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LIOS Editor (IOS Save file Editor)

Started by izlud3, February 20, 2013, 02:47:16 pm


As a follow-up, I figured out how to do a lot of what I'd like to be able to. It also seems like it shouldn't be hard to apply anything related to Hex editing in one game to another.

Also, some of the programs on the main site say "all," but I'm not sure if that's been edited since the iOS version was released. Would those be useable on the iOS save file?


I don't have anything iOS to run FFT on, but to answer the Sorcerer question, it sounds like you're only modifying his current job and not his base job. That may not even be an option, but that would be the only way it would show up in the job tree in the PSX game.
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hi im new at all of this and i can't find the LIOS Editor anywhere. is it something that i download?


Hello Guys, now there is a FFT: WoTL for Android version!!!

I was wondering if i could use an editor like that on the Android version.. but for now seens like i have to have root acess on my phone to do such things.


LiOS works fine for the Android version that was just released (see my post here: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=10927.msg206376#msg206376). You will need root access in order to access the save file.


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Thank you for this excellent program. Is there any way to edit the inventory? I tried editing it first on the lion editor, and then re-save it on the lios editor, but it sends me an error while saving. Or anyone that could share a save file from the very beggining with max gil and all items in the inventory. (Using FFT Android Version). Thx. in advance.


There is no way to edit the inventory nor add maximum gil using LiOS editor. Those features didn't make it over from Lion Editor. The best you can do is equip the priciest stuff to characters or the equipment you want to characters (can even create a ton of fake characters just to add the items, unequip them, and then delete the characters)


after using iexplorer i clicked the ftt app to extract the pack from it but it says after update 8.3 apps require itunes sharing to see whats in it. anyway to by pass that? im on 8.4 but reallllly want to use lion editor!


if anyone can make a save file for me where Alma is in the party renamed "Aeris" & Ramza has sword saint secondary then that will be awesome. i bought this game because it was on sale 50% but i have it on my psp , ps1, and an emulator for my laptop. the fact that my iphone is 8.4 and i CANT use lion editor really upsets me seeing as i bought this game to show support for me



Hi, I'm new here.

So, I finally got this to work in iOS 9.2 without jailbreaking. The gist is you need to download a program that can import/export files from your iOS device's backup.

0. Plugin your iOS device to your computer.
1. Open iTunes and do a full backup of your device to your computer.
2. Use a program that can export/import backup files (I use iBackupBot which I only found through google searching, so I can't guarantee its safety . . . my iPhone/Laptop seems to be okay so far. It looks like iExplorer can export files to your computer, but I don't see a way for it to import files back to the backup. If anyone can figure that out, please elighten us)
3. Using said program, open your backup files find your way to FFTSAVE.BIN. Depending on the program, look for the User Apps folder and find the FFT folder somewhere there.
4. Export FFTSAVE.BIN to your computer.
5. Use LIOSEDitor on FFTSAVE.BIN and edit your game away.
6. Go back to said program and import FFTSAVE.BIN back where you found it.
7. Restore backup files to your iOS device (iBackupBot has a feature to restore only one specific file, so you don't need to go about restoring the entire phone).
8. Viola!

Now a question of my own. Can LIOSEditor be used to change a character's base class? I'm not interested in making custom classes, I just want access to classes that some of the special enemies have. Thanks!

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Just started using this on my rooted galaxy s3. Wanted to know if anyone has had success as far as changing the sprite and base job? It seems to work fine for me until I enter a battle, then wotl force closes. Also I dont use iexplorer or anything like that, just copy and paste from root to a pc accessible folder, import to pc, edit, save, and copy back into root folder. Could that be a reason for the force close issue or is there some kind of checksum that is causing it? Would love to see more added to the editor, willing to test etc. if possible, just bear in mind I have an infant and a 2 year old so may be excruciatingly slow to give results.
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i cant see any FFT folder in my ipad mini 2 when used iExplorer , any help ?

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Izlud3, not sure if you check this thread at all anymore, but since you created the editor I wanted to see if you could point me in the right direction for hex modifying the base job/sprites in the android wotl. The editor is great but I'm only able to edit one or two characters classes with it and only certain ones it seems . . . Using gamekiller I can edit a character's current job as the values for those jobs are the same as the original final fantasy tactics it seems. There really isn't many opportunities where a character's base job changes in the game aside from perhaps Ramza's in the various chapters and maybe Reis so narrowing down changed will be tough unless I play through the whole thing and save in some of those spots if that makes any sense. Basically was so wondering if you could save me a lot of that legwork or if anyone familiar with coding has a better idea to figure out where that data is?
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Near as I can tell, there is no way to successfully restore the FFTSAVE.bin to your iOS device with the new FFTWotL update Square released. I thought at first it was just with the Clear Game status but with a fresh install it still didn't work. If anyone can figure out a way around this it would be appreciated. I'm using iBackupBot for file browsing, no issues there.

*edit* Also, my device is not jailbroken and I don't intend to go that route, at least for now. I'm looking for a non-jailbroken method if one exists. If not...well, cheating was fun while it lasted.
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So.. I've downloaded FFT for IOS 13, but I can't find any file explorer for IOS 13, any suggestion?
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If LIOS works on parallels, it should work with a Boot Camp Windows 10 right? We'll find out really soon once I get Windows 10 in this USB drive i have.
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