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June 23, 2021, 07:44:34 pm


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Copying Tactics Coloring (Experimental phase over)

Started by Lijj, July 10, 2010, 02:18:07 am


Experimental phase is long gone!    Now I have a solid technique using layers.
The mission is to get the color to match ({almost}one need's a well trained Japanese hand for such things); as the WotL Illustrations match, but are slightly different than the original.
I have a much higher resolution version stashed away broken up into organized layers
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Can't look anymore!
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Needs more contrast, and darker outlines/shadows, to achieve a sense of depth.

Why not try this frame out?



ah! Thanks for the nice sheet! Yes more contrast, I need to get the line work more Tactics style I'll print out some refs soon. I just moved so I don't know where to go just yet
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Im thinking on giving this a try too, fit a character on that frame and make it look FFT.

Fuck, if I only had a scanner.. I'll try sketching it on paper, then transfer it to Gimp by eye..





Rough sketch taken by camera *blurred and hideous till I get a scanner*

My attempt to make a lineart out of it *First serious attempt at Gimp ever in life, paintbrush tool trace*



Hmm what you can do if you don't have a tablet is trace the lines with that tool in GIMP and then erase to get that thick/thin inking style but that will take ages. One other way is in Photoshop where you use the pen tool and define a custom stroke.

http://acaraluv.deviantart.com/art/line ... l-21814747


Mhm. Normal brush, black and white, and there.

I'd rather finish it on paper first, as it's still incomplete.


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I don't see how winshmo's style looks anything like Yoshida's, sorry.
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You fail to see that Winshmo was going for the modernized FFT look. It is a combination of FFT and FF12 coloring. Rakunar has a darker skin tone than the average sprite. It is very likely for Winsh will likely redo Anastasia in the future if he wants to go with the same style. The lines aren't perfect but this is more than we could have hoped for.


Well no offense to Winshmo, because it's still cool.... but he's failed at getting the lines to come close to matching the style. And the hair is too outlined.. it looks cartoony and the shading on the skin is too pencily.
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Yeah what I did was inked it using comic style outline(flat black) as opposed to FFTs style of soft pencil which for me could take very long to do. What would really make it look FFT like in my opinion would be the style of anatomy used.
I'm still trying to feel Yoshida's coloring style and combine it with a speedy approach which like the Rakunar illustration, which would have taken a total time of 3hrs if done straight without breaks. Btw the Rakunar and Zorine pics have only 3 layers on them (if you don't count the white bg)  :)

I'll try harder next time though.


FFT drawings use faded colors, like they were drawn on old paper

that's the only difference

incredible art here


I think Wishmo's mimic anatomy is excellent. The anatomy is very important, I would say even more important than the coloring is done in some cases. And yes I knew you were drawing on a tablet as well. The only thing other that he lines that could use some work is the way the hair shading is done.

As far as this project's concerned, of speed completion often weighted with expected quality is more than say, a slow process with better quality. I highly recommend using techniques that can minimize the time to do completed illustrations (sometimes at the cost of quality).

Finally, I would say consistency is also a very important -- so please do finalize the techniques and styles before doing too much work if possible. It is important to get the lines and anatomy right, as you would still be able to keep the anatomy and redo the colors later on.