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EasyVent Editor Super Perfect v1.91 BugFix [King Needed a Band-Aid.]

Started by RavenOfRazgriz, September 05, 2011, 07:57:43 pm


I already found a tutorial for how to do something similar, Cheetah.  I'm gonna wait a day or two before I begin working on stuff besides bugfixes because I'd like to actually /make/ an event with this, but 1.7 will probably feature green comments, map tool toggle, and a couple other things.  I'm also going to try and research some stuff to build Xifanie's error messaging into EasyVent, since right now EasyVent will say your compile was successful even if your event itself had errors that Event Compiler spit back at you, and if this happens during MultiCompiling, stuff breaks.  It's something I should've done ages ago but had no clue how to do.  I've got a lead on how to do it, though, so at least something will be done for EasyVent Editor Super Perfect v1.7.

If anything else is missing from this or might be a nice addition, now's a good time to let me know so I can put it in my to-do list for either 1.7 or 1.8, pending complexity.


How about grabbing events directly from/patching to an iso? Like tactext, the fftpatcher, and shishis?
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Quote from: RandMuadDib on September 12, 2011, 08:24:29 pm
How about grabbing events directly from/patching to an iso? Like tactext, the fftpatcher, and shishis?

There's a lot of reasons this won't be happening, at least for a very long time.  I'd essentially need to re-code Xifanie's Event Compiler and Event Decompiler in VisualBasic (doable but time consuming as all shit and requiring huge amounts of logistics), then need to figure out how to access an ISO file through Visual Basic and write to/from it.   Considering I've only been coding in VB.NET for the span of ten days and have been working on this almost non-stop already for the span of 10 days, yeah...

That's going to be the very very very very very very last thing I add, if I do it at all.


Lol fair enough. You asked for suggestions and that was the first thing that came to mind :D
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Make a program that allows you do the custom movement sprites? (etc wiegraf stabbing gustav)



Please upload EasyVent Editor Super Perfect v1.5 another megaupload  because my country blocked page , please upload to mediafire :(
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I don't know what you need with v1.5 specifically when we've moved up to v1.61, but here you go.

I also tossed up the most recent version too in case that's what you really wanted.  When I update to v1.7 I'll upload every version to mediafire mirror properly.


EasyVent Editor Super Perfect v1.7 Released!  (MediaFire Mirror)

All previous version downloads were also given MediaFire Mirrors for people who encounter issues like MasterGrand had.

Not much happening this update, sadly.  Well, at least compared to insane shit like CTRL+F, etc.  I did add a few important things, though.

-> You can now hide the map section.  Use CTRL+M to focus on the Maps when not on it, when you have focus on it, CTRL+M allows you to toggle it away and back again.  Double clicking the map image will also hide it.
-> The Multi-Compiler now accepts all the different naming formats you can Save in.  It won't accept custom names still, such as "Event 00004000 Go Go Power Rangers!", but all the different formats like Event 00004000, 00004000, EVT_002_002, x002, 0x002, 002, etc. can all be multi-compiled from.  If I can think of a means of doing it while retaining the names themselves, I obviously will, but this is as close as I can get it for now.
-> I tried to get comments highlighted in green, but all my attempts failed horribly.  I think this might be beyond what VB.NET can do with its text boxes, of all things, based on all my research.
-> Compiling and Multi-Compiling now have native error messages for when it encounters bad events, so that Multi-Compiling bad events will no longer spit an unhandled exception at you and Compiling them won't shit contradicting messages at you.  I'm trying to just pull the error text from Xifanie's Event Compiler itself onto my window because it tells the exact line and nature of the error, but I haven't had any luck yet.  I almost dislike having this part of the update included because it means you don't get to see Xifanie's more detailed error reports, but excluding it would leave the Multi-Compiler horribly bugged when it encountered bad events and still have contradicting popups appear.  I'll see what I can do to improve upon this and pull the text directly from her error window for the next update, though.  I can pull some things from her error windows, close them, etc., I just haven't found the exact method for pulling her error text and adding it to one of my own windows yet.  It should be doable, though.
-> Minor, but once you've selected a command in the Command Index, pressing Enter will auto-insert the command to your editing window.  I was getting annoyed at constantly needing to open the dropdown twice personally, and I imagine I wasn't the only one, so enjoy.

I also cleaned up a bunch of minor errors I never noticed while BugFixing v1.6 like the Unknown Command insert having a minor bit of faulty code referring to my "fix" to cursor focusing in the editing window once a command is inserted.

I feel like I'm getting to the point where the few things I have left that I'd like this program to do are either far beyond my skill level or outright impossible in VB.NET.  I don't know about anyone else, but that makes me glad inside.


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Quote from: Pickle Girl Fanboy on September 14, 2011, 02:19:41 pm
If you ever run out of things to do, take a look at the Event Scripting System and the Battle Scripting System in SaGa Frontier sometime.

^Zaraktheus is the guy who knows about it.

I've actually never played SaGa Frontier before.  As for looking into the scripting, EasyVent Editor Super Perfect is honestly mostly just a file manager that's been beefed up to 9001 and had all the Help instances inserted directly into it.  The actual Compiling and Decompiling is done with the existing Decompiler and Compiler, just automated in insane ways no human could ever do (or at least, ever do easily enough to make it worth it) to simulate having tons of features.  I'm not the one you want to have discovering things, but rather the one you want linking everything that's already done together with tools and such.

If I have time I'm not devoting to FFT modding, I'll take a look anyway, but I can't promise I will nor that I'll be able to do much with it.

Quote from: RandMuadDib on September 14, 2011, 04:04:20 pm
Play duke nukem. You'll think of some more.

Blow it out your ass!


Bah, I'd fucked up a bunch of links when doing the MediaFire stuff.


EDIT:  There's a problem with the error messages, they seem to pop up a lot of times that they shouldn't.  I'll need to see what I can do in regards to fixing it either before I go to bed in 4 hours or when I wake up.  Until then, you may want to stick using to v1.61 since Xifanie's Event Compiler/Decompiler will still properly inform you of errors in that version even if my own popups will contradict them.


Man you are on fire. the amount of updates on this is staggering


Quote from: GeneralStrife on September 15, 2011, 03:58:48 pm
Man you are on fire. the amount of updates on this is staggering

I agree. This is really awesome stuff, Raven. Event editing is getting closer and closer to being able to be done by simpletons such as myself. :)

Out of curiosity, would it be realistic to include a preview of the event itself (so that you can see the event before you patch the instructions onto an iso)? Or would that be rediculously time consuming?
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Like I said, GeneralStrife, I hate having half-functional projects lying around, especially if they're mine.  It's been time-consuming, but I want to get this thing to a point where I can mostly stop updating it entirely, and sooner rather than later.

I can't say Event Editing was ever "hard", Durbs.  The main issue (imo) has always been that getting the help files you need has always been a huge issue spanning tons of windows, and the help files themselves were often vague and sometimes inaccurate.  That's what I've been focusing on correcting with EasyVent Editor Super Perfect, and as can be demonstrated with even Celdia's Class Patch and EasyVent Editor Super Perfect v1.0, even the most basic forms of that objective are pretty damn effective.  I think the other thing we need is a great tutorial.  Kokojo's is good for starting, but it only helps so much.  I remember having trouble myself using it for a while.  Once you dig your face into it for a bit and experiment with simple changes, it becomes much easier to understand what's going on, though.

As for your suggestion, that'd basically mean coding a cutscene-only version of FFT that can properly read Sprite, EVTCHR, Effect, and Map files and coding my own Compiler/Decompiler for the previewing, etc.  Long story short, this is as unrealistic as it gets, sadly, especially considering the number of commands with an unknown purpose.  Once you have the right setup going, previewing an Event can be done within a minute or two through your emulator of choice

I'll go into a quick means of testing events later, though, maybe as part of my own Event tutorial, I dunno.  It's honestly really obvious but it's the kind of obvious most people may not think of.


If someone did a nice little video with easyvent showing  how easy it works, that would be perfect.


Quote from: Celdia on September 07, 2011, 04:49:31 pm
Here's a more detailed piece of work done with only the v1.0 of EVESP. This is the new event where you collect Cyan in CCP.

That was a really well done event, Celdia. How did you manage that upward look the monk made towards Cyan? That animation was well made.

As for the work you've done, Raven, thanks so much. This will make event editing so much faster, easier, and less complicated for when I get back to it in a couple weeks or so. The work is very much appreciated.