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Red Wings Project

Started by Jon, September 20, 2012, 03:22:42 pm


Quote from: Jon on October 12, 2012, 06:41:37 pm
Double post, whatever. Here is another possibility to start off the mod, bring Ramza into FF IV:

If not, this could be used as kinda like a sequel to FFT, the next events after Ramza and Alma escape. Yeah, crits and feedback? Sorry that its like 13 minutes, you can skip the cemetery since you guys know it. Skip to 2:03ish. :mrgreen:

Wow, that's a cool idea... Did you make that event?


Yep Deverca, I made all the events posted here except the ones that I just copy pasted from FFT itself. I've been thinking for a long time now about working on and creating a possible FFT sequel, but the main character most likely wouldn't be Ramza, maybe Cloud or Agrias or Beowulf, someone else for a change (haha although Cloud has his own game). That way I could stay in the familiar world of Ivalice. Right now eventing isn't the problem at all, just the story. I feel like that Ramza and Alma are gone forever at the end of FFT, but what happens further with Delita (he did survive Ovelia's knife stab I believe) and Olan and Balmafula, Ramza's former allies, etc. There is enough material there to make a dozen spin off sequels, but I don't know where to begin... :/
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I just started writing a sequel of sorts these past couple months... I always loved the story in FFT.  I hadn't played the game for 5+ years but I replayed it this spring and started thinking about new story lines.  I love how the game is so deep but still leaves so much unexplained (it works really great for fanfics). 

It started out as just a couple vignettes but now I'm working on connecting the dots into a logical story.  Its begins right where FFT left off explaining how Ramza and Co escaped from the Necrohol (actually its from the perspective of a new protagonist so it actually goes back a bit before that).  The back story does make some minor changes to the story, but it's still 95% compatible with canon. 

I started writing just for a fanfic but now that I've discovered this site I think it would be cool to bring it to life some of the cut scenes and possibly build a sequel game around it. 

The biggest changes I made to the original story don't conflict directly with it so much as enhance it.  Even though I loved the story, I did have some problems with it.  The biggest problem I had was how it seemed like all the guest characters had these mini-story arch's in the game, but when they were done, they just fell into this generic category and stopped growing.  For example, when you finish with Mustadio's story with the Rudovich and his father, he no longer contributes anything to the main story. This is prolly linked to the game-makers decision to allow special characters in Ramza's party to die, which I think is a mistake on their part. 

But even Ramza's character arch seems to stop around the end of chapter 2.  He goes through a lot of changes while he's a cadet and a mercenary, and then in chapter 2 he goes against Gafgarion and his brothers, but after that its like there's no more development or changes in him.  And after Wiegraf dies, there's not any really good villians either (besides Vormav).  It just devolves into a sort of beat em up video game.  Ovelia, Orlan, and Delita's story stays interesting but you're so far removed from it it doesn't matter. 

I guess my point is if you're gonna make a sequel, I think it would be a good idea to go back to the end of chapter 2 or 3.  Then you can make it so Agrias, Mustadio, etc, can't die and give them and Ramza more cut scenes together.  It would also give you the chance to develop the other Shrine Knights like Kletian and give some more dimensions than just another baddie.

Phew.  Sorry, I didn't mean to run on that long... needless to say, I like the idea of making a sequel.  :mrgreen:


No problem, I like your idea but going back chapters prolly won't work with everyone since everyone's completed the game. That's kinda like what Mercenaries tried to do, show a different scenario at x point in the game. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but a sequel would probably suffer if you change whole chapters just to make a new after story. That's what I guess Lucas did with the prequels, let's make up stories to explain what happens next, went horribly, horribly wrong. I think it boils down to either:

Make a sequel where the game left off and work with what you got, like (the tricky part) what happens to Delita? Does Agrias try to go back to Ovelia? How and when does Olan write the Durai Papers and then get burned at the stake for it? What happens to the dozen x special characters? So on and so on, you know already, its a sequel. If this is the choice of the mod, then I think it wise to exclude Ramza and Alma since it clearly states in the ending video "they were never heard or seen of ever again".


What you said
QuoteI think it would be a good idea to go back to the end of chapter 2 or 3.  Then you can make it so Agrias, Mustadio, etc, can't die and give them and Ramza more cut scenes together.  It would also give you the chance to develop the other Shrine Knights like Kletian and give some more dimensions than just another baddie.

Hey, maybe we can work together Deverca, I don't really have any ideas right now and wouldn't mind making either of these, plus I like that you wrote down some alternative story ideas. Could I maybe read some of that? I need to keep making events to get better anyways. Just PM me if you'd like that and maybe we can come up with a mod project. For now I'll just keep doing what I've been doing, figuring out what does what in EasyVent Editor...
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Merry Christmas everyone! :mrgreen:

In this holiday time I've been working on my mod. Recently I didn't have any time to work on anything/play video games because I've been working and earning money to survive lol.
I haven't done any event editing, but I was working in FFTPatcher and FFTacText. I'm trying to get rid of the broken abilities and change in general spells and items. I've been going through posts mainly from Raven and Philsov and got a few good ideas as well for better balance. Actually right now I'm pretty much focused on the Patcher stuff, so any ideas are welcome!

What I hope to achieve:
Some balance now so later when I make a serious mod I don't have to think too much. Get all the grind work outta the way ;)
My only solution is to cut out the filth, erhm I mean to get rid of broken shit. I'm trying to balance the game slightly but that certainly isn't my main concern, I'm trying to make an evented mod here, so don't expect a 1.3 clone or something, its still very vanillary...

Abilities have been renamed. Descriptions are more like in FFTA.
Items have been renamed and descriptions are similar to FFTA. I've created new hats/helmets/clothes/armor/robes/accessories, but weapons remain more or less the same.
Some weapons now have elemental attributes and/or status effects.
Mantles are gone. I never understood how someone dodges an attack when facing the wrong way. Made no sense, they're just broken.
All units have Weapon Guard/Parry innate (and Knight lost this).
Job levels and unlocks reflect War of the Lions.
Abilities' cost reflect War of the Lions.
Some job will replace Calculator, ideas are welcome.
Monsters (huge Work in Progress) will be...better...uhhhmmm yeah gimme time with them...
ENTD will be reshaped to my events obviously. Right now everything will remain vanilla for testing purposes. Maybe I'll release the updated vanilla patch thingie here as a separate mod for testing.
Poach items may change, I'm lazy right now and not changing them atm (WiP)

Abilities and Skillsets
I've pretty much renamed all the abilities as I saw fit to the newer names, Fire 2 -> Fira.
Since all job levels now reflect the War of the Lions ones, abilities cost more JP.
White Magic (WiP) is going to outshine Item once I'm done with it. Mainly the White Magic healing spells will be much quicker, more powerful and have nice AoE.
Black Magic (WiP) is going to be slightly nerfed. Magic spells will see in general a decrease in power, due to element stacking (Fire Rod+Fire+Magic AttackUp).
Summon magic (WiP) is going to be nerfed greatly. Summons will have higher charge times, MP cost will remain the same, the AoE will be smaller for the bigger ones like Bahamut, strength of the spells will be reduced on the powerful ones, and I will make Cyclops wind elemental, Zodiac holy elemental and Lich dark elemental (and yes this will serve a purpose I hope). Odin will have instant KO with Zantetsuken but extremely low hit %, and Bahamut will serve as the most powerful, non-elemental. You can never go wrong with Bahamut!
Obviously all the broken abilities are gone. You know them already.
Other abilities are all a work in progress at the moment.

Too lazy to list the changes now. Weapons mostly weakened/elementalized/statusified, and brand new head gear, armor and accessories. Mantles are gone. Large work in progress.

Jobs now cost WotL costs to unlock and also levels.
Calculator is gone.
Special jobs will be rebalanced to how I see fit.
The slowest a job will be is 100/100 in Patcher.
The fastest a job will be is like the vanilla Ninja/Mime possibly.
I'm thinking of cutting out some "broken" jobs altogether that wouldn't serve a purpose in my mod: Ninja, Bard, Dancer, Samurai, Geomancer, Mime and add new ones, maybe from other FF games. Hmm, maybe not Geomancer, they're kinda unique.
Orlandu gets bitch slapped. Reis will be more human than monster.

Made ya look! Work in progress.
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Totally new here, and I have been thinking about how great it would be to see some of the favorites from the big FF releases over the years make their way into an FFT style game for years. Vincent and Tifa circa FF7, Tidus and Yuna FFX, and a number of characters from FFIV so when I stumbled onto this a few weeks ago after seeing a JOT5 video on youtube I immediately wanted to look into if people have do work around any of these titles. Your Idea here intrigues me but it seems to have gone dark for several years... Is this still in the works? A prequel to FFIV would be awesome, what you have here is the events at the very beginning of the game. Which means that if you have the ambition to do so it could go back even further and develop the Dragoons with Kain, The Village of Mist and the Summoners. The exploits of the Dwarves, and the events that lead to the crystals being split among the cities in the first place could all be imagined and put into a great format. If you are still working on the project please let me know, if not I'd be willing to help reignite the torch.




Go ahead and work on it. Jon is gone.
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