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[Esper Sprite] Mateus, The Corrupt

Started by Smash, July 13, 2010, 09:16:29 pm


Can we not continue with other parts of the project somehow?
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!


Either way, I (Meaning anything related to my life, especially IRL) am on hold. Architorture is fuckingly fucking draining all of my free time.

First day of design class was today, and im already sacrificing my weekend. And Friday with it. (no class on Friday normally, but the free day is like un-existant when you'll be spending it making maquettes and shit)



Man I am sorry for you, I am only startin High School, so no big problems, but damn, I wanna go to college too, architecture actually. I just hope it won't be a pain in the ass :(
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Can't help but say it WILL be a pain in the ass, no matter how you look at it.

It's good points are enough to make it worthwhile though. I just complain alot each time it counters my lazyness.