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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: A Clan's Journey
« on: May 21, 2018, 05:07:47 AM »
So long as you patch the clean rom properly, if you rename the 0.9 dsv to match the 0.91's filename, you should be alright. At least, that's what I did and so far it's working.

Looking forward to it!

I know the answer will be no, but we'd be happy to help test the balance issues in the meantime.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA2 Quest editor or Enemy unit editor
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:05:28 PM »
I agree with Eternal that the enemy data is the higher priority problem to solve and makes it easier for modders to work on the game (fewer obstacles to figuring things out).

Unless you really want to heavily micromanage when players could get certain loot, thereby affecting when they can get certain items at the bazaar, the other variables don't seem as impactful to most battles. Laws could be interesting! But, unlike FFTA, the penalties for violating them aren't severe enough to make modifying them a game changer.

The pdf is a classy touch to go along with the release.

Overall question - are stat growths unchanged from vanilla?

I've been looking forward to this update for quite some time. Thanks again for your continued hard work on this! Below are some very minor questions/feedback.

  • Thief - I probably hadn't been playing close attention to the thread - so there's no more steal loot? Could steal armor be too OP?
  • Samurai - Nosada feels like a throwaway skill
  • Ninja - What's the purpose of fuuma? Why would someone want to use it?
  • Blue Mage - minor nit, you're missing the name for Dragon Force in the guide
  • Warrior - is there a big functional difference between Rend Speed and Mangle?
  • Dragoon - if Wyrmkiller is limited to HP critical dragons, then how useful is it?
  • Templar - Silence/Judgment and Rasp/Inquisition exhibit some degree of redundancy and I think could use a little more differentiation
  • Moogle Hero - minor nit, the text for Diarama/Diarahan reads Diara for both
  • Wyrmkin - does En Garde make sense on a Gria? I get it on a Viera because they don't get Counter as an R-ability, but Gria do

Thanks for all the detailed feedback!

With respect to the Seeq being annoying, one thing you could do with a Viking would be to turn it into a lightning/water-based version of the Vartan.

That's actually something you could play out across several different classes (a different one for each element). This could fill in some of your gaps, like the Alchemist. If you add elemental resistances/immunities/absorptions to monsters/jobs it makes things even more interesting.

This might beg the question of what to do with a job like a Black Mage if you have individual classes that can do a specific element better. Personally, Black Mages get kind of boring for me and the increased MP cost relative to increased spell power means that I never bother with them past early game.

You could refashion the Black Mage into an elemental-specific job. You could also change it into a reverse Red Mage - whereas the Red Mage gets cure/protect/shell (I'd probably swap silence for a buff), you could give the Black Mage poison/silence/blind/sleep/etc.

The War Medic looks like a cool job. Thematically its abilities are cohesive. I prefer it to your last iteration of the Berserker.

The one ability I'm not sure fits is Blast Wave. Doc's Code also might be a little OP (although if it's done in the same way as the Raptor's Bulwark, the unit would still be vulnerable to status effects).

Glad you're still working on this!

Some of the Berserker skills seem pretty intense and borderline OP. I can easily see using Scream and having another unit ping me for tiny damage to remove the Berserk debuff early on in a battle.

Does Final Heaven blind/berserk the target or the user?

With regard to Duel, is there a viable Seeq alternative R-ability to counter/blink counter? If not, is adding Counter superfluous?

The one gap I see behind the Fragmentation -> Detonation combo is that you're likely to have other party members take action in between the two Berserker moves, by which time it's not clear that a fire attack would still be super useful. Unless you ran multiple Berserkers.

EDIT: I'm down with the idea of using combos, but given the timing between single unit turns, what if instead of trying to let one job do all the work, you created synergies between two different jobs (different races, to force them onto different characters) for use? The only one I can kind of think of in vanilla is green mage/assassin tranq/last breath, which isn't the greatest, so I think there's room for improvement. If for example, you took the vanilla scholar and had a job that did party-wide buffs (like null-elementals), then you'd have a cross-job combo. Or, per one of my ideas below, if you had one job that used minor debuffs but another job that dealt big damage based on those debuffs, then you'd have another interesting combo.

I was also kicking around a few more ideas apropos of nothing in particular:
- Is it possible to structure A abilities based on specific status effects? I'm thinking a skillset similar to the Trickster's Traumatize, but based on specific statuses. Could do it based on user or target statuses to deal/heal damage or buff/debuff
- A slightly double-edged sword against mages would be to have an A ability that could MP turbo them. Basically to buy a turn or two in return for potentially higher damage coming your way later (of course now I forget if GG starts with full MP or gains it like vanilla)

If you're still in the market for ideas, I've been kicking around a few, but not sure if it's possible to implement with the out-of-the-box tools:

A couple for the ninja:
- Bunshin: create a level 1 ninja clone with no equipment and no abilities (replaces throw)
- Kage bunshin: halve character's level/stats and create a clone at the halved level that has the same equipment and abilities (replaces oblivion)

A couple others:
- Buff to increase range (passive)
- Buff to increase AoE (A-ability)

Also, on completely unrelated notes:
- How do you feel about giving many races/jobs inherent strengths and weaknesses? For example, you could make all Gria strong to wind and weak to lightning, then give a job like the Vartan an extra bump for wind (so immune to wind)
- I like what you've done with the Vartan and the idea of dedicating a class to an element. Seems like a ripe opportunity to rethink the black mage and specialize some of the elements around different classes

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: A Clan's Journey
« on: August 20, 2017, 03:27:24 AM »
Looks like you're off to a promising start! I look forward to playing it once you've made more of the job changes.

Can you give the Gria and Seeq more jobs by removing some of the other classes out there (like monsters)?

As far as the locked jobs, most don't come too late (the big exception is Geomancer, as well as Seer, Ravager and Lanista, to a lesser extent). If there were a way to edit the quests to make them show up earlier that could do it.

Is it wrong that I check this thread almost every day for updates? Probably, but there are worse habits to have.

I had a couple other ideas for abilities:

- You could do a reverse quicken: delay a unit's turn until right before its following turn
- Teleport: warp another unit (either anywhere on the map or within a radius)
- Swap: swap the position of two units
- Are there any existing abilities that lower/boost elemental resistances? I'm thinking nul-fire/ice/etc. or geomancy as an active ability instead of a passive one
- Something else fun would be to swap a unit's weapon/magick values for a few turns

Looking forward to it!

The guide will be super-helpful for having the most up-to-date info.

Any updates on what changed from 0.85? I was in the middle of a run and want to know whether I should start over (or I can just use the updated file with the same save.

I was playing the excellent Brave New World mod for FF6 and it got me thinking about a class that could imitate Gau.

Gau is interesting because he's a combination of a Blue Mage and a Berserker; an interesting twist on a Morpher. Pro: gain abilities, Con: lose control. Any chance of creating a class that can approximate that?

It'll probably be a while before I'm able to get to this (I'm slowly working through my backlog), but I really appreciate that you added inherent strengths and weaknesses to certain classes. It gives the player good reasons to switch up classes, not just optimize for one class as per usual. If anything, I'd advocate for even more weaknesses to make things more interesting (Ok, maybe I've played too many Shin Megami Tensei games, but the constant tension between strengths and weaknesses is one of the things that makes them really good games).

Take the holy weakness for example: how often are you going to get hit with a holy spell to make that weakness or resist meaningful? If you add more elemental effects to weapons and armor (both strengths and weaknesses) you might get some interesting results. Give me a battle where my party will get destroyed if I don't have holy resist and then I'll have a good reason to switch to classes/equipment that can neutralize this.

Also, too, the ability buffs seem really OP. Are you planning to edit the enemy formations to make sure they have more frequent access to Gigaflare and Wood Veil?

I've been meaning to give feedback on what I've played through so far. I'm about 180 missions in - haven't played through all classes.

In general: I feel you on wanting to make statuses (buffs/debuffs) more relevant in A2:GG. However, I don't think they're as useful or necessary as they could be for a couple reasons: 1. dealing damage (physical or magical) is still relatively more effective than debuffing 2. debuff accuracy relatively low compared to damage. In other words, if I can take an opponent down in ~4 hits at roughly 90% accuracy, why spend a turn trying to debuff at 50% accuracy (if I'm lucky?). In order to remedy this I think defense and resistance stat growths need to be buffed relative to attack and magick growths. Decrease the effectiveness of damage the regular way and debuffs will become more useful. Alternatively, adding small damage amounts to debuffs can also make them relatively more effective. MP becomes less of an issue as the game progresses, so the MP-restore skills become less useful too.

Also, that first Illua battle. Wow, that was not easy.

I generally don't mention stat growths below; I imagine you want to redo them at some point.

  • Soldier: adding damage to their debuffs is a nice addition, but definitely still an early-game class
  • Thief: new abilities are an improvement, but also an earlier-game class. Equipment stealing tough to invest into when you don't get a lot of the abilities early on and you've unlocked a lot of the equipment later on. Might be more worthwhile if enemies had more powerful equipment, but then that also breaks the game earlier on
  • Archer: didn't use
  • Fighter: As much as I love Aurablast, I'm glad you nerfed it. The reduced range, as well as Air Render being wind elemental, make this skill set less OP than it used to be. Overall a good rebalance. I've run into a couple issues with Grapple when Bowen uses it on larger monsters that then puts them on top of characters
  • Paladin: haven't used yet
  • Samurai: An oddball class for sure. I'd probably have avoided it if it weren't for the stat growths. Murasame is great earlier on, but Ashura is the only skill with range (and 100% accuracy, which is nice, but I imagine you probably want to nerf). It's not that its skills are bad, but their AoE is awkward. Much like roundhouse, you're unlikely to use them a lot
  • Ninja: just started to use, the veils/-tons deal higher damage and are more useful than before. Eagerly awaiting picking up Dual Wield
  • Blue Mage: just started picking up skills. Imagine it will be as useful as before, so pretty useful. Druid definitely makes this easier to get to
  • Seer: haven't used yet. Apologies for not scanning through the rest of the thread, but does Magick Frenzy work same as before?
  • Heritor: haven't used yet. So far abilities look the same as before

  • Warrior: roughly same as before. Didn't spend much time in it
  • Monk: shaping up to be an all-around great ability list. Great as a secondary. Similar feelings to the fighter on Aurablast and Air Render
  • Gladiator: just started using, seems like some mild improvements over Vanilla. Haven't picked up the Materia Blade yet
  • Myrmidon: One of the problems with this class is that there are relatively more monsters than non-monster enemies, and the break %s are pretty low, so you don't end up with a ton of opportunities to use those skills effectively. The elemental skills are a good companion when breaks don't make sense, but overall not fantastic. I'd probably pass on this next time
  • Dragoon: Didn't use
  • Bishop: Seems the same as before. There if you really want a magic Bangaa
  • Oracle: Interesting skill set, but didn't end up being too compelling for me. I mostly used Invigorate and Prescience, when I had a spare turn. The debuffs are good, but too inaccurate without damage
  • Trickster: Still love this class for the range. Looks like the skillset is the same
  • Templar: didn't use

Nu Mou
  • White Mage: mostly same as before, haven't used Holy yet. Esuna's smaller AoE makes things more interesting. Problem is later game healing becomes less useful and there are other classes that can do it half-decently enough to sub for the WM
  • Black Mage: generally useful
  • Druid: great class. Thorns is probably a little over-powered early game, but the class evens out as the game progresses. The exception would be Tame, which is super-useful for the Blue Mage and always works
  • Necromancer: super-useful early on, but less so once Hurdy joins the party
  • Time Mage: useful as always, but the Moogle one becomes more interesting with Snake Eyes
  • Alchemist: didn't use
  • Sage: didn't use
  • Scholar: more useful than before, but I found buffs became less useful later-game, when I really started unlocking the abilities
  • Daemon: I tried getting into this class, but needing to Focus before using the abilities made it not as useful as I would have liked. Even so, Despair came in handy in the first Illua battle

  • Fencer: seems more useful than before (Reprise), but still an early-game class
  • Archer: didn't use
  • Red Mage: as useful as before, even without Doublecast working on other magicks
  • Occultist: I tried most of the abilities on this, but I can't help but see it as anything but a one-trick pony for Possess, which can be OP when paired with a highly-leveled unit. Note: the Druid's skills are the only ones I can't access using Possess. Everything else works fine
  • Sniper: less useful than before without Doubleshot, although I haven't used all the abilities. I paired it with Dance on Penelo, which I'll get to later
  • Summoner: less useful than before without Doublecast. Not bad, but I wouldn't really use it at this point
  • Kunoichi: Interesting class. Only played with it a little but I really like the skill set
  • Spellblade: Really like this class. Great ability set paired with ranged damage. You might want to add MP costs to some of the abilities

  • Animist: didn't use
  • Black Mage: relatively more useful than other BMs with the addition of Snake Eyes
  • Moogle Hero: has its uses, but was more of an early-game class for me. I'm planning to come back to it once I've finished off a couple other skillsets
  • Orator: didn't use
  • Corsair: Is this class using the Tinker animations (minus the animations)? Is that why I see a 100% success rate for Coin Toss and the other, similar, ability but it doesn't always work? The class is good, but best paired with a mage class because of Snake Eyes. Selfish request: can you please make this class use cards instead of daggers? I know that could make things screwy because of the relatively later-game unlocks for cards, but thematically it feels better.
  • Time Mage: Moogle version definitely more interesting than the Nu Mou one. Comet also gives this class more utility for direct damage
  • Fusilier: suffers from some of the same issues as the Myrmidon with its equipment breaks. Aim is useful on Hurdy for buffing Nameless Song
  • Engineer: I've gone most of my game with only Satellite Ray and Healbot as my secondary skill, but damn if Satellite Ray isn't awesome. It's kind of like Aurablast used to be. Just started picking up the other skills, too early to tell how useful they'll be
  • Chocobo Knight: didn't use

  • Hunter: looks the same as before, didn't use
  • Vartan: love this class. The wind elemental is a decent angle. Zephyr and Storm are probably over-powered. I only got them after learning Gale, Whirlwind and Cyclone - do Zephyr and Storm let you use them if you haven't learned them?
  • Ravager: same as before, less useful without Unscarred
  • Gourmand: only used a little bit but seems super useful and interesting

  • Berserker: didn't use
  • Ranger: used, but seemed less useful than vanilla. Maybe it's because it's taken a while to get the abilities - I still only have 5
  • Reaver: great job. You might want to limit Shadowblade's range to weapon range? It's a great skill either way
  • Viking: didn't use

  • Bard: great class, a must have for a lot of battles. Probably overpowered. Soul Etude and Angelsong render White Mages mostly useless, and Requiem does the same for Necromancers
  • Dancer: totally OP class. I just stand back with Penelo and let Mincing Minuet rip every time
  • Sky Pirate: haven't really used yet. Looks same as before

Thanks for the update!

I've been playing around, mostly on 0.62 before last night, and I want to mess around a little more before providing feedback, but there is one thing that's caught me off guard a couple times: does Darkga (and perhaps Dark/Darkra) come with a 50% insta-KO effect? It's gotten me slaughtered in the Oversoul storyline mission a few times now.

@eternal: will 0.62 saves be compatible with the upcoming release?

I usually end up with two Moogles, Bangaa and Nu Mou a piece, three Viera, one each of Gria and Seeq, and lots of Humes, all including story recruits (I guess make that 3 Moogles with Monty, but he comes quite late). It allows me to get some breadth.

Going to slowly start in on this new version.

General question for those on the thread: in a case like this, where you want to play around with all the classes, do you prefer to go wide (e.g. full clan roster, every character specializes in ~2 jobs) or deep (fewer characters, everyone has ~4)?

Looking forward to the updates - the jobs you're sketching out appear very interesting. I'm probably going to hold off on playing more until I can mess around with the new build.

I haven't played around with the Nu Mou as much as I'd like, but so far they seem like they'd actually be useful. I recently finished a fairly completionist vanilla run and my Nu Mou turned out mostly useless for the following reasons: if you're lucky magic hits approximately as hard as physical (excluding parivir/geomancy ridiculousness) even when you have magic pow+ as a passive, and the magic classes are generally slower and have lower HP than the physical ones (viera get around this with the summoner's AoE and red mage's doublecast). So why use Nu Mou magic damage when they'll always be outclassed? This goes double now that MP is (mostly) finite. (I have similar issues with Moogles - Bard/Juggler is the by far the best vanilla combo)

The jobs you've created seem like massive improvements in that they now occupy interesting spaces that didn't use to exist (Necromancer, Daemon, Druid). What makes the Druid useful is that the skills don't use MP and sometimes come with an additional debuff (Thorns is great). This comes at the cost of conditional usage, but I haven't found that to be a problem yet. The only class that I would probably shy away from is the Scholar (damage dealing usually > buffing), but it could become a necessity depending on how hard the enemies hit.

Edit for specificity: the Necromancer could also be more or less useful vs. gimmicky depending on how strong undead units are (similar to the Dragoon with dragons).

My comments beg the question of what you're going to do with stat growths. I saw that you switched up the Daemon's growths, but it didn't look like you touched the others. In the vanilla game I'm much more likely to build Time Mages and Alchemists for the magick growth, in addition to their skill set. Alternatively, this could also be achieved through changing abilities' base power. I guess it comes down to ensuring that magick users continue to be viable late game.

I swapped in my completed save game into the GG build; caught a couple other issues:
- I can change Al Cid to other jobs, but once I change his job I can't change back to Agent
- Flame Rod has Dark listed as an a-ability (for arcanist/daemon), but it also appears unlearnable by Nu Mou (as in there's no AP number listed to learn it)

Update: one other consideration: is it possible to imbue strengths/weaknesses based on weapon type, or is it solely limited to elements?

Caught a pretty odd bug with Hunter's Oust:

- Used with Hunter on Antlion in the Treehugger mission
- When selected the ability displayed a 100% accuracy rate
- When fired the Antlion showed an animation of scurrying off and away
- However, the Antlion did not leave; it was still on the battlefield with a blind icon above its head, but it was invisible. Not normal invisible, where you can see the unit's shadow - totally invisible save for the blinking blind icon

What conditions need to be met for the Druid's Squelch ability to become active? It's always grayed out for me. Also, I've seen Gust be active and inactive at different points in the same battle. Is that intended?

I usually only manage to play 2-3 battles a day, so my feedback will come in drips and drabs.

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