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July 15, 2020, 07:57:43 am


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Re: ALL THE THINGS (ATT: A D&D RPG) - Let's get ready to rumble!

Started by Celdia, November 01, 2011, 06:21:40 am


   "Say... why aren'cha wearin' a bowtie?" Yvonne asks the Doctor as he nears. "Bowties are cool."
Hurry down the chimney tonight.


"Did he just shout..in goblin? She asked, completely perplexed by the entire ordeal, "What the hell is going on?


          The Doctor looks up at the sprite thoughtfully. "That's not be a bad idea! I like your style!" He holds up the handful of powder to her, no small amount still in his palm. "K-k-k-k-can you handle it?"

Turn 2 Resolution

          Seeing his baiting take hold, Señor Coca dances back to the center of the ring and awaits the raging barbarian with a wide grin on his face. As Hogarth approaches she swings wildly with a maniacal fervor, but de Coca sees the greatly telegraphed attack and swiftly steps to the side, giving the elf a heavy shove to her back and sending her careening past. "Toro! Toro!" de Coca taunts, gesturing for Hogarth to charge him again while she regains her balance and turns to face him again.
          "Wow, what an amazing dodge by Señor Coca!" The Doctor cries out with unbridled exuberance. "And he's still baiting her to come at him again! Does he know no shame?! Our challenger certainly seems eager to show what she can do and now that she's in the ring, the real match can begin!" Taking the audio cue, de Coca gestures with one hand and barks out some arcane syllables. Moments later, ropes appear around the edges of the ring, along with wooden posts in the corners supporting them.

Objective: Defeat El Luchedor de Coca!
Bonus Objectives:
- Defeat Señor Coca in unarmed combat.
- Defeat Señor Coca alone.
Weather: Just past sunset, clear skies, moonlight.
Terrain: Plain earth.

Lighting Notes: Shaded areas are shadowy illumination under the moonlight. Only characters with Low-Light Vision can see clearly in those areas. As always, Darkvision allows monochrome vision in any light levels.

Posting for this Turn ends in about 48 hours, (Saturday, Feb. 18th, 5amEST) or whenever everyone has posted, of course.

Since everyone seems to be standing down from battle, I will count Qwerinty's posts as "everyone has posted" for this battle pane unless there are objections. Also, by player agreement, Nathalie will be on auto-pilot for the foreseeable future.

HP: 67/67
Defense: 17
Movement: 8
Endurance: 9
Reflex Speed: 4
Magic Resistance: 4
Melee Skill: 41
Ranged Skill: 24
Magic Skill: -130


   Yvonne is about to comment further on her friend's actions on the small rise when The Doctor offers her some strange white powder, the likes of which she has never seen. It is not fine enough to be flour, and though its crystalline form resembles sugar, she is certain it is not.
   Moments earlier, the man had inhaled some of the powder through his nose. A strange method of ingestion, sure, but whatever.
   The fire lirai floats down and mimics the method she had just witnessed. "Wha' is this stuff?" she asks as an unfamiliar flavor dominates her senses of taste and smell.
Hurry down the chimney tonight.


Xun does his best to tune out the combat spectacle dominating the clearing, keeping his senses peeled for anything that might be trying to move in during the distraction as he makes tea and helps with dinner.


Snarling like a beast at the dodge, Hogarth turns around and readies herself for and puts herself into a "prepare to grapple" stance. The barbarian might be stupid, and she might be near frenzy in her rage, but if there's one thing Hogarth knows (and, really, she only knows one thing in that pea sized brain), it's how to fight. She circles her opponent, doing a few snaps with her teeth to scare him into an opening, and SLOWLY moves in to attack.

Action 1: Circle opponent.
Actions 2-4: Attack. If Coca approaches, strike him horizontally to prevent blowing past him. Take any and all hits Coca throws at Hogarth, ignoring them so she can go in for an attack.
I hope the junkyard a few blocks from here someday burns down, and I hope the rising black smoke carries me far away and I never come back to this town again.


well, that ended abruptly. halfway through a turn, what happened?