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September 21, 2020, 11:10:35 am


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Sub-Forum Request

Started by Archael, July 06, 2010, 10:45:58 am


Is it possible that Zodiac adds sub-forums to this section? They would certainly help organizing the (growing) amount of information we have here. I could help moderate sub-forums if you like (I can do this from work). I bring this up because while looking at the 1.3 forum the other day, I realized how much help sub-forums would have been. (But 1.3 is no longer in development, so it wouldn't really benefit from this now - but IA would!)


I. Ivalice Arena
A. Storyline and Characters - Devs only
B. Sprites and Art - Devs only
C. Game Mechanics (Heroes, jobs, skills, items) - Devs only
D. Ivalice Arena Discussion / Download - Created on release, open to public

After development is complete or near complete you can just open a new section for comments / download links (for the public who will be playing it) and keep the development sub-forums hidden. Take it or leave it, just thought I would ask.


Yes sub forums would be nice, but although you have to keep in mind that we only have so many members here, the amount of new posts everyday on this forum is still relatively much smaller compared to public forums. While the sub sections would make things more organized (for sure), we are very unlikely to have that many new topics in a day that would require us to go through more than the front page.

Right now, a Game Mechanics Related section could be very useful (though, we don't have people to be doing that just yet). Sometime in the near future we should have these sections up. We should have a section for Scenarios and Events, since each team has their own unique play through. A story / character forum is probably not necessary, we likely won't have many of those posts (but they are very important).