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August 10, 2020, 02:28:42 pm


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IA forum members [Welcome The Damned & SecondAdvent!]

Started by R999, June 15, 2010, 12:08:00 am


This forum is intended for the project team members only. It contains information and artwork that is confidential and protected from disclosure. Any review, dissemination or use of this transmission or its contents by persons or unauthorized members of the intended organizations is strictly prohibited.

Current Members

Eternal248: Story & Character.

Kagebunji: Pixel Art Support.

LastingDawn: Story & Character (Lead), Event Editing.

Lijj: Pixel Art, and other art related material.

Philsov: Game Mechanics, Event Editor.

R999: Director, Pixel Art (Lead), Promotional Art, AI Mechanics, Game Mechanics, Gameplay QA.

RavenOfRazgriz: Game Mechanics, Gameplay QA.

[s:3s3d194h]SentinelBlade[/s:3s3d194h]: Formula Hacking.

Smash: Pixel Art, Game Art QA and other art related material.

Twinees: Pixel Art, and other art related material.

Winshmo: Illustration Art (Lead), Promotional Art, Video Editing.

Zodiac: ASM, Team Selection, World Instructions, Special Effects, and other related.

Zozma: Special Effects.

Previous Members

[s:3s3d194h]Asmo X[/s:3s3d194h]: Pixel Art QA, Gameplay QA.
[s:3s3d194h]Voldemort: Marketing, Gameplay QA[/b][/s:3s3d194h]
[s:3s3d194h]formerdeathcorps[/s:3s3d194h]: Game Mechanics, R/S/M Hacking, ASM Hacking.

Pending members:

The Damned: Game Mechanics, Game Balance, Gameplay QA.

secondadvent: ASM Hacking



I have filled in the roles of our team members, please bare in mind that there will always be overlaps... this is just an overview of responsibilities.


Ok, my net completely assploded, I am on friend's comp now. It may still take one week longer, so give some requests ASAP, so I can read and know what to work on, or send me some BMP wich needs fixing. R, I talked with that friend of mine, she will draw too, I thought of sending her Lavian and Alicia sprites, or the whole team, she can draw it all. Btw, I my pal wanted me to give you all his best regards for your work, he is lazy though, and don't want to come to FFH too. Well, I will take on some refs and work on some sprites too. And no, i didn't leave FFH, or ditched this project, only my net is down.
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Sorry for the late response but I really did miss this message somehow.  I am not sure Kage... Hmm... we have a new Zalera Lucavi (see the story bio for more info) that you can take a shot at. You may also want to experiment with alternative designs for the other current sprites.

Next time just send me a PM.