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July 11, 2020, 02:49:01 am


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Monster Changes in Mercenaries (Assistance much appreciated)

Started by LastingDawn, September 20, 2009, 01:11:06 am


Oh no, there is no "valid" Roulette in Mercenaries. It's just an All Haste or All Slow. A skill of the Gambler's from Rad's side of the skill wheel, if I recall right.
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According the the gambler thread its Ramza's but thats a bit off-topic. As for the "flotiball" species of monster they have always been kind of lackluster in damage and defense but had the advantage of causing various nasty status ailments(Like junior Marlboros) I could see a blind with a small chance for the death sentence status, or maybe a variation of beowulfs chicken spell(cant recall offhand if oracles get it or not) but that monster is far from Chapter one material. You said you wanted Goblins to be a long range supportish unit if I recall sir LastingDawn so they should have some form of long range(read hp damage) attack say similar to throw stone... and eye gouge is pretty lackluster as an ability. Standard chocobos seem to fulfill a kind of battlefield medic role with their large movement range and no mp cure, so maybe give them some form of buffing abilities... like dragon force of just merely a protect like ability.


Unless some strange stuff is done with formula modifications, normal skills can only give equal chances to every status that can be inflicted.  You want a small chance of Death Sentence, you have to set it to Randomly cause one of several statuses (including Death Sentence).  You can't have a high chance of one status and a low chance of another status.  Or I suppose you could, but that would take duplicating statuses (like changing Wall into a complete replication of Blind).  I think LD has something planned already for all the statuses, and that would be FAR more trouble than it's worth.


btw you say skeletons can equip swords... i thought they didnt have the arm animations for sword swings
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A special human style sprite has been made for Mercenaries.

The one near the bottom is it, I think:
http://www.ffhacktics.com/sprites.php?p ... perpage=20


oh sweet, wait, now that u mention it i recall seeing one submitted
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!