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"Tethical, an sRPG Engine" Kickstarter is Live! (Ended now.)

Started by lirmont, September 06, 2013, 09:13:29 pm


Hey Scott,
Its Sandy from Rootgamer. I just wanted to let you know that my website and other Linux gaming related sites are running a contest every month for Linux gamers to vote for the best FOSS game and or engine. If voted by Linux gamers you get 1 month of non stop promoting. I want you to know I am adding Tethical to the list. The contest website is www.linuxgameawards.org . If you still have my email let's talk and I will give you all the info. I wanted to tell you in front of everyone as I truly love this engine and the work and love that you and this community have done.


It looks like there is so much work that has been put into this project. I\m not sure what the main goal is however, whether it's to create a set of tools used to make a true srpg emulating fft's greatness, or if the goal is to eventually design and release said game. Either way, I am 100% on board, I have breezed passed the FFH several times throughout the years but did not realise there was a project like this on the go. Being a big fan of FFT (as I'm sure we all are) naturally I am hugely disappointed in the way games have evolved over the years progressing towards eye candy rather than depth of game. As technology advances I had expected deeper plots, more customizing, more classes, game mechanics etc. but it never came. The age of the internet! lol, everything is connected to some massive online multiplayer feature, but not our poor srpg genre, laying helpless in the corner. Sorry to be so dramatic, It just pains me to see that such a great looking project seems to be struggling so much. I will do everything I can to help, posting links on message boards etc. I will check in and make sure not to miss the next pledge drive, we have to show the world there is a market in mmosrpg's. We will not lie down and say "well i guess ill play wow", rawrgh