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June 06, 2020, 12:40:54 pm


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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Grim Grimoire (Latest version: Beta 0.993)

Started by Eternal, June 23, 2013, 07:50:32 pm


... Huh?
Why would a new thread have been created and posted in some other location with no forwarding link in this topic? Especially when Eternal's kept this topic going since 2013?

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Howdy! Yes, they're still ongoing. Thanks to the hard work of Leonarth and the others, I think FFTA/FFTA2 GG 2.0 will be a far cleaner endeavor than the originals were. I'm currently finishing up my FFXII mod in the next few days and then I'll be able to continue with my other projects. For the most part I have everything laid out for 2.0, it's just a matter of implementing and testing. Apologies for the silence and the delay, FFXII modding has really taken up a large part of my time the last several months but it's been good experience for me for future projects such as this, so I guess it all works out in the end. Thanks for your continued support! :)
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Blue Mage Fanatic

Ah, that's excellent to hear! I look forward to seeing Grim Grimoire Advanced/A2 2.0 in the future!
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I apologize for bringing up an old topic, but since the Google Drive link is dead, is there any possibility anyone has a copy of the Ability Master Guide? I've searched everywhere (even the archive.org version of the site) and I can't find it. Thank you very much.
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Squire Doodad

I'm guessing if a topic has been around for this long without a new one, the "hasn't been posted on in 60 days" bit is somewhat irrelevant...?
Anyways, looking forward to GG2.0, I just have two main questions
First off, any idea when it'll be done? I don't expect it to be magically done already but I'm wondering if there's a vague idea as to how far along it is.
Secondly...if I have a modded game that is modded with the old Grim Grimoire, would I be able to apply some sort of reversion patch to the update my game with GG2.0? Or will I need to start a new game?
Things are looking great, good luck :D
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Squire Doodad

Doubleposting but its been months :P

I'm curious, what sorts of builds did you guys try?
I was thinking of doing a BM/Bard combo for Montblanc for my next run (not sure if TM/Bard or [X]M/Mediator works better), but also trying out Myrmidon/Samurai (I THINK Samurai deals physical damage?).
Basically trying to make a team that can work with Montblanc and Marche instead of in spite of them.

Also if anyone can find a copy of the Ability Master Guide that'd be great.
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I dug through my old files for the Master Guide and wasn't able to find it, so I think I lost it when my hard drive died ages ago. That being said, I'm not really happy with the current version of GG and will likely be reworking it in the future. I don't want to promise an ETA or anything since work has gotten so unexpectedly busy for me of late, but I'd like to go through and make a more stable version with less bugs.
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"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
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Squire Doodad

Ah, that's a shame. What's already here is really good though, I'm impressed by how much you were able to pull off. It's like someone spilled Dark Souls on my FFTA and fixed 90% of my problems with the gameplay.

Question for min-maxing purposes: Do you by chance recall what some of the job stat growths were for GG? If so, can you give a loose description of what the revised stat growths are? EDIT: Read through some comments seems pretty clear that stat growths were reworked.

Hope your work clears up a bit, it really sucks when you just get bogged down in stuff.
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Hi, Eternal!

Just created this account after finishing my FFTA: GG gameplay (300 missions completed, finally) and I wanted to give my review after the gameplay. I found pretty interesting -and difficult- to clear the first missions, using Montblanc's Lullaby as my main weapon, combined with the Bangaa Dragoon's Jump at first, then Frogsong (which manages to work on Totemas and bosses despite Inmunity) and finally Last Breath. Life arrives so late in the gameplay so I could reach Revive in White Monk and Soldier before, forced to explore unusual gameplay options. Green Mage is also a great choice and I found it a great option early in the game.

The main problem is the level growth (the level adjustement makes interesting to fight but i managed to get to Exodus at level 50) but i find that if you don't adjust XP growth (for example, less XP for fighting) there's no other choice to balance that.

The fight against Mateus was the most difficult in game. The fact that I reached lvl 50 before this fight made the lvl? Flare SO DEADLY, combined with the all-target Mateus skills, i needed aprox. 20 tries and precisely programming every move to succeed.

The main problems during the gameplay (well, problems) were the following:

  • Holy Cross/Moogle Dual Weild/known bugs

  • Concentrate -in moogles- + Lullaby provides 70-100% hit ratio

  • Monsters are too easy to beat with status (maybe lowering ratios would work)

And i will reply when i remember new things!
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I think the mod is unbeatable by normal means. I'm not sure if it's built around knowing about savestates. The real problem is the bosses is way too hard. I'm not sure how to beat the game without using Humes with dual wield, I mean I have 3 Humes in a single party, leveled as Fighter(I don't really know which jobs gave the best damage output) and pummel my way through. The Li Grim fight is impossible with her having mana shield unless you grind up to higher levels.

I always check the enemy stats and some freezes the game.

I truly wanted to play normally as far as I could. I needed to grind so much just to have advantage.

That's just my 2 cents.
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