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WotL Slowdown Removal Patch

Started by endrift, February 22, 2012, 02:21:59 pm


OK, I just created this account on this forum.

Main reason is to say to the OP, THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this patch for one of my favorite PSP games ever.

I mean, I didn't even know the slowdown when attacking/casting was a bug until I found out about this fine piece of stuff.

Again, more power!!  :mrgreen:


Hi, I've recently bought a PS Vita and downloaded FFT: WotL and I'm suffering from major slowdown whenever a character uses a spell, an item... Even during some of the attacks. I believe this patch is meant to correct these problems, but I'm such a noob I have no idea how to implement it on my PS Vita. Could someone please explain it to me? I'm dying to know. Thanks in advance.


Archaemic you're just amazing bro ! The Patch work great, but i got some issue, i got a little lag on the world map and my screen is not in full aspect !

But again, you have doing an amazing job with this patch, thanks again !!


So obviously this one requires the jailbroken software, has anyone ever made one that doesn't? I know that's probably not even possible, I just find it ridiculous that you need to jail break a PSP just to get the system to not have lag.


 :cry: I have the plugin available, but it won't work at all. I still get the slowness and I'm on Ch.3 so I'm not playing my PSN download of FFT. I also have WoTL on PSN.
Basically, I can look in my plugins and see this active, but it doesn't work right. I use Inferno Drive and IDK about ISO if that matters at all. I do have all my plugins set to yes. Help me please.


Never mind, I got it working. The difference is amazing  :D :)


can you patch the european spanish version of the game? multi-5 language, can you pls???? the problem is still over there, i want the same solution than you made in the english one but applied to the spanish one


Can you do it for the spanish version of this same game? multi region, european one, but this is not find in spanish, fix (slowdown, stretch fix) is still needed over there, pls, i hope u can do it, seeing that you are a clever guy, I guess you will be able to do it for that one. Thx anyway!

Warm regards,
Facundo Quiroga.


when i was patch.. can i load save file data (i have data before patch) ?
Playing Final Fantasy Tactics WotL


yes you can (i've already tested it) but next time you should try patch it beforehand and try loading it yourself. (backup your ISO first) then if you have any question you can post it on help section..


Hi, I'm having trouble getting the speedfix to work. I'm running 6.60 Pro-C2. I've been trying for the last hour and a half, verifying and re-verifying that I've correctly followed the steps. I finally noticed that, for some reason, GAME.TXT keeps getting wiped. I'll add the "ms0:/livepatch/livepatch.prx 1" line, save it, turn off usb mode, turn it back on, and all that will be in GAMES.TXT will be " 1". I'm pretty sure this is the problem, but cannot get it to stop this behavior. Does anybody have any advice?

Thanks in advance guys, and good work on the patch, wether I get it to work or not.


Hi, I created an account just for this too. I have a psp1000 with procfw C2. It's not working for me, could anyone give me some guidance?


Someguy, since we're using the same CFW, could you check to see if your GAME.txt file is also getting blanked out? If so, that  would at least indicate that we have the same problem. I'm using a 2000 model, by the way.


Update, I got it working. Somehow I fell afoul of the "GAME.txt.txt" problem, though I checked and rechecked.  I must assume windows was borking it automatically.


Is there any way to modify the unstretch? The ratio is fine but I notice that it doesn't use the full height of the screen (on a 3001, at least), leaving a small margin on top and bottom.


That's the whole point of unstretching the image - to draw at 1:1 ratio, no ugly blurry interpolated scaling. You cannot get it at full height without compromising the image, and the patch exists to not compromise the image. Just don't use the patch, and you'll get the desired result.

1:1 pixel ratio of this game distorts the perspective, drawing everything too narrow than intended to be viewed. It was intended to be drawn at a very non-standard resolution for performance purposes and be ratio corrected by the mystical technology of CRT televisions. It was never designed to run on a linear display like LCD. To play on PSP, you have to sacrifice either proper ratio for clean pixel display, or clean pixel display for proper ratio. Sacrificing both is like saying, "I really love this high definition remaster, but could you re-encode for Game Boy Advance Video?"
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Sanger Zonvolt

I made an account here just to thank you for this patch personally. FFT is one of my favorite games ever and WoTL was unplayable to me due to the slowdown so I always just went back to PSX, and I'm so very happy that you have fixed the problem and allowed me to be able to enjoy it.

So thank you once again Archaemic.


Guys! I recently purchased my first PSP (I know, I'm kinda late but right now games are dirt cheap) and my first buy was FFT. I was not aware of the slowdown issues and quite honestly I was kind of disappointed when i first saw it. After entering "Final fantasy tactics psp slowdown" on Google, one of the first results pointed me to (thank god) this website and to this fantastic patch.

I decided to register just to thank Archaemic and everyone in general who put time and effort into this patch, website and thread! I'm enjoying this game immensely after playing it for the first time around 13 or 14 years ago.



Is there a way to patch the files on the iso instead? I'd rather not rely on custom firmware plugins.

Edit: Found what I was looking for on previous page: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=9208.0


I've got a psp-3000
running CFW 6.60 pro-c2  and I cant get this patch to work. All the files are in the right place. any ideas?