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August 08, 2020, 02:28:39 am


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Download the Patch: Current Version .50

Started by Cheetah, September 04, 2009, 01:07:35 pm


No, it is not. But it is a longterm project elsewhere. It won't come about any time soon, as all parties involved are chin-deep in other works as well, but we do hope to accomplish it in the end.
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I have just completed your War of the Lions Translation hack Cheetah; I am ashamed it took so long to get to. I wanted to remember why I love FFT so much and it did just that. It had been years since I replayed FFT normally and it was a joy all over again, especially with the beautiful War of the Lions translation.
While it may not have the accolades of having all of the extras of the PSP version, it does have the flair of War of the Lions put into its PSX content package. Well done Cheetah! The extra efforts you took to get everything lined up right (the spell quotes, the unit messages, the victory conditions) were noticed and highly appreciated. Your attention to detail skipped no beat.

I'd say there's no shame that several portions of your plan had to be cut because in the end this is a complete translation to War of the Lions. You have inspired me to replay the PSP War of the Lions again with this and reignited my love for the game and Ivalice. So thank you very much Cheetah!
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Thank you so much for the praise LD, and I'm sad that it took me so long to notice this message. I will take credit for doing a lot of the organization on this project, but much of the work was done by others who I feel probably don't get appropriate credit. I think I will probably need to generate a true credits for this project. You inspired me to look back over the original goals for this project, and I have to say that I'm pretty satisfied with where we got. My biggest regret is that the sound novels didn't get completed. But let it be known that these are still being worked on in a couple different forms, and v1.0 of FFT Complete is still a real possibility.
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Having played TO PSP and getting a better feel for the style, I'd like to rewrite the spell quotes for 1.0.
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Well, if there was to be a 1.0, it might be better to just wait on TLW and then throw the WotL quests into it, then use the FFTC other images from shishi as well as the xml to fix the spacing for the intro dialogue, and use that as a base for FFTC 1.0

MUCH more is easily doable now than was when FFTC was in production. And as most people know, I also have 3 of the 4 Sound Novels working in game, and are currently in beta phase, being bugtested/grammar tested and whatnot.

Honestly, if you took the images and such from FFT:C as well as the Tactext stuff, and then redid the offsets for the events (I have a program for this) to match up to TLW, threw in the bonus scenes from TLW, and added the WotLese back in to those scenes, then FFT:C would really be complete.

You'd only be missing DK/OK, and the multiplayer missions at that point.

The only 2 hurdles would be:

1) Getting the last sound novel (Enavia) finished translation (Cheetah, yell at Dunan more!)
2) Someone would need to make an event for Luso to replace the Ashley Riot one I did for TLW. (I would do this as long as I knew the effort was going into the other things I've mentioned above, as I have too much to do to work on another patch aside from the 3 I'm working on)

It's all really straight forward stuff. I already have the attack.out & worldmap built to include all the extra scenes, plus not derp anything out order wise, and it's been consolidated to remove all setup events. We even have the opening and intro movies from WotL working. Most of the wait on TLW is to do with a few small things, like 1 final reorder, fixing the numbers for the bravestory scenes, fixing a few grammar issues in the new character bios, and finishing up NG+.

I mean at that rate, the project would more likely become FFT:C - TLW Edition. However it WOULD fulfill everything this patch originally set out to do, and it really could make it 100% complete aside from the OK/DK stuff (which IIRC Choto was working on) as well as the multiplayer stuff (ya'll on your own here)
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Just thought I'd pop in and say Thank You to all the people who contributed to this translation. I've just started Chapter 2 and everything is great. I made a few personal edits to fix some of the errors others have pointed out in this board that weren't yet included in v.50. At first it wouldn't let me, but I went to the "sound test comments" in the quick edit of the latest Tactext and deleted those and then it let me patch it. I haven't noticed any glitches yet, and the translation is really growing on me. I have to say that I can't go back to the original. Thanks Cheetah!


Link is broken. 404 Not found. Is this still the definitive version even though it apparently isn't finished or should I just use the downloaded ISO?


Just decided to replay FFT and my curiosity bite me to see if someone had done a patch for this exactly, now  i can play this game how it is meant to.

Thanks a lot.
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I am so glad this patch was made. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this patch! It makes Final Fantasy Tactics even more fun to play. I think it was definitely worth the effort since the translation in this patch is much better, in my humble opinion, than the vanilla translation. Again, I thank you all very much!