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March 30, 2020, 05:33:24 pm


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FFTA EDITOR: All In One v0.7 is now out!!

Started by Darthatron, June 02, 2013, 12:36:11 pm


I'm curious to know if anyone is still working on this editor? Would be nice to change item, job, and ability names. Anyone know if this is still a work in progress or is it at a standstill?
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I'm pretty sure the editor is still being worked on. But it probably has a LOT less people than FFTPatcher working on it.

About changing item, job and ability names, I'm using FFTA Text Edit.
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Hello! I'm new to ze forums. I was wondering if there's any way to manually add abilities to job abilities. My reason why is I want to create some flexible jobs for more usage. (I.e Illusionist with Blk, Wte, Illu, and Blue magic in one Job Ability) Is there anyway way to do this? Thanks.
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Yes and no.

Yes, you CAN give jobs any ability you want, including abilities that other jobs already have, but if you want to increase the number of abilities a job has, as opposed to replace them, you will run into several problems.

The first problem is Humes. Humes are the race with the most abilities, as you can imagine the game systems were made with this in mind, both in RAM and when saving the limit of abilities is going to be 0x90 (144), with Humes having 140 abilities already this means they can only get 4 new ones. If you want to give more abilities to one Hume job you probably will have to take some other ability away from them.

The second problem is tedium. The way ability IDs for jobs work is that there is one list for the whole race and each job has one starting index and one ending index. For example: you can give Hume White Mages a list that goes from 0x3A to 0x46, but not one that goes from say 0x3A to 0x46 and also includes 0x22.
Imagine you want to give Time Mages Cura and that you want it to go specifically after Silence but before Quarter and not replace any other ability. Unless you use a tool that can do this for you, you would need to copy the data for the whole Nu Mou ability list to freespace, make a gap for Cura (best way to do this would be to copy the half of the list that goes after it and paste it one ability over), write the data for Cura between Silence and Quarter, increase the number of abilities Nu Mou Time Mages get by 1 and then increase the starting and ending index by one to every other Nu Mou job that goes after Time Mage. This process is not hard, it's just boring.
If you just want to merge jobs it might be easier for example, you could remove Illusionist and give Blue Mage the Illusionist's entries by changing the starting index, then do whatever you want with the Illusionist's entries.

The third problem is the learning. Each ability has one ID, even if two jobs are given the same abilities (unless their lists overlap) gaining AP on one ability for one job would not give AP to the same ability on other jobs: Time Mage's Cura would not give AP to the White Mage's Cura.
There is ONE case in which this appears to be ignored: Vieras have two entries for Cure, one for White Mage and one for Red Mage, yet gaining AP in one also increases the AP of the other, this however is likely hardcoded and not useful to us.

I plan on working on a different system to assign abilities to jobs in the (possibly near) future so if you are interested look forward to that. However, it will most likely not be compatible with AIO editor, AIO doesn't like many of the things I make because I change how the game itself works (and the tool obviously can't just adapt on the fly to it), thankfully I have been using an alternative since I first started so it doesn't affect me too much.
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Good to know, also update: I expanded the white mage job abilities by adding all the Black mage abilities (which turned out to be fine) and added the blue mage abilities to the Phantasm Skills (which is also fine). I might experiment with other jobs when I have time to do so, but thanks for letting me know what the limits were. First time I used the editor, I added all the Hume job abilities to the Ninja Skill set, when I tried to use them in battle, they appeared blank, and crashed my game. So I guess it's safe to experiment on which limits might be alright for the skills lol
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Quote from: Darthatron on June 02, 2013, 12:36:11 pmGet it here!

It has an improved update system and the A-Ability editor is now implemented. Enjoy.

Hey any one able to download this becuse im geting a 404 error
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Link is broken, is there any hope for this anymore?
Any got a download link or a file to share? Really one to try and edit some stuff to my liking on my save file.
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Same, I'm really looking into it, but cant find a link that is not broken to download it. Any help from moderation ?
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Here you go!

Does anyone know if the 1.0 editor is ever getting released? It's been years now with no word about it.


Yo! Recent global events have given me some time over the next few weeks to look into this stuff again, I have managed to find most of the source code for the editor and will see if I can whip up new features or something. What should I work on first?

I'll upload a copy of the source somewhere too in case I go AWOL again, sorry!
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Having the ability to text edit in AIO would be nice. That and being able to see skill descriptions and portraits.
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Given that EA allows us to insert/import graphics somewhat easily, the ability to edit text (descriptions, ability names, in-game names, etc.) sounds like a quicker and currently a more convenient feature for the AIO Editor.
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