, and yeah, I suck at changelogs, haha. I'd be happy to answer any KO related questions you have, and I'm somewhat familiar with LFT, so if you have any questions about that one as well I'd be happy to help! :)

Conveniently enough, it'd be replacing the Animist (I was going to do a Summoner-ish job with it originally, but decided I had enough magic jobs), which also solves the problem of people having issues with monsters early on. Now they have a job that can easily tackle tough monster fights early on!

EDIT: The Black Magick changes make Seers really interesting now... they'll get Fira (which is small AoE, Add: Oil), Blizzara (single target, Add: Rooted), and Thundara (large AoE, randomly hits either allies or enemies), for an interesting mix of skills to add to their already varied spell list.

Flood is just kind of a fill-in skill for now until I'm sold on something else. If it does get put in, it'll likely be temporary.

On an unrelated note, the changes are about halfway done! Yay progress. I also had a really weird idea that I came up with as I went to sleep last night. It struck me and I just had to pull out my phone and put it into notes. It's super random, but it'd pay homage to Celdia's Complete Patch and a favorite series of mine- Castlevania.

The concept? Kupo Belmont! ...well, the job wouldn't be called that. The job would be a much needed Moogle warrior job (since Moogle Hero is a little more akin to a mage than a true warrior). Behold... the Slayer! I haven't inserted the job yet, since I was hoping to get feedback on it, but it would basically be a Moogle warrior job akin to Soldier, Warrior, etc., but with a focus on killing monsters and undead. Against humans, their skills would be downright boring, but the gimmick is that each ability would have an additional effect against monsters, and yet another additional effect against undead, making them perfect for slaying nearby monsters (whereas Hunters are better from afar, and Necromancers are better from afar and deal strictly with Undead and other effects). It needs to be tested, but in theory it should work. (In theory being the operative phrase, at least.) :P

Each skill is based off of a traditional subweapon from the Castlevania series, each having a different effect with varying use based on the situation. Most of the skills consume MP equal to the rough Heart cost in the series, and they focus on melee-mid range attacks.

-Cost: 1 MP
-Throws knives in front of oneself, dealing physical damage in a cone in front of the user.
    Monsters:   Damage is doubled.
    Undead:     Damage is doubled and as a chance to inflict Blind.
-Cost: 4 MP
-Hurls an axe in an arc, dealing physical damage to a distant target.
    Monsters:   Attack will never miss.
    Undead:     Attack will never miss and has a chance to inflict Defense Down.
Holy Water:
-Cost: 3 MP
-Lobs a flask of blessed water, dealing Fire physical damage in a small line in front of the user.
    Monsters:   Has a chance to inflict Poison.
    Undead:     Has a chance to inflict Poison and removes KO'd Undead.
-Cost: 20 MP
-Activates a magicked stopwatch, slowing time for units surrounding the user.
    Monsters:   Inflicts Stop as well as Slow.
    Undead:     Inflicts Stop, Slow, and Speed Down.
Cost: 5 MP
-Speaks words of prayer, dealing Holy physical damage to adjacent units.
    Monsters:   Has a chance to inflict Silence.
    Undead:     Warps enemies away and inflicts Rooted, and has a chance to inflict Silence.
Cost: 2 MP
-Lobs an explosive chunk of rock, dealing minor physical damage to units in a small area.
    Monsters:   Has a chance to inflict Attack Down.
    Undead:     Has a chance to inflict Evasion Down and Attack Down.
Cost: 3 MP
-Throws purifying salt on the ground in front of the user, dealing physical damage to a single adjacent target.
    Monsters:   Removes all buffs.
    Undead:     Inflicts Magick Down and removes all buffs.
Cost: 100 MP
-Unleashes divine power around the user, dealing heavy Holy physical damage to adjacent units.
    Monsters:   Has a very small chance to inflict Death.
    Undead:     Has a chance to inflict Petrify and a very small chance to inflict Death.

EDIT: Not sure what I'd do about descriptions, but I might just make them as descriptive as possible and have people figure them out themselves or read this. Also, no Belmont is complete without a Whip, so I may end up replacing either Vibhuti or Crystal for an auto-Mastered Whip skill that deals weapon damage to two tiles in a line in front of the user. Since it would deal weapon damage, you can use Whip any time with any weapon. I also want to make a Pot Roast skill using Cuisine's animation, but I'm undecided yet.

I've put together all of the tools I use for FFTA2 GG and made a mini modding suite folder for you to use. I use Goldfinger, and load the included FFTA2 Text Table to make text edits. The spreadsheets have the offset references, so you can just go directly to what you want to edit and make your changes. Hope this helps!


I think I've figured out what to do with the Viking's four unique abilities. Given that Thunder magicks would be far more random, I wanted to give them some physical attacks that also play to their role as thieves, making them pirate-y Red Mage/Thieves in their own unique way.

Flood: Deals a minor amount of Water damage to all enemies while standing in a water tile.
Relinquish: Deals physical damage to an adjacent target and inflicts Magick Down, while bestowing Magick Up on the user.
Plunder: Deals physical damage to an adjacent target's HP and MP, and restores the user's MP by half of the damage dealt.
Despoil: Deals physical damage to an adjacent target and inflicts Resistance Down, while bestowing Resistance Up on the user.

Thanks for the feedback, Baron! To address your points...

-Faeries using Meteorite to confuse you is yeah, a giant rock slams into your head, that's bound to cause some confusion, haha. Plus it plays into their role of being annoying pranksters.

-Adamantoises having Resonate is something that'll eventually change. I get why it's there thematically, but I also don't like it. I feel like there's more interesting things that can be given to it, but I haven't really given much thought to it.

-Alraunes actually had that many skills from the beginning! You just didn't see the Tomato abilities a lot, because they became rarer (and were far easier to kill) late-game.

-If Vaan is a human self-buffer, Cockatrices are the monster version. Cockatrices, thematically, are all about teamwork and self-buffing to tear your party apart if allowed to have enough time to do so. Wake-Up Call allows them to play well with each other even when they're not buffing.

-I wanted Floating Eyes to be more about speed and range, as opposed to statuses and trickery. They're basically how Bats were in FFXII, so I wanted to represent that in the changes as well.

-Dullahans are Headless, yes. The biggest difference between Werewolves, Dullahans, and Behemoths is that Werewolves are more about setting up and buffing themselves, whereas Dullahans are all about crippling the target, and Behemoths are just like, nope, and focus on outright killing the target. It's hard making them all feel unique (though stat changes will help, and Werewolves can use some Light Armor), but they were pretty similar to begin with.

-Gravija exists because other jobs besides Demon Wall uses it (namely the final boss), but yeah, in the Demon Wall fight it doesn't really matter.

-As far as Neukhia is concerned, I'm not sure if it'll work! If not, it'll do Regen instead.

-Anything inflicting Death would have a far less accurate chance than a normal debuff, so don't worry about that feeling too cheap.

-Espers were inspired by fighting game assists, of all things. You summon them and they have a potentially tide-turning effect, but only if used correctly. I designed them so that they'd each have a niche use depending on your situation, so you may want to try them out! As for reviving units, I want to play around with that a bit. I feel like it has to somehow be possible, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. That'll be something I play with when I can edit formations.

-As far as Quicken is concerned, the AI will spam Quicken like no tomorrow because it's such a good effect. It's why I'm super careful when distributing it.

-Once upon a time, I was going to give Alchemist a skillset like what the Gourmand has now, but I liked the idea of a Gourmand that could cook things more overall. If I were to revamp Alchemist, I'd have them themed around the classical elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air while focusing on debuffs. Sages would have a variety of magicks, with higher end spells such as Gigaflare and Ultima.

FFT: Parted Ways / Re: newbie looking for his ideal hack:)
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:13:25 PM »
Personally, I try to make every job feel unique and have a unique role in battle. Because FFT has a varied battle system where mixing and matching is important, I try to make skillsets viable as both primary and secondary skillsets.

To summarize:

-Reckoning, yeah. It would debuff the user twice and then inflict damage. It'd need some testing to see the order in which the effects would go off, but I think I could make it work, even if it means having to use it continually to do so.

-Sage would be the more varied spellcaster, since traditionally Sages have a wide array of spells, and they'd probably get Ultima. Alchemists would likely be more about statuses and item usage.

-As far as Rangers are concerned, I'm leery about anything Quicken, since the AI is weird about it. I think traps are going to just have to be something I play around with until I find something I like.

On a related topic, I brainstormed a Black Mage revamp while in bed this morning. Here's what I came up with:

-Fire magick is the most "reliable", focusing on damage and AoE attacks.
-Ice magick is the most defensive, focusing on debilitating the enemy and making them unable to strike at the caster.
-Thunder magick is the most focused on risk and reward, focusing on potentially dealing heavy damage, but with less control.
-Tier 1 magick is the simplest, focusing solely on damage, with each element having its own gimmick still.
-Tier 2 and 3 magick focuses more on tactical usage, with varying effects.

Fire: Deals minor Fire damage in a large AoE and removes Oil.
Fira: Deals minor Fire damage in a small AoE and inflicts Oil.
Firaga: Deals heavy Fire damage in a small AoE and disperses the targets away from each other and removes Oil.
Blizzard: Deals Ice damage to units in a small AoE.
Blizzara: Deals Ice damage to a single target and Roots it with perfect accuracy.
Blizzaga: Deals heavy Ice damage to adjacent targets, knocks them back, and inflicts Immobilize with perfect accuracy.
Thunder: Deals Thunder damage to a single target within six tiles.
Thundara: Deals heavy Thunder damage to either allies or enemies in a large AoE.
Thundaga: Deals minor Thunder damage from 0-4 times randomly onto a single target.


I think I also have a concept drawn up for the Defender/Myrmidon replacement. Rather than a Warden job based on Shields, it'd be a Judicer job based on Gabranth's skillset from FFXII/Dissidia, and would be an anti-physical unit, kinda like Templars but focusing on fending off physical units. Basically, it'd be a more offensive version of a Paladin, with less magickal ability than a Moogle Knight, with the ability to deal with physical units better than a Templar, and less offense compared to Gladiators.

Execution: Inflicts 999 damage on an adjacent HP Critical unit.
Rupture: Deals physical damage to an adjacent unit and inflicts Poison, Disable, and Haste (simulating bleeding).
Battle Cry: Bestows Critical Up and Defending on the user.
Innocence: Deals damage to a unit within three linear tiles of the user with a chance to inflict Addle.
Vortex: Deals physical damage to surrounding units with a chance to inflict Slow.
Rage: Inflicts Berserk and Blind on an adjacent target.
Taunt: Inflicts Berserk and Immobilize on an adjacent target.
Guilt: Deals physical damage to units in a cone in front of the user with a chance to inflict Attack Down.

Hey guys, thanks for your responses! I'll (hopefully) address everything in this post, so if I miss something, feel free to slap me with a trout and call me on it, haha.



@Baron Samedi:


So yeah, that's what's on the horizon at some point in the near future. Any suggestions and feedback are welcomed as always, and I'm glad to see people are still interested in this little weird patch of mine, haha.


For people wondering what I have in mind for monster/special unit skills, they're more or less the same, except for some choice changes. Adelle in particular is proving to be a struggle for me, but I think I might make her skillset very high-risk, high-reward. Possibly revolving around a rotation of Astra/Reraise and having her skills be massively potent, but killing her in the process (as a way of showing that she's not used to her Heritor powers quite yet), but I'm undecided yet.


FFT: Parted Ways / Re: newbie looking for his ideal hack:)
« on: December 25, 2017, 10:14:17 PM »
Hi there! Welcome to FFH! Unfortunately, at this point, it's very far from being complete. I have most of the job/ability changes set, items are being worked on right now. I've been most invested in FFTA/FFTA2 as well as FFT KO lately though, so this has been a rather slow burn for me.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: ffta2 job requirement data
« on: December 22, 2017, 09:59:11 PM »
That's super exciting news! Can't wait to test it out! :)

Thanks! I actually scrapped this idea a little bit ago because I felt it was too gimmicky and not solid enough. I also came up with this idea recently after playing FFXIV and being inspired by the White Mage's Rescue ability.

Introducing the War Medic. Replacing the Berserker, the War Medic gives Seeq a healing job that can still dole out the pain. Similar to the Moogle Hero but with less emphasis on magic and defense, the War Medic is all about getting up close to the enemy and pummeling them to death, all while being able to rescue allies in need and heal them when they need it most. Combat Clinic, Maim and Mend, Blast Wave, and Sinew are all based on Physical attack, meaning they can be boosted by Sinew (for a large, temporary boost next turn), or by Doc's Code (which grants a smaller, permanent Attack Up which can also stack with Sinew). Doc's Code allows the user to buff up and get close to the target, or run away if the situation calls for it. Berserkers will likely have reduced HP from their current pool, to make them a little less tanky.


SCREAM         ->            RESCUE
Draws an ally towards the user and bestows Regen.

HONE SENSES      ->            SANCTUARY
Removes all debuffs from surrounding units.

FURORE         ->            LURE
Draws an enemy towards the user and reduces its Defense.

Restores a large amount of HP to a unit close to the user.

SMITE OF RAGE      ->            MAIM AND MEND
Damages adjacent enemies and heals adjacent allies.

INNER CALM      ->            BLAST WAVE
Deals physical damage to units in a line and knocks them back.

HELM SMASH      ->            DOC'S CODE
Makes the user invincible until their next turn and bestows Attack Up.

SMASH         ->            SINEW
Damages an adjacent enemy and bestows Focus on the user, increasing their next physical attack damage as well as Combat Clinic and Maim and Mend.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: A Clan's Journey
« on: December 08, 2017, 03:05:27 AM »
If you made a formation editor, we would love you forever I think, haha. Definitely need one to really continue working on my own FFTA2 mod.

It's been a minute, but I'm working on this again. It'll be a bit, but I'm currently looking over everything (particularly Seeq) in an attempt to make things more interesting. Here's what I came up with for a Berserker revamp. It would need to be tested, of course, but this is the basic concept I have for it. Basically, the Berserker will be very similar to FFXI's Monk job. Essentially, instead of just Berserking yourself and hoping for the best, this revamped Berserker will be all about combos and crushing things to death. (Granted, if you just want to tenderize everything with Berserk, you're more than welcome to with the updated Scream ability). The cool thing is that this job would mesh well with the other physical jobs the Seeq has, making Reavers scarier and Vikings more viable.

Example Skillchain: use Compression to deal damage to the target and inflict Focus on the user, making their next attack hurt. From there, you can chain Impact (making it hurt quite a bit more), or if the enemy isn't going to die easily, chain Final Heaven next to heavily damage and debilitate it. If you just want to nuke something, you can go from Fragmentation (to damage and Oil the target, and make your next Attack command have extra AoE) to Attack if enemies are clumped together, or to Detonation to do tremendous damage to the Oil'd target.

It's still a concept I'm perfecting, but I like where it's going. What are your thoughts?


SCREAM         ->      SCREAM:         Bestows Berserk, Haste, Attack Up, and Accuracy Up to the user.               
HONE SENSES:      ->      COMPRESSION:      50% weapon damage to an adjacent target and Add: Focus on the user.
FURORE:         ->      IMPACT:         Deals two weapon strikes to the target with a chance to inflict Defense Down.
GROUND SHAKER:   ->      FINAL HEAVEN:      Deals tremendous Holy damage to an adjacent target and inflicts Blind and Berserk.
SMITE OF RAGE:   ->      FRAGMENTATION:   50% weapon damage to an adjacent target and Add: Oil with perfect accuracy, also grants Buckshot.
INNER CALM:      ->      DETONATION:      Deals Fire damage to an adjacent target with perfect accuracy, removes Oil.
HELM SMASH:      ->      TRANSFIX:      Draws an enemy closer to the target and inflicts Immobilize.
SMASH:         ->      DUEL:         Grants Counter, Evasion Up, and Critical Up to the user.

Yeah, Zalmo is definitely getting bashed upside the head with the nerf stick in the next update. I honestly was hoping to have it done by now before you got to him because I knew he'd be an issue. I think part of the challenge is that Zalmo is just too good all around in that fight (never thought I'd say that about Zalmo...). He can be basically invincible and drop lots of damage on you at once. Barren, I'll send you a temporary fix sometime this week so you can continue the LP. :)

The Lounge / Re: FFXIV: Return to Ivalice
« on: October 11, 2017, 02:08:08 AM »
So, Return to Ivalice is out. A few fun finds. Fair warning, spoilers for the raid below, so avert your eyes if you don't want to be spoiled.

I'll add more as I learn more, but this is a fun little tribute to XII and FFT, and apparently Matsuno himself was behind it. (More FFT stuff in the future, perhaps?)

The Lounge / FFXIV: Return to Ivalice
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:18:18 PM »
Hey team, read this article and thought it was pretty cool. FFXII and FFT will be featuring prominently in a new raid in FFXIV. It'll be pretty cool to see FFT areas be fully explorable. Article here.

Hey Myth! I'd say you're safe to start your game. Your save is compatible between updates (you'd just need to patch a clean ISO), so your save will follow alongside you. Most of the changes being made are to the AI and trophies as well as some other things, so you're more than welcome to begin. As for the PSP version, I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with that version next. We'll see!

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