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FFT Patcher Animations Tab

Started by drbretto, January 23, 2012, 01:19:52 pm


Whatup FFHacktics.

I've got a few questions regarding the animations tab on the FFT patcher. I can see that it's where you can change the behavior of the animations for each given ability, and I can see that most of the time if you want something to behave similarly to another ability, you can just copy the checkmark pattern from the other ability, but does anyone have a nice little listing of what each checkmark actually does? Or even some of them?

Basically, what I'm trying to do right now is create an ability that is auto-targeted around the caster like a draw-out. But even when copying the checkmarks, it ends up centering the cast around one of the secondary targets. I tried using the checkmarks from some other similar abilities and I get the same thing. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Ok, nevermind the ability because I found a spell effect that looks better and works right to boot. But if anyone has any insight into the animation tab in general, that would be much appreciated.


You don't want to use the Checkboxes.  Why Melonhead even has those there, I have no fucking idea.  They refer to the two bytes used by animations in binary.  (Checked = 1, Unchecked = 0.)  The short is, don't bother, use the three Hex Bytes at the end instead.

The first byte is the initializing animation, and the animation the Sprite holds if the skill requires the unit to go into Charging or Performing statuses.  The second byte is the pose the Sprite actually uses when Casting the skill, such as the raised hands for Thunder Soul, the one raised hand for Yell, etc.  This second byte refers to the table used by the 11 UnitAnim Event Command.  Note that the lists used by MON Sprites, Flying MON Sprites, CYOKO Sprites, etc. all differ from each other, but since I'm assuming this is for a Human skill, I'll give you that list.  If you need the lists for a non-Human sprite, you can look at this post by Elric42 for the SEQ Lists and videos of each animation.  The third byte refers to the popup messages some messages display, such as "Must live as a vampire!", which you can edit the contents of through FFTacText.

Flagging-wise, for such a skill, you want Auto-Target, Target Self, and if applicable, Hit Caster all checked on your skill.

Animation-wise, you'll need to choose an animation that works with what you're doing.  You can't, for example, make an AoE Holy Spell that hits the caster but damages all surrounding enemies, as the animation isn't coded that way.  I can tell you if the chosen animation you want to use is a problem if you can tell me what it is.  If it's one that's not normally used in such an animation, such as a Draw Out skill, Spin Fist, Leaf Dance, etc., it likely won't do what you want regardless, because the way the animation itself displays is coded to the chosen animation, not to the byte settings of the skill.  To see the behavior of each animation when told to target an infinite-area around the caster, you can check out this Effect Video Compilation thread by R999 from a while back.

Byte value lists for the first two bytes in the Animations Tab:

00   Crouch Charging
01   Spell Charging
02   Summon Charging (bubble effect at end)
03   Spell Charging
04   Crouch Charging
05   Spell Charging
06   Crouch Charging
07   Crouch Charging
08   Crouch Charging
09   Spell Charging
0A   Crouch Charging
0B   Spell Charging
0C   Crouch Charging
0D   Sing Charging
0E   Dance Charging
0F   Spell Charging
10   Spell Charging
11   Kneeling
12   Crouch Charging
13   Crouch Charging
14   Spell Cast (game freezes upon animation 2)
15   Walk (normal speed) (game freezes upon animation 2)
16   Walk (haste speed) (game freezes upon animation 2)
17   Spinning Clockwise (game hangs upon animation 2)
18   Kneeling(poison trap, the actual graphical effect of the poison rising appears wherever the skill was targeted)(game hangs upon animation 2)
19   Walk (haste speed) (game hangs upon animation 2)
1A   Defending (game hangs on animation 2)
1B   Dodge (game hangs upon animation 2)
1C   Walk (haste speed) (game hangs upon animation 2)
1D   Struck Animation (game hangs upon animation 2)
1E   Unconcious (game freezes upon animation 2)
1F   Walk (haste speed) (game freezes upon animation 2)
20   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
21   Similar to 2nd part of speechcraft but it looks like he's reading from a book. (No visible book)(game hangs upon animation 2)
22   Spell Cast with Poison needle trap effect (game hangs on animation 2)
23   Dance Charging switches to cast animation though if your turn comes up again before the spell/attack resolves (game freezes upon animation 2)
24   Raises arm like charging spell but then the animation keeps looping (game freezes upon animation 2)
25   Spell Cast (game freezes upon animation 2)
26   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
27   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
28   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
29   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
2A   Freezes in place in whatever part of the walk animation they were in (game hangs upon animation 2)
2B   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
2C   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
2D   Standing (game hangs upon animation 2)
2E   Spell Cast (game hangs upon animation 2)
2F   Spell Cast (loop)
30   Standing

SEQ Frame List:
(Video of SEQ frames by Elric42 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuy1yEL_Nhk)
x00: Vanish
x01: Standing
x02: Standing
x03: Walk
x04: Walk Fast
x05: Walk Slow
x06: Walking Frame (Standing)
x07: Walking Frame (Standing)
x08: Walking Frame (Standing)
x09: Float
x0A: Float Fast
x0B: Float Slow
x0C: Walk Fast
x0D: Run
x0E: Walk
x0F: Walking Frame (Standing)
x10: Walking Frame (Standing)   
x11: Walking Frame (Standing)
x12: Walk Fast
x13: Run
x14: Walk
x15: Counter-Clockwise Spinning
x16: Critical/Bow
x17: Defend
x18: Dodge
x19: In Pain (Loop)
x1A: Dead
x1B: Raise Hands/Jump (Frame Only)
x1C: Level Up (Loop)
x1D: Job Level Up (Loop)
x1E: Jump Animation (For use with SpriteMove)
x1F: Flying?
x20: Pickup (Stone, Not Treasure)
x21: Charge   
x22: Charge   
x23: Walking Frame (Right Foot Out)
x24: Bow/Critical
x25: Confusion
x26: Walking Frame (Standing)
x27: Walking Frame (Standing)
x28: Sing
x29: Dance
x2A: Charge Spell
x2B: Chant Spell
x2C: Found Item
x2D: Walking Frame (Standing)
x2E: Walking Frame (Standing)
x2F: Walking Frame (Standing)
x30: Walking Frame (Left Foot Out)
x31: Walking Frame (Right Foot Out)
x32: Vanish
x33: Found Item (Hands Stay up)
x34: Character Death (EasyVent says Horizontal Jump?, not sure why this is)
x35: Bow then Stand
x36: Bow
x37: Struck + Dodge
x38: Struck + Dodge
x39: Raise Hands (Sticks)
x3A: Walking Frame (Standing)
x3B: Vanish
x3C: Teleport From & Teleport To
x3D: Attack High
x3E: Attack Middle
x3F: Attack Low
x40: Attack High (With Temp Weapon)
x41: Attack Middle (With Temp Weapon)
x42: Attack Low (With Temp Weapon)
x43: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x44: Throwing Frame 1?
x45: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x46: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x47: Throwing Frame 2?
x48: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x49: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x4A: Throwing Frame 3
x4B: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x4C: Throw (No Temp Weapon) (Throw Stone?)
x4D: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x4E: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x4F: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x50: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x51: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
x52: Spear?
x53: Bow
x54: Crossbow?
x55: Gun
x56: Book Strike
x57: Harp
x58: Upper Weapon Guard
x59: Middle Weapon Guard
x5A: Lower Weapon Guard
x5B: Cast With Sword?
x5C: Cast With Sword?
x5D: Cast With Sword?
x5E: In Shock, Step Back?
x5F: In Shock, Step Back?
x60: In Shock, Step Back?
x61: Draw Weapon Back
x62: Draw Weapon Back
x63: Draw Weapon Back
x64: Flip Switch On Ground
x65: Raise Hands (Sticks until next Animation)
x66: Raise 1 Hand, Cast
x67: Spin Fist
x68: Quad Strike
x69: Cast Revive?
x6A: Push out both hands
x6B: Book Strike or Talk Skill?
x6C: Talk Fast (less than 1 second)
x6D: Slowly Bow
x6E: Normal attack w/ Temp Weapon
x6F: Pause during Dance
x70: Spin, Dance Fast then Pause (Casting Dance)
x71: Steal
x72: Steal Heart
x73: Draw Out (uses Temp weapon in Event)
x74: Level Up freeze, slightly in air
x75:  Jump (Lancer Jump)
x76: Land Jump (may need to have used Unitanim 75 first)
x77: High Throw? (Buggy uses Temp Weapon)
x78: Mid Throw? (Buggy uses Temp Weapon)
x79: Low Throw? (Buggy uses Temp Weapon)
x7A: Walking Frame (Standing)
x7B: Walking Frame (Standing)
x7C: Walking Frame (Standing)
x7D: Gobin Punch (Spin then Punch)


Awesome, awesome post. Thank you! I will bookmark this thread as a reference.

I ended up just using the masamune effect and with the animation values all messed up from experimentation, it actually ended up looking like a unique ability, so I lucked into that. I do have the proper check boxes on the ability tab though. The spell functions properly.

Thanks again!