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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [April 22, 2011, 07:55:47 AM]
I'm glad to see I got a few ideas in my absence.  I posted more in depth in my Power Rangers Edition thread, but the short of it is that I had to factory reset.... I think 5 times now, on this laptop, and lost some stuff.  I've got things sorted now though, so work will resume shortly.  I was holding off and making sure everything was stable due to having to reset more than once.

As for the ideas given -

TheChad, Animalist is meant to be a bit more nature-oriented, hence going with that name over a mimic-sounding name, though Renderer does give me a few ideas.  I'll be think-tanking things a bit more.

As for weather, formerdeathcorps will eventually be trying to hack the game's weather, and I'll likely incorporate that hack when it's done since it'll enrich random battles by quite a bit and make a few story battles more interesting.

Kaffe, that suggestion is basically what Mustadio's Job is.  I'm working out a few specifics, like whether they're be %status, damage+status, evadable/unevadable, etc. but I'm basically expanding Mustadio's skillset so he has access to a status combination no other skillset has and with weapon range/properties instead of magical ones.  Sortof like the physical/ranged equivalent of an Oracle, except not tank-oriented.

As for progress, there has been some, but I think I'm going to be discussing the last couple human job classes more openly to get input on them.  I kind of know what I want to do with them, but after being forcibly removed from the FFT scene for a month or so and having little brainstorm time, I've yet to pan them out to my liking.

First thing I'd like to take care of is the Paladin, official name pending.  This will be the highest-HP armor class. Knight and Lancer will see a bit of a base HP reduction to accommodate this, so that base HP goes Samurai -> Knight -> Lancer -> Paladin from lowest -> highest.  Its MP will be fairly solid, more than most physical units, probably a bit lower than or equal to the Priest.  Skill-wise, it will be a healing class, again similar to the Priest, though its skills will be PA/Br/WP based instead of MA/Fa based.  I'm thinking they will also be weapon ranged - this puts the Paladin as a meaty, close healer, the Priest as a ranged healer, and several other classes such as the Monk as various kinds of mixed units.  This also greatly increases the value of Any Weapon (a skill that's one of the main reasons I prefer using Weapon Range whenever I can) to allow the Paladin to use a Gun or Bow of some kind, as well as the value as this as a secondary on a ranged unit like the Ranger over White Magic or Martial Arts.

Exact skill and weapon loadout, however, is up in the air.  Obviously, its offense should be either very light or completely relegated to the Secondary and Support Skillsets, and it should have "the basics" - at least one heal/revive/anti-status spell.  After that, I have no idea quite where I want to go with it yet.  I've a couple ideas, but getting a few from outside is always nice.
nein [Posts: 5]
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  • [April 22, 2011, 01:11:37 PM]
Here`s one of the jobs I thought of for a patch. Basically, a melee class that focuses on buffing either nearby allies or all allies on the battlefield - like a more physical Bard. Most of its buffs affect allies only but require a specific status on the Exemplar to activate.

Exemplar: `Warrior versed in mass combat, uses Charisma\Leadership to turn the tide of battle`

Skillset: Charisma\Leadership - `Exemplar job command. Bolsters allies throughout the battlefield with commanding presence.`

- AoE Heal centered on the user, Radius 1-2, weak-mid healing
- Req: Poison, AoE 2 (user), Add: Regen
- Req: Slow, AoE 2 (user), Add: Haste
- Blind -> Vanish

SaGa Frontier Hacker
Pickle Girl Fanboy [Posts: 1482]
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  • [April 22, 2011, 03:52:40 PM]
Animist makes me think of SaGa Frontier 2.  In that game, Anima was a primal force that existed in almost all things and could be manipulated to use spells.  Also, animism is a description of religions that deal with nature spirits and things like that.
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RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [April 22, 2011, 06:00:39 PM]
Nein, that's really not what I'm looking for at all.  It'd basically be a gimmick class the AI would have no clue how to use due to needing negative status prereqs, and those same prereqs would easily make it the worst generic class for both primary and secondary.  I'm trying to avoid things like that.

Pickle Girl Fanboy... that's kinda the feel I wanted for the Animist class, so I'm very close to sticking with that name now.
Kagebunji [Posts: 4307]
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  • [June 25, 2011, 11:14:50 AM]
I just took a look at the jobs and saw that you have one empty slot. I would suggest using it to create Chocobo Knight, it surely would be fun. If neccesary I will come up with skill ideas, just say if you want such job in your patch.

Thou art I, and I art thou...
ALL THE THINGS Official Caretaker.
RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [June 25, 2011, 11:45:52 AM]
Chocokin was actually the very first job idea I came up with to replace Calculator.  I ended up cutting it because I couldn't think of anything to give it besides Chocobo skills and I already have a Blue Mage type Job so two Jobs running around with monster skills seemed redundant.  I guess I could make it a monster-helper type Job, but that doesn't quite fit the motif I'm going for with the generic jobs.

I do intend to have a Chocokin Job though, not sure if it'll be player recruitable special/pseudospecial but I do want to have people in feathers running around on some level.
ALL THE THINGS Official Caretaker.
RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [June 26, 2011, 05:53:25 AM]
Expect sweeping updates on everything posted in this thread so far within the next couple days.

I'm changing the raw HP and MP stats of units, so that among other things, MP will now be in quantities comparable to HP in the vein of the original Digimon World, for any who have played it.  (Eg, a Male unit might have 35 HP and 30 MP, while a Female unit might have 30 HP and 35 HP.)  This means going through and redoing everyone's MP Costs and MP multipliers, meaning I'll also take the time to touch up PA and MA and clean up skillsets a bit.
ALL THE THINGS Official Caretaker.
RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [July 05, 2011, 07:38:05 AM]
Okay, time to get back to working on this with some Ability updates.  I'll post this as a tentative first for a bit of feedback in case I change my mind on one of these.


Losing both "Caution" and "Diminish".  Not only do I fear AI issues with both Br/Fa boost and Br/Fa minus in the same skillsets, but games need to end.  Being able to Caution yourself down to 11 Br, for example, and take almost no physical damage (especially when paired with gear and Supports) is something Redesign doesn't need any part of.  Games that get stalled aren't fun games.  I'll need to brew them up a 6th skill to keep them at my minimum skill limit, but I'm going to wait until I have a synergistic idea to go into what's mostly a buff-based and non-magic supporting skillset.


Losing the "Calm Mind" Reaction.  Same justification as above.


Possibly losing both innate and learnable "Barehanded" as I consider a modified Fist formula that will allow Gauntlets to influence Attack damage.  This means his Attack command will be the primary source of raw damage unless you want Unevadable (Machinegun Punch), an Element Boost, etc.  This also means I can possibly raise the Y values some because I can take some focus off his PA and don't have as many multipliers on the stack anymore.  "Geomancy" will very likely only become "Boost: All Elements." with a possible "Weak: All Elements.", without actually accessing the old Geomancer skillset.  If it does keep skillset access, it will likely be a very restricted form of it.


"Cure", "Cura", "Curaga" are going to be simplified down to a single-target "Healing Breeze" and a wide-area move that still needs a fancy name.  I don't need cure tiers for the purpose of scaling the heal itself, and I only really need a single target and a wide area for the purpose of Heal vs MP Efficiency vs CT.  I'm also considering dropping Esuna - Float is very similar to Esuna in Redesign due to the Float status' stacking properties, and I'm thinking giving "Status Heal" to the Dimensionalist will help further distinct their Job from other magic-based Jobs.  "Calm Heart" is also very likely going for the same reasons as "Calm Mind" and the Squire's pair of reduction skills.


No changes.


The "Swiftness" Reaction is looking more and more like a poor idea unless I make it into an SOS Haste.  It'll also need a name-change because the Dragoon has a skill called "Swiftness" as well.  For balance reasons I doubt Critical: Quick can stay unless I can also get it to add my modified Death Sentence or something.  Otherwise there's no change here.


I'd like to possibly get their primary set down to 8 skills, but otherwise I'm happy with what I've got here.  My planned changes to MP also balances "Blood Price" rather insanely, wow.


"Adrenaline" possibly needs to be reduced to 10 CT.  His R/S list also shows how out of date some of this is because "Concentrate" doesn't even exist anymore in my notes.  I'd like to possibly make "Awareness" into a Support over a Reaction but I'm not sure how that'd pan out balance-wise.


"Mana Drain" is getting axed because it has nothing to do with the rest of the skillset or Oracle in general beyond Oracle's low base MP.  "Sleepel" is also likely to go because Sleep doesn't actually add anything to the skillset that other statii don't cover, meaning it'd be better if I used Sleep-inducing skills elsewhere.  "Dispel" is in a similar position to Float - "Rot Flesh" inflicting Undead does pretty much everything I'd want Dispel to do, so having both is redundant in this skillset.


"Dragon Spirit" is the most likely thing to go for being brokeshit, especially in Redesign.  I have anti-sandbag measures but at the same time Dragon Spirit kind of sits in the same area as stuff like Calm Mind unless I use the same fix as I'm considering for the Dimensionalist's to-be-renamed "Swiftness" and make it SOS Reraise.


Iaido will likely be simplified down to merely allowing for Draw Out skills.  It'll also only have 6-8 skills in the skillset now due to the changes I made to available Katanas.  Nothing else is changing on them, though.


I want to redo this entire goddamn skillset, but currently have no ideas.  Reflexes is now going to be an additive 30 C-EV and possibly become a Support instead of a Reaction.


No changes.


Being reduced to 8 Blue Magic spells from 16, with them being made a bit more common among monsters.  Otherwise, no changes.


No changes.

Miscellaneous Changes:

I need to seriously lower how much shit is affected by Double Magic.  I went way overboard with it.
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The Damned [Posts: 2168]
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  • [July 07, 2011, 11:57:41 AM]
(Oh, gods. I'm finally free.)

I had meant to comment on this as soon as it saw it on Tuesday, but you'll probably have noticed that I've not really been around the past week and a half.... We'll get to that later though.

1. Squire/Ranger: While I can certainly understand how this is problematic, I have to ask where the problem lies with (in your opinion) primarily. Is it the Brave decreasing itself? The damage system you're intending on using? (It's Fury-esque, right?) Is it the fact that there's no way to properly assail such a low-Brave unit, even with status?

2. 11 or less Will: I also noticed you don't really say anything about Will having the same problem even though I partly understand why (or at least think I do). The only reason I'm pointing this out is because you've said you're trying to make Will more inclusive to stuff compared to Faith, but, like Gauntlets, it's been really hazy as to how that's going to be accomplished. Not that there's anything wrong with that since you're still working on it--it would be hypocritical of me to say that it there was something flawed with it anyway given my many vague things. Just asking for clarification, really.

3. Monks: Yes, Martial Arts must die in all of its myriad forms. Kill it with fire. I'm far less enthused about Geomancy potentially dying all together considering I was going to steal your support idea for it, Jump and Draw Out as well, but I can certainly understand cutting down on it at the very least; the last four techniques can easily completely die and I'm sure you could probably condense at least a couple more.

4. Cure Condensing: Ah, I had considered this as well, but I'm going to stick with three at present. I was going to suggest the seemingly obvious "White Wind"...before remembering that you had that already. Fail. Of course, that shouldn't be surprising considering that I still haven't been able to come up with (what I think would be) a better name for Blue Mage than Animist.

4. Esuna dies because of Dimensionalist: Sounds like a valid plan given your status interactions.

5. Swiftness: While its current form is horribly broken (given it makes Speed Save look kinda, even with the changes you've made to Haste) comparative to most of your other RSMs, SOS Haste seems kind of..."meh" compared to SOS Quick unless Haste lasts long enough to justify it. That or I'm possibly (read: probably) missing something. That said, as far as names go, you could either call it "Celerity" or "Doubletime", even if "Celerity" basically IS "Swiftness".

6. Summons to 8: Why is it so important to go from 9 to 8?

7. Thief: Yeah, Adrenaline/Speed Save as 20 CT bugged me as I told you (or Eternal...or philsov, I forget) earlier. 10 CT seems fine while still being advantageous. Awareness should probably remain a Reaction for now, especially since all your reactions are meant to activate at 100% anyway. Given Abandon/Reflexes reduction, despite their similarity, Awareness should be treated with more caution due to your planned changes to evasion and Awareness essentially negating that.

8. Oracle: Nothing to say here at present.

9. Dragoon: Yeah, Dragon Spirit is a pain in the ass. Constant access to Reraise when you're trying to make sure that people don't get killed as easily as they do in vanilla/1.3 means that it becomes even more obnoxious; this is the reason why I heavily considered killing it. I'm not sure that SOS Reraise solves the actual problem, but hey, it at least it would occur far less frequently....

10. Iaido: ...Wait. Iaido does something besides allow access to Draw Out? I know you explained it to me when I asked, but apparently I didn't fully understand (or I forgot).

11. Ninja: *shrugs* I got rid of Ninja completely. I'll try to think of at least a couple of things, but you're much better at jobs than I am, so....

I support the Reflexes change, though. Despite what I said about Awareness, Abandon being a Reaction always bugged the [expletive] out of me.

12. Animist: ...Why reduce it from 16 to 8 when it takes up no additional space? I'm definitely missing something here.

13. Double Magic: Assuming you did what I told philsov I was wary of when he revealed Double Magic to us in the ASM'd section, then yeah. Otherwise...yeah?

To Embargo cave!

*runs off and trips, falling flat on his face*


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RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [July 07, 2011, 06:00:34 PM]
@Squire/Ranger:  It's the damage system, due to Fury or Will affecting every skill and weapon in the game.  A unit with 10 Fury/Will is only taking 40% damage from a unit with 70 Fury and 10% or less from a unit with 100 Will, respectively.  If they have a defense boosting Support or two, that 40%/10% becomes even lower.  That's... retarded, so I'm making it not happen.  (Aside: I should probably find a way to remove those +30 buffers on Fury as well, but that's going to result in some huge WP values I think.  I could also give Will a +30 buffer, which may be a better idea.)

@11 or less Will:  I actually did mention them, but I mentioned them as "Br/Fa" because I was doing the notes sortof quickly.  Will actually has a far greater problem with this than Fury does unless I also give Will a +30 buffer, as stated above.  There's no Chicken Status, though, so there's nothing "special" about being 11 or less of either besides taking insanely low damage.

Monks:  Martial Arts isn't really dying for being broke.  I just don't need it's 1.25% on the damage stack anymore.  Geomancy is going or being heavily consolidated for a reason I'll explain below.  (Note that it has nothing to do with not liking it as a Support - that's not changed.)

Cure Condensing:  I think I'm going with "Divine Wind", both because it's obviously a higher form of "Healing Breeze" and because I like me my references.

Swiftness: Haste has over double it's Vanilla duration to compensate for it's far lower power and higher number of predators, for reference.

Summons to 8: Again, I'll explain below.

Thief: I only had Adrenaline at 15 I think, but yeah.  Awareness being a Support will likely see it weakened some - probably into all sides become 75% or max evasion or something, so that you're giving up front evasion for evasion on all sides.

Dragoon:  I might remove it and think of something else entirely.  Pride's new Status gives me a couple ideas, but my being overly picky about animations will possibly lead me to not using it.  SOS Reraise solves it though if you can land a kill shot with a move or weapon that also removes Reraise, of which there are a few.

Iaido: It was dumb and bloated, made all weapon attacks become MA*WP.

Ninja: I've talked to some people and gotten some ideas, I'll update him soon, probably make him a mix of his current self and a secondary skill in bad status, sortof like Ranger.

Animist: Now here's where I'll explain everything.  The AI can only "remember" 34 skills.  In Vanilla, this is Attack, Defend, 16 Primary, and 16 Secondary skills.  Now, I want to make units who have access to 4 skillsets, Defend, and Charge tiers innately.  This means that not only do I generally not want to surpass 8 skills in each of my 4 skillsets, but my less important ones (read: Supports) need to have less than 8 in order to accommodate Charge tiers.  This is the main point behind removing Geomancy, cutting several Iaido skills, etc.  This is also why I'm trying to get every job down to 8 skills maximum.  If I'm only worrying about the "max" skill setup being, say, 8 + 8 + 6 + 6, or something, this gives me room for four tiers of Charge, which is almost exactly what I want.  Unless when Pokeytax finally gets all four skillsets working on the AI he can ignore this limitation, it's best to handle it now.  It also helps me go back and again remove redundant skills, something I'm always happy to do.

Double Magic: I just have tons of stuff flagged for it, including things that make little sense like the Samurai's Flair skills.  ...Yeah.  It really needs to be chopped down by quite a bit, I think, unless I make it into a "Mimic" Reaction where it'll just copy any skill.  That's also an interesting thought, hm.
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The Damned [Posts: 2168]
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  • [July 08, 2011, 01:58:15 AM]
(Heh, I missed a "the" in the above post that I don't feel like editing now that I noticed. Damn articles....)

Well, that was prompt was as usual. I had to catch up on another forum or else I would have answered this much sooner.

I see with regards to Swiftness, Iaido and the AI's skills limitation number. With regards to the latter, well...I might as well talk about that in the list:

1. Below 10 Will?: I'm guessing you mean there's no Chicken status for Brave that's below 10, correct, not Will? I mean, it would still apply to "Will", but I'm guessing you mean that you got rid of the (silly) Chicken status completely, correct? Sort of "funny"--ugh, I need to stop using that today--how that becomes a problem. I guess I'll have to keep that in mind for my patch....

2. Monks: Oh, I wasn't cheering for Martial Arts' death because I thought it was still overpowered. I was cheering for its death because I'm a malicious bastard.

3. Divine Wind: It sounds like a fine name for the Priestly class, though it might be a bit confusing because of "Divination Magic" now existing in your patch.

4. Adrenaline and Awareness: Ah, I see. I'm not sure that's the best solution to Awareness, but you can always change it, so....

5. SOS Reraise: Ah, so you've tested that thigns that cancel Reraise will do so right before dead on a fatal blow? Did you have to change the order of statuses for this? I forget if statuses with lower number take priority or if it's the higher ones. I believe it's the former, but it's been so long since I tested it....

6. Ninja: Very well. It's good to see you already got competent help since I doubt I'd be much of help in the Kamikaze arena.

7. 34 Skills: I remember you telling me that this was the case before, but at that point, you were only really talking about it with regards to 3 skillsets and with Blue Magic as your only 16-skill set, I didn't think it would be a problem. Still, I suppose it should have occured to me when you basically intending to turn Movement's slot into a 2nd Support slot.

Still, that's indeed rather...irksome. May I know why exactly you want 4 Charges? I'd think that only 3 would be neccessary, but it's possibly I'm forgetting something about Charge.

(Also, Jump would only take one "skill spot", wouldn't it?)

8. Double Magic becoming Mimic: That sounds rather head-achy. Perhaps if it were to become an actual Mime action instead of just a Reaction, though that's probably even more difficult to code if it's at all possible.

"Sorrow cannot be abolished. It is meaningless to try." - FFX's Yunalesca

"Good and evil are relative, but being a dick cannot be allowed." - Oglaf's Thaumaturge in "The Abyss"

"Well, see, the real magic isn't believing in yourself. The real magic is manipulating people by telling them to believe in themselves. The more you believe, the less you check facts."  - Oglaf's Vanka in "Conviction"
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RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [July 08, 2011, 09:11:00 AM]
@10 Will?:  Yes, I was trying to say the parity here would be that neither had a status effect or special trait to it.

@Divine Wind:  I don't expect much confusion.  The names are similar, but the "feel" will carry it.

@Awareness:  I want Awareness to have some kind of downside, and considering making it a Support will allow Awareness + Reflexes in a single unit (+30ish C-EV to all sides), reducing the end value before applying it seems like a fair solution.

@SOS Reraise:  I think I need to jigger with a few things to make it work as I want, but I'll figure it out.

@Charges:  It's not that I want 4 specifically, it's just that having 4 of them is a comfortable amount of design space for me to toy with.  Something like +1, +2, +3, +5.  Need to get the specifics in eventually, but they're more meant to help prop up physical damage more than anything, especially since physical damage is honestly pretty badly biased against in terms of damage if you're not spec'd for it.

@Double Magic becoming Mimic:  It's more that I was considering "flag Counter Magic on every skill in the game" so it would become similar to Counter Mimic.  I'm going with reigning back my current implementation of Double Magic instead though, I think, to make it more proper Double Magic-y.
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RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [July 09, 2011, 02:02:57 AM]
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand update:

All Will calculations lost their Level component.  I'll be fudging about some math and getting Fury and Will to use the same additive constant, most likely 30.  Skills compatible with Double Magic reduced.

Squire lost Caution, Diminish.

Ranger lost Interrupt, Calm Heart.

Monk lost Barehanded, Nature's Wrath.  Geomancy is now only an Elemental Boost.

Priest lost Esuna, Calm Heart, and had Cure, Cura, Curaga consolidated to Healing Breeze and Divine Wind.

Wizard lost nothing.

Dimensionalist lost nothing.

Summoner lost Fairy.

Thief lost Concentrate. (Duh.)

Oracle lost Mana Drain, Sleepel, Dispel.

Dragoon lost Dragon Spirit.

Samurai lost nothing.

Ninja untouched for now.

Knight lost nothing.

Animist untouched for now.

Mime untouched for now.

Still need to do quite a bit of rebalancing but trimming the fat and focusing the skillset is always the best place to start.
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RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [August 01, 2011, 03:25:37 PM]
Some notes that aren't in the OP yet:

All multipliers fixed up.  See attached image.  I'll adjust the OP later.

Fury and Will constants finalized.  Now all skills have (TarFoW+20)/100*(CasFoW+20)/100 as their Fury or Will setup.  I've got to do some spot-checking and stuff still, but if necessary I'll be devising a way of making the Y constant on Spells scale somehow, probably using a variation of the LVL modifier I scrapped from the Will mechanic.  I'll also be moving the Martial Arts skillset and other related things that are quadratic or semi-quadratic like that over to a PA variation of the same Formula to allow for better scaling once everything's finalized.  I've also got to look at WP later because all my WP calculations were with Fury +30 and not Fury +20, but that's not this thread.

I've decided that the Jobs currently in the OP (14 Generic Jobs and 1 Mime) will be all the Jobs in Redesign at this time.   I've even got the preliminary Job Tree all figured out.

Squire - No Prerequisites.
Animist - No Prerequisites.

Knight - Level 3 Squire, Level 2 Animist.
Ranger - Level 3 Squire, Level 2 Animist.
Priest - Level 2 Squire, Level 3 Animist.
Oracle - Level 2 Squire, Level 3 Animist.

Monk - Level 4 Squire, Level 4 Knight, Level 3 Ranger.
Thief - Level 4 Squire, Level 3 Knight, Level 4 Ranger.
Dimensionalist - Level 4 Animist, Level 4 Priest, Level 3 Wizard.
Wizard - Level 4 Animist, Level 3 Priest, Level 4 Oracle.

Dragoon - Level 5 Knight, Level 5 Monk, Level 4 Thief.
Ninja - Level 5 Ranger, Level 4 Monk, Level 5 Thief.
Summoner - Level 5 Priest, Level 5 Dimensionalist, Level 4 Oracle.
Samurai - Level 5 Oracle, Level 4 Dimensionalist, Level 5 Wizard.

Mime - Level 5 Squire, Level 5 Animist, Level 5 Dragoon, Level 5 Ninja, Level 5 Summoner, Level 5 Samurai.

Basically, this is a 4-Tiered Job System with Mime being the Job you get for fully cresting every single tier.  Yes, this kind of setup also means Job progression is kind of slow but this is intentional, I don't want people able to speed-unlock large sections of the Job tree at once.

I've also got how I want to fix up Ninja mostly down as well.  My next update will be filling in the OP with more accurate data and either fixing up Ninja or adjusting all the Reactions/Supports to make sure they form to this scale properly.

For a quick rundown of how to interpret the multipliers below this sentence.  PA/MA at level 50 = Multiplier / 10 - 1.  Speed is basically 6, 7, 8 in ascending multiplier order, but I'll be adjusting it to 8, 9, 10 later.  HP and MP there's no real easy way to force out, sadly.  A 50 HPM or MPM is about 100 or so HP or MP at level 50, though, and 140 is somewhere in the realm of I think 225.
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RavenOfRazgriz [Posts: 3030]
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  • [August 07, 2011, 12:28:46 AM]
Pretty huge update:  Every formula updated to what should be the final version, at least for the Beta release.  This includes every physical and magical class.  Ninjas are also FIXED at last.  Thief and Knight also regained Take/Shatter Armor, because I redid my Helmet/Hat/Armor/Clothes HP scale some and the difference between a Hat and a Clothes is nowhere as drastic anymore.

Fury and Faith are now (TarXA+30)*(CasXA+30)*[Formula], finalized.

Skills that don't refer to Weapons *mostly* now use either a PA*Y or MA*Y formula, as with Redesign's system and my PA/MA Growths, these formula actually scale pretty damn well.  I'll need to re-examine Weapons later, as my low Ys mean my WPs probably need a once-over.  Shouldn't be too hard to figure out though, especially if I scale the early game weapons back a WP or two to compensate for any lost WP space this new setup causes.

Summoners lost Bahamut as well because it was redundant.  The remaining Summons (Cyclops, Bahamut, Zodiac, Lich, Odin, Golem at the very least) will be Boss-only, and at least some of them *may* be Learn on Hit and available in Deep Dungeon if someone misses them if so.  I don't think anyone else will be losing anything, though, unless I think of a more generally useful skill to replace Mug.  I'm at the point of wanting to see if I can grab another skill or two for most of my smaller skillsets, because I feel everything unnecessary has finally been trimmed.

I changed my Growths again from the ones in that image, but now they're all in the OP, so it's no big deal.  Speed hasn't been fixed yet, but that's mostly me being lazy.  I also reversed the locations of Wizard and Oracle on the Job Tree, so that the class with the best MA multiplier outside of Mime isn't available super-early in the game, and for the sake of making a drastic change to the tempo of the first couple Chapters.
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