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December 03, 2020, 02:39:18 pm


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FFT Arena: Balance Discussion Thread

Started by FFMaster, July 13, 2010, 07:56:57 pm


Quote from: Barren on February 26, 2016, 04:06:48 pm
Not sure if everyone will be in favor for Auto Reflect. I had a similar suggestion with having auto reflect ready and not many people were thrilled about it because there's not many people that would use raise + reflect because it can backfire.

But then again, you can still resurrection with fairy and items. Plus reflect shenanigans are often times a example of AI brilliance when they bounce spells off of units. My idea at the time was change the Crystal Shield to a Mirror shield where it offers High P-EV and no M=EV but has Always Reflect. Hopefully now some people will be on board with that

More than happy with that kind of suggestion. Would give Cursed Ring units the capacity to have high Faith without as much risk of being Raise 2'd, and would encourage more Water use and other Reflect-Piercing spells and the like.

Or maybe a reflect bounce off of their own team onto the reflected unit to get around that? Dunno if the AI realizes it can do that.
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It depends on the position between the reflector and the target. Usually the AI is awesome at using reflect to hit their targets. Reflect based teams relies on positioning A LOT. So you just have to be lucky I suppose if you want a double stop or a double Demi 2
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I am comfortable with adding Always: Reflect to more equipment, as well as adding Reflect and Faith reaction abilities.  People who cover high Faith with Always: Reflect instead of high M-EV will get burned by Black Magic Water/Flare and Summon Magic.

Concerning resurrection with Reflect, I wonder if we can add another high-cost raise ability that pierces Reflect.  Currently, all raise options outside of White Magic are generally miserable.  If we could add a raise ability that resurrects a fallen ally with 50%+ HP, but at the cost of high MP/CT, and if we could add this ability to a skill set other than White Magic, we might be able to decentralize healing roles from White Magic.  I am leaning toward Lore or Nether Magic as this skill set.


I think Always: Reflect and the Faith/Reflect reactions would be pretty cool. I also think that a reflect-piercing raise spell would be okay, although fairy already gets past reflect and we want to make that better. What I really think needs to happen is an unfaith based revival, since Raise 2 is woefully innacurate and even raise falls out at 70% or so when both units are at 40. Whether it's unfaith based, gets past reflect, or both, I would put the new skill on Nether Magic because Lore already has a lot of variety as is in my opinion.

While we're at it, we might want to go ahead and replace Monster Talk, Monster Skill, and Train with more useful abilities if we don't plan to add monsters anytime soon. Not to mention that I think those would be pretty stupid in an Arena setting anyway. Time Mage is still looking for a support skill, after all, and I'm sure we can come up with new supports for Netherseer if that gets put in. Let me know what you guys think.
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I did PM FFMaster a few days ago about modding the patch and he still has't replied. I honestly don't know at this point what we can do.
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March 03, 2016, 02:13:20 pm #2145 Last Edit: March 03, 2016, 02:32:47 pm by Andrew
How about asking him for permission to mod Arena as a community?  We could have polls for new ideas, and the ideas that win said polls could be discussed to death, balanced to death, and then implemented.  I'm wiling to help out with what I can, which would most-likely boil down to testing, using the existing patching tools (not so sure about that ASM stuff), and brainstorming.

EDIT: That's if he responds, obviously.  :P
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If he responds then I would bet that he would want us to, but I don't want to misjudge him for assuming he'll say yes
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Throwing this out before I forget.  Doesn't mean much with FFMaster MIA, though.

A few adjustments
Heaven's Cloud: Dmg_(PA*7), 100% Cancel: Haste, Wind element, 200 JP
Muramasa: Dmg_(PA*9), 25% Add: Death Sentence, 200 JP
Reduce weakness modifier from 2.0 to 1.5.

A few new status effects
Celerity: Halve CT of skills, 48 CT
Amplify: Add Strengthen: All elements, 48 CT
Veil: Add Half: All elements, 48 CT

Reaction abilities
Chrono Trigger: Add Haste & Celerity. 300 JP
Sunken State: New reaction ability.  Add Transparent when targeted. 100 JP
Veil: New reaction ability.  Add Veil when damaged. 200 JP


Bumping this thread up. Several balance ideas are coming up in discord based on battles, matches, etc and it's much easier when they're in a thread so we can permanently link. Discord is better for discussing live stuff or making decisions/gathering votes, so if we can get people posting in here with ideas and such again, it would be great for everything.
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