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July 14, 2020, 08:25:51 am


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Sidequest Ideas (31/40)

Started by LastingDawn, July 11, 2009, 05:10:46 pm


Let us know if you need any more details on the sidequests we've already submitted, LD. I feel like I should redo some of the ideas I submitted...


Bomb King Fight

Activation Method - chapter 3 - poach a bomb or explosive or grande and go to any fur shop (idk if it's possible).

Area - Bervenia volacano.

a bigger version of bomb named bomb king its angry with you for killing his sons, you have to fight against 6 bombs(explosive, granade) and the Bomb King, as reward for win the battle you get the bomb sword a a sword with low attack but that inflict flare when hits.


Oh certainly. If anyone feels their idea isn't up to snuff, than by all means, submit an improvement.

EDIT: Scattman, that's a bit... well very basic. It's not possible to begin with. Another problem is that even if it were, Mercenaries only has 1 family of monsters rather than the 3 FFT had. Now another problem is that Poach no longer exists. There's a new system in place called "Bounty Hunter" where certain "marks" in battle (randoms, sub-quests, even some story missions may have them). That can be "captured" sent to the "Warden's Office" and dependent on who the mark was, receive one of two "tickets", It's basically an overhaul of the Poach system, that follows most things in that ordinary system and changes it.
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oh well i have to read all the changes in mercenaries XD
and its good juts to have one family of monsters, yes its relly basic idea i wa striying to give an use to this however i would like to see more clasic ff enemys in fft


Yeah, but good luck with finishing Curu's Bomb Lord. Slightly change the arms, Scatt, and it will be better,
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