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Importing Custom Formation Sprites and Portraits [Warning! Image Heavy Post!]

Started by Celdia, February 11, 2011, 01:02:40 am


Quote from: Celdia on April 06, 2018, 08:30:25 am
Even though its apparently wickedly out of date, I fixed the first post anyways. Thanks, Darth, for rehosting those images. Made super quick work of it.

I realize that if I ever decided to work on a new project, I'd have to relearn how to do everything from scratch again with all the updates in the past years. :D

Of course. :D
I may have to review how to do this again myself, its been too long since I've tried to make custom sprites.

Quote from: dgcool on October 01, 2018, 06:32:11 pm
I hope someone can still help with this (PSP version): I just went through the whole process of changing sprites with ShiShi and then doing the fftpack (FFTEVGRP+CDMAGE) pack/repacking. Now I see all the correct sprites in combat AND in the unit selection screen but NOT in the formation/character overview area. Any ideas? Thank you!!

Its been a while, but it sounds like you didn't do the UNIT.bin WRLDFCE.bin stuff in order to have the new sprite show up in the formation and battle screen menus.  Did you follow the tutorial on the first page, it should still work - I just went through and did it with Meliadoul no problem.
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Pedro Henrike

Does CDmage only open the FFT PSX? Because I try to open WotL to get the folder "Events" but the following error appears: File Length does not match sector boundary. (And I've tried opening it anyway in CDmage ...

I noticed that in FFTEVGRP does not have all the sprites, as in Shishi, this means that if we change some character in the story and recrute him in the future, when we enter the formation, he is with the image of Ramza, and only becomes normal Sprite that we put) during the battle ... What to do about these?
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We need to make one thing clear: Which version are you modding?

- You say PSP
- Your profile says PSX
- You create topics both in the PSX (even today) and WotL sections
- You try to use a lot of tools that are only meant for the PSX version

Not to mention that this tutorial is pretty useless now since you can just use Shishi to directly edit the UNIT.BIN and WLDFACE.BIN files. This should be possible for WotL as well... though I forgot if someone managed to change the links between spritesheets and UNIT.BIN or not for WotL. Safest bet is to use a spritesheet that is linked to an unused UNIT.BIN slot (like one of the few unused priests) and use that spritesheet slot for your unit. Though I have to say I can't recall which spritesheets are associated to those, sorry.
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Anything is possible as long as it is within the hardware's limits. (ie. disc space, RAM, Video RAM, processor, etc.)
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It is so hard for me becase my english is not good. I dont unserstand at all. I really want sephiroth, shadow, beatrix, tifa
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