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[OLD] Story Discussion

Started by Xifanie, June 23, 2011, 09:56:47 am


June 23, 2011, 09:56:47 am Last Edit: January 11, 2015, 10:37:32 am by Xifanie
This topic is very important; it's the base of the patch. I wish to decide a lot of the storyline before actually getting to work; and getting everything double checked so that everyone tends to agree and that it matches the original storyline!

Remember my original ideas are in there in green: http://zodiac.ffhacktics.com/delita/timeline.php
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June 23, 2011, 07:20:49 pm #1 Last Edit: June 23, 2011, 07:25:24 pm by philsov

From the top:
- Delita dragging the charred corpse of his now dead sister halfway across the continent is a bit creepy.  Mind, there needs to be some way to land Delita in the vicinity of Elmdor, which is something I do approve of, but I don't think this is the best method.  Certainly include a scene of him finding the charred corpse and burying her, but it ought to be within the vicinity of Zeakden.  Disgust of the Hokuten is enough to make him leave the country by itself, imo.

- It doesn't strike me as characteristic of Elmdor to just have a pint at the pub.  Perhaps (although clich├ęd), Delita is working odd jobs via the bar to make a living, and Elmdor is actually the poster of a bill?  Then Delita will have an audience with Elmdor for either further briefing/info (think FF12) or as a thanks after performing the task so well and admireably?  THEN the plan gets revealed with a test or two more.  Progression to Murond Holy Place is logical.  Perhaps Delita starts off with simple messenger duty?

- Joining, playing, and betraying either/both the Black Sheeps and Ryomoko is certainly within Delita's playbook.  However, I'm not a fan of Evelyn Geneieve as a plot character after this exchange.  If you want to make her into something Agrias-like, once she joins up she should shut up.  Hand over the plans, enter the squad, and then be a mime lest she be forced into many subsequent battles (guest or otherwise) immortal-flagged.

Past that, there's a lot of filler stuff and fights to be inserted, somewhat in parallel to Ramza's happenings, with a lot of potential interactions with Izlude "Now cooperate with us!", Rofel/Kletain/shrine knights (and introducing Weigraf should be fun :D), including gathering a few holy stones to be later distributed to the Shrine Knights.  Perhaps Delita can eschew the gift of one, but it might be too early for that, character wise.

Delita ultimately betrays the Shrine Knights when Olan makes a scene at Zeltennia, yes?  From then onward there's a lot of dead space since most of the shrine knights are moving forward with the Ajora thing which removes them and Ramza from the picture, while Balmafula/Olan will be background ornaments if not less at that point.  Perhaps Olan will raise a small army as a hail-mary-that-obviously-fails, but with Ovelia still becoming Queen and thus Delita the king, but it just feels rather anticlimactic if Olan's ragtag group is somehow the final boss in the game.  Building up to some sort of climax, battle wise, will be difficult imo.
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Hello i would like to take this topic back to life.

And i really wish Xifanie to come back as it seems she is kinda busy, or she left?

Aniway... as a Delita Fan i would say that you did a good job filling the Delita part.

If i may say, i think Delita is THE lonely knight so when you're going to put on the story parties and allies, you should always do in the way that Delita get not emotional with his new "frieds" "Allies" couse as i see things Delita from the point in which Teta dies, he become a person that trust no one other then himself, cause he felt betrayed even by ramza, who did more or less nothing to save Teta.
Story talking i think you could add anithing you want, but i would say Delita got absolutely nothing to do with the holt stone , cause the stone choose they're owner based on how black they're soul are, and Delita is not evil at all, he just uses people to reach his goal, and all the people he knew used him for theyr benefits.

I think things could have been this way.

After the start of the Explosions in fort Zaekden Teta regain consciusness before her last breath, and cover Delita with her body to save him from the explosions, (there are no more fight in zaekden after that so i would say Delita Bury her directly there and plant a sword in the ground as a grave stone with a crown of flower over it, And maybe do some event in which Delita come back there to talk with his sister)

Then he leave looking for a place where to live, cause he has nothing as now so there could be battle of him meeting random thief and criminals of war, and having people helping him (people that will be his starting party) and those people will take care of Delita for a bit of time.

Then Delita needs to find a job to live and he start as a mercenary (like Ramza does with Gaffgarion) and it could be cool to make Delita do some mercenary mission , and in those mission he meets one of the shrine knights, that wipe out all his party, except him.
Then the shrine knight (you can decide who) tell Delita that he could spare his life if he started to work for them.

Then Delita decide to join the shrine knights, in the shadow , as a special shrine knight agent.

From here on you can mix this with what you wrote i think it would fit pretty much.

In my opinion Delita is working for the shire knights way before becoming a black sheep knight, couse he looks like he knows a lot when he speak with Ramza.

I don't get why Delita should be approached by Elmdor, since Elmdor is not part of the shire knights at that time, i think he become one when he die in a battle (his description says it in the game , that he died on the battlefield) then maybe as wiegraf did , to avoid death he summoned lucavi using the stone that the Shrine Knights gave him.

I think it makes more sense if he got to know Elmdor later as a part of the S. Knights

Delita becoming Holy knight could be as well part of the Shrine Knights plot, to put a spy in the church using them, Delita act as a he help the church doing mission toghether with Balmafula, then  he can be rewarded as holy knight after completing different tasks.

I can actually see Delita going to the church asking to work for them couse he have no one left and he only believe in God cause he's the only thing he got (off course another lie as all the other he tell to deceive from the first to the last people he meet lol)

Sorry if i've been a bit confusing but i learned English playing games so this is the best i can do^^

Xifanie if you need something ever for help, don't esitate to send me private message or reply my post!