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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GG Trading Post

Started by Jumza, July 11, 2013, 03:00:07 pm


July 11, 2013, 03:00:07 pm Last Edit: July 12, 2013, 01:24:12 pm by Jumza
Welcome to the FFTA GG Trading Post!

Here you can trade Units, Equipment such as weapons or accessories, Mission items like the Bomb Shell or Caravan Musk and Law Cards such as Frog or Color Magic!

Here are the
Just follow the required format and you should be fine!
Though, please only post your offers. If you would like to say something else please put it in a Spoiler.
Remember the game charges your Clan a large sum of Gil each time you trade.

Here is the

Please copy and paste which you would like to use, then fill in the information.
1: Selling Units like common slaves.

Picture of Unit's stats, on the equipped abilities page. (Showing Skillset, secondary, Reaction and Support)
To take this picture simply go to the Pick Abilities page of the unit you would like to trade, then on your emulator click File, and then Screen Capture and save the picture. Then put it here!
Mastered Abilities
Please put all of the abilities your unit has mastered in a list here.
What would you like in return for your unit? You can offer Unit's up and ask for other Unit's with some specifications. For example; I'm looking for a Nu Mou Reaver with at least 3 or more A-Abilities mastered in return for this unit.
You can also cross trade, trading items for Unit's and vice versa. Though you still have to trade an item and a unit from both Clans for this to work.

That was the Unit trading Format.

2. Selling Item's like drugs on the Black Market, or Ebay.

TYPE (Put: Equipment, Mission Item or Law Card)
(If Equipment)
ABILITIES, if there are none just say "No abilities taught"

(If Mission Item)
Leave this blank!

(If Law Card)
Leave this blank!
What Item do you want in return?

And that's it folks!
Just use Copy / Paste, and fill in what needs to be filled in.

Think of this as your Item or Unit's passport or For Sale Sign, people need to know what you're trading otherwise you won't be able to!

Finally here is
Time to trade!
When you find someone you're willing to trade with send them a PM on the forum, and then the two of you can hop on chat and follow this tutorial together to get this trade complete!

1.Getting the correct Emulator

If you want to trade you need to use a special version of Visual Boy Advance called VBA-Link, here's the link: http://www.vbalink.info/

2. Settings for your new Emulator

Go to
Options - Emulator - and make sure Pause when Inactive Window is not checked.
Options - Link - Check wireless Adapter then click settings
Settings: Link Timeout - 500 or 2000, I find both of those work, idk what the difference is.
Select Network
You want Safer, not Faster.
Leave port number the same.

3. Hamachi
Google Hamachi, learn to use it, live it, love it. Etc... Set up a server and get the other person to join it.

4. Back to settings
Go back to your link settings
The person hosting (the person who created it) the Hamachi server will click Server - Start!
The person Joining the Hamachi server will click Client - the server IP address is the number next to the persons name on your Hamachi server (it should look something like this: then hit Connect

The person hosting gets a message saying they've connected to one person, don't wait for any more.

5. In game
Now that you're connected, go in game and click LINK in the menu on the world map. You have to unlock Link for this to work.
Now you're in the pub, make sure you're both hovering over one of the trade options and try clicking at relatively the same time. If it doesn't work you probably didn't click near the same time to each other, and you need to do that.
I suggest talking over the FFH or Hamachi chat while doing this so that you get the right timing.

Now trade away!
Remember; 5000 Gil fee per trade. (Damn you to hell pub master! That's worth 3 Phoenix Downs!)

If you are having trouble trading, send me a PM on the forum and I'll help you out.

The Pub Master's Choice

With the trading post just opening up, we're looking for as many new sales as possible! Let's increase the hype!
Buyer's beware however, every trade cost's 5000 Gil! It's certainly worth it to get what you want though, don't you think?
  • Modding version: PSX
Nyzer: Alma teleports out of her own possessed body.
Raijinili: Remember that you're telling a modding community that the game they love could use some fixing.


July 11, 2013, 03:06:27 pm #1 Last Edit: July 12, 2013, 01:16:57 pm by Jumza
I guess I'll try and get some kind of ball rolling here.

Olint - Moogle - Bard

Mastered Abilities
I'm looking for a Bangaa Bishop at least level 20. No abilities required.
  • Modding version: PSX
Nyzer: Alma teleports out of her own possessed body.
Raijinili: Remember that you're telling a modding community that the game they love could use some fixing.