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Final Fantasy Tactics: Clémence

Started by Mondragon, October 11, 2020, 02:59:49 pm


October 11, 2020, 02:59:49 pm Last Edit: January 01, 2021, 01:38:17 am by Mondragon
Final Fantasy Tactics: Clémence
 (Retexture, Gameplay/Content Expansion, Optional PSX Script)

The most ambitious War of the Lions mod, project Clémence strives to deliver a massive amount of content at the highest graphical fidelity. Nearly every random battle has been handcrafted to offer a refreshing take on Tactics' Iconic gameplay. Many new items, mechanics, and guests have been planted across the world map. Strategic players will be heavily rewarded with the unique gameplay design. Multiplayer is also being supported with new Redevous missions. Clémence also comes with a first of its kind PPSSPP retexture. Using assets from the community and the mobile port, UI elements have been pushed to a higher resolution and a higher level of detail. Maps have been polished and given an HDR color range. Tutorial and Beta maps have been given textures. Active encouragement goes out to anyone looking to use the retexture files for their project or to improve it! A reshade profile will also be included to improve lighting. Lastly, for you PSX script fans, Clémence launches with an optional script change!

Overhauled UI Elements
   Save Menu
Borders to be fixed and Consistent Nums
   World Map
   Party Roster
Background to be replacedCleanWith Reshade
   Battle Info
Icons to be cleaned

HDR Maps
CleanWith Reshade Profile

Gameplay Design
"Tactics Made More Tactical"

Every action now has a reason and a greater consequence. From battles fought or avoided, to Gil spent or saved, challenge or passive progression.
It is now impossible to trigger a random battle. In theory, you could manage to play through the entire story without hitting a random battle but that would be very difficult. You see, it is impossible to trigger a random encounter but if you select the location on the map it will activate the "random battle". The trade-off for this system is that "random battles" are more difficult then what they previously were but completing them is also much more rewarding. Completing them offers a chance of adding unique allies to your party, earning unique items unavailable in shops, or just winning regular spoils of war because you're going to need them... Shops require more Gil then before. Expect yourself to be hard-pressed for Gil and selling items to get what you need. Large tactical decisions need to be made to make it through such as, "should I avoid some random battles before that boss battle so I don't level up before the AI out gears me." "That unit has the same PA on his weapon as me but his offers shell at the beginning of the battle. I need to steal his stuff/ defend his death chest because there are many magic users in my next story battle." "I'm going to save my Gil, use weaker armor that has a slight PA boost instead of high hp boost and spend Gil on that next spear tier I need". Ect...

Some jobs have been rebalanced and others have been altered to give the player more of an advantage for the increased difficulty. Such as free HP boost on Chemist and lowered cost Vehemence on the squire. The most notable changes are to the OP Arthimaticion class which has become the Sage class and the revamped Dark Knight, class. Both classes have strong spells but the MP needed is much higher than before.

Monsters have been given a wider array of spell abilities. They now also have support abilities. They are great to run with the player's main party.

Story battles no longer have safeguard.

Also, I think it is important to note that the random battles are not lore-friendly. For example, fighting with Zalbaag as your ally for the encounter.

To be updated.

60 New Items added throughout the world map!

This includes the multiplayer items added to singleplayer, and don't worry they have been largely rebalanced to fit the natural progression in all levels of the gear tiers. Such as having weaker HP/MP/PA/MA stats of a specific tier but having starting bonuses or stat boosters in other areas. Overall it leads to more thoughtful and tactical decision-making on a battle by battle basis. Some of these new items can be found in specific shops, story battles, on guest and opponent characters in a random battle, and the rarest and powerful being earned by completing rare random battles.

Included the Sound Novels

Much, much more and to be updated!

Optional PSX Script
   It's Been Nearly An Hour!

Project Updates
October 4, 2020
-First Breath
I'd say I'm currently 80% complete with the project. I plan to update this post every two months until release which at my pace so far should be halfway of 2022 or by the latest end of 2022.

December 31, 2020
-The Clean Up Update
Happy New Years folks! Mod development is going smooth. This bi-monthly dev update focuses on cleaning up dirty file paths, optimizing messy textures, and all around bug smashing. The purpose of cleaning everything up for the first update was to increase productivity on development so I can work quicker. Such as spending forever to find something I worked on months ago. When I first started this journey I didn't really know what I was doing and consequently I really kicked myself by not organizing thoroughly from the start but hey I'm learning "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
  • Modding version: WotL
"I have absolutely no idea what I am doing."
  • Discord username: Mondragon#8319


Seems like you don't have anything out as of yet, however. I look forward to this.

I encourage you to do your best to deliver on what you're doing!