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Choto's Tools

Started by Choto, July 27, 2013, 08:51:48 pm


Updated the Conflict Checker attachment with a bug fix. Previously it wasn't loading WORLD, WLDCORE, REQUIRE, and EQUIP patches correctly.

Also, we merged all of my tools threads into a single thread and I'm going to release new versions and updates in this thread only.


February 25, 2015, 03:59:53 pm #21 Last Edit: February 25, 2015, 04:53:49 pm by pops
Hi Choto, this is excellent work.

Have you continued updating these programs? I am very interested in the effects file format, and would like to help you improve your effects tool; particularly with visualization of the effect within the tool itself.


Thanks pops, I haven't really updated them much at all. In fact, I lost the source code to the effects editor. I still have all my notes about the effect file structure and all, but they're honestly a nightmare to figure out. That tool was actually my first C# program, so I planned on rewriting it anyway at some point... I have no idea when I'll get around to it though. However, any advice is always appreciated if you know stuff that I dont :P How did you plan to improve the visualization?


I'm sorry you lost the source code! That's a serious bummer. I lost a hobby project two years ago... I was uploading the svn repository to dropbox on Friday, but didn't give it enough time to upload before I went home for the weekend. When I tried to check out the project the next week, only half of the commits had been uploaded. What remained was only snippets of code. Heartbreaking.

My goal would be to provide a visualization of the effect within the editor, to the extent that it's possible given the data you've uncovered in the file structure. I noticed you had figured out animation sequences, emitters, and what seemed like particle paths. This might be enough to get display up and running. I've written a software renderer in C# that handles affine sprite projection, and it might be possible to simply load at least the sprites directly into that.

The resources on this forum have allowed me to find the palette and graphics within the effect files. But, at present, that's all I know how to read. You've obviously figured out a ton more. Would you be willing to send me your notes on the effect file structure? I don't have any personal interest in creating or releasing tools, but I would give you access to any source code for any visualization that I develop, which you could include in future versions of your editor.  :D


Welp, I still have my notes so I'll send them to you when I get home from my trip.im interested to take a look at the source code behind your renderer... when I was trying to do rotation, scaling, etc it was a nightmare. And luckily C# is my native programming language. Maybe we can get something rolling.


Excellent. Get in touch when you're back, and I'll give you access to the repository with the renderer.

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Conflicts with itself..?

Not sure if it really means anything, I felt I'd point it out.
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March 02, 2015, 07:29:17 am #27 Last Edit: March 02, 2015, 01:59:21 pm by Choto
Thanks for bringing that to my attention.. here's what's going on: That hack writes a block to f6160, then has a variable that can be set by the user at f6174. The variable is written over the f6160 code. So technically it is a "conflict" but it must have been written that way on purpose. Truthfully, it's kind of lazy by the writer, but no harm done.

pops, I'm back from my trip but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to work on this stuff anytime soon. I'll be pretty busy until the summer. Nonetheless I'd like to at least see your code, so pm me with the repository info or any info you need from me