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October 25, 2020, 04:06:11 am


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[Old] Revised Script, First Draft

Started by Neophyte Ronin, January 05, 2013, 11:16:53 am


If you're still getting feedback over 4 months later, you're taking too long.  Everyone who gives a shit has already given you some.

Push it into production and learn to adapt your dialogue as you get more familiar with text box and pixel width restrictions during Events.  You'll end up doing 90% of your script cleanup in post anyway when you try to actually add it into the game and begin testing the various scenes to make sure they all look correct, so all you're doing here at this point is sitting with your thumb up your ass.  Now's the part where you need to be shoving it into the game, doing any edits that mandates, getting Dome to get the 1.02 gameplay togther, then shoving out Betas to people to playtest so you can get direct feedback on the game as a whole.

Less spinning wheels waiting for everyone else whose not really invested in the project the way you and Dome are, more getting a product together for people to play instead of fumbling with scripts and design documents all day.  Yes I know I sound like a total douche saying it that way but you will get far more progress refining your script a lot faster once you begin messing with it in-game instead of reading it in notepads and expecting other people to do the same.  This is from experience.


Actually, I agree with you
A finished product (or at least a semi-completed beta) would gather far more feedbacks
The fault is only mine, since I lack the time to work on 1.02 now (THE LAST GODDAMNED EXAM)
I still want to thank everyone who posted/read this topic

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