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May 25, 2020, 12:29:32 pm


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Valhalla Editor

Started by Nyzer, April 12, 2020, 03:35:25 pm


So the only reason I heard about this editor is that it was mentioned on Reddit. There seems to be next to no discussion about it on Reddit, GameFAQs, or here, so as far as I know it was just spawned out of the ether by a ghost.

It seems to allow modders a whole lot more functionality, and while I've not experimented with it at all myself, I figured I should at least put a link up to it so that people can find it more easily. A PSP ASM tool is so rare and unique it's worth it, I think.

You can find it here.

If anyone has any more to add about this, feel free to mention it in this topic. I know @BleuVII has mentioned using it before, at least, and like I said - there is just no existing discussion about this tool that I can find so far.
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I have gotten the program to run, however I don't know if the ASMs are actually working in the game or if they are the same as PSX ASMs. If anyone has time tomorrow I'd like some help finding out if they are the same and if it's possible to use the ASMs from this site in PSP version.
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April 12, 2020, 10:27:25 pm #2 Last Edit: April 18, 2020, 01:18:00 am by Nyzer
It's not. It's absolutely not.

There's a dim chance that something works the same way, but like I mentioned, a lot of the data structure changed from PSX to PSP so I really doubt it.

At best, they would have to be ported in some way.
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Hello, great folks of the ffthacktics community! First time actually posting here and love the work you guys do on here anyway...

I've been messing with this tool for a little over three months now. The tool's asm feature does indeed work. PS1 asms have to be repurposed for PSP to get them to work. You can view how the asms were reworked by opening them up in data>patches>default-core-hacks.asm. More information on how to work your own can be found under the MIPS instructions of the Quick RG that comes with every copy of the tool.

Additionally, the tool features data and text tools but I found them to be somewhat broken (especially text) as they had some trouble with font files and "lines" on both Clean NTSC and PAL. (I'm guessing this is why one of the sound novels, Nanai's Histories is corrupted??- although the others work completely fine.) Interestingly font files were found on my own patch I've been making so maybe it recognizes tactext edits? Although when I did try to use the text editor on my patch I was still not able to.

One last thing that can fix some headaches is that the tool can only be used once. Patching it again with Valhalla causes some glitches and the asms will no longer work. Good luck folks.
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I've had the same issue with the text stuff. I have no idea what to do in order to repurpose the PSX ASMs. I'm trying to figure out how to keep the text files from being changed.
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Update: I've finally got to testing the event editor and it works.
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April 17, 2020, 05:28:57 pm #6 Last Edit: April 17, 2020, 08:59:04 pm by Mondragon Reason: Grammer
I've finally got everything to work! Here's a quick introduction on how to use all of its functionality based on what was included in the guide and my own research.

Rename your War of The Lions iso to fft-wotl and place under the data folder.

Open Valhalla and click setup files, decode text files and decode evt

Editing Text


You can only edit utt files. Valhalla uses utt files that patch over your unt files. Editing unt files directly will result in an error.

Quick Reference

        line 236 Job Names
        Line 564 Item Names
        Line 1300 Ability Names
        Line 2459 Skill Set Names
        Line 5 Job Descriptions
        Line 625 Item Descriptions
        Line 3194 Ability Description
        Line 5427 Skill Set Description
        Line 5864 Job Requirments

snpl-mes (Audio Novels)
    01-utt Mesa's Musings
    02-utt Nanai's Histories
    03-utt Veil of Wiyu
    04-utt Enavia Chronicles
    05-utt Scriptures of Germonique (null)
    06-utt Test

    0-utt (Spell Quotes)

tuto-mes (Tutorial Dialouge)

Wld-mes (Tavern Dialogue)

When finished click Encode Text Files

WARNING: "Replace spell.mes file", "Replace snplmes.bin file", "Replace wldmes.bin file", "Replace all tutoX.mes files", "Rewrite all quick access text (aka rest-mes)" in "default-text-hacks.asm" must be present when patching (refer to asm hacking)

Event Editor



Valhalla Requires you to edit the unt file for this

When finished click Encode EVT

WARNING: "Replace Test.EVT file" in "default-cust-hacks.asm" must be present when patching (refer to asm hacking)

ASM Hacking


Note: If you only wish to use the ASM patcher you only need to "Set Up Files" but if an asm file alters text then you will need to decode the text files and encode them before patching. The same goes for the EVT.

Individual ASM hacks are stored in the .asm files, you may remove-blacklist-or add ASMs as you please to any main .asm file provided they do not have a "require#" dependency or you change the require dependency to "require#none" This becomes more prevalent under "default-text-hacks.asm" where if you already have a patch/mod but just want to add spell quotes and the audio novels back into the game.

(In my experience, it was less of a hassle to just copy my own edits from the unt file into Valhalla's utt files in order to avoid errors specifically to ability names. Be Advised only Item descriptions and Ability descriptions in your unt file will be kind of messed up but you can copy-paste the edits from tactext, everything else from item names to job requirements will be a copy-paste from your unt file.. so if you think about it 7/9 of the job is already done for you!! yay! Make sure to save those utt files when you're done in case something terrible happens!)

blacklist.asm (Valhalla will ignore ASMs placed here)

    Slowdown fix v2
    Add spellquotes back to the game
    Spell quotes always pop up
    Unlock novels
    Smart Encounters
    Battle Initial Camera v2
    Fix gil amount needed for the lip rouge quest
    Unlocked jobs v2
    Battle jobs list
    Formula 36 is now +PA_(X) and +MA_(Y)
    Mighty sword v2
    Crits always deal 50 percent bonus damage
    Abilities in Arith skillset can be reflected
    Null slps file in fftpack
    Replace TEST.EVT file
    Treasure Hunter 9-bit rare items
    ENTD 9-bit equipment items
    Balthier gets no special ENTD items
    Poach 9-bit items
    Onion items can be equipped if lip rouge flag
    Treasure Hunter rare minimum brave
    Arithmeticks supports up to 20 skillsets
    Party Roster Extension (PRE)
    Switch formation and absorb
    Monster eggs in last roster slot only
    Level cap
    Monster do not count as Casualties nor Injured
    Treasure Hunter is Player only

    Replace all data files

    Test entd 9b items

    Remove dupe font data (rest-mes)
    Replace font file ENG version
    Replace font width file ENG version
    Replace spell.mes file
    Replace snplmes.bin file
    Replace wldmes.bin file
    Replace all tutoX.mes files
    Rewrite all quick access text
    Change tutorial soldier names


Apply patch! :O
If at any point something does goes wrong, Valhalla will let you know at what file and line it occured at! Also this is the only reason why I could figure out what I was doing and led to this guide so thank you Valhalla :)

P.S. WOTL players rise up because we have more ram and multiplayer.. in time we can hope to bring down PS1... after we get our sound fix idk..  :mrgreen:  :cool:

Update: I think im getting really close to being able to convert psx ASMs to psp. Will make another update if my lead goes anywhere.
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May 08, 2020, 05:58:00 pm #7 Last Edit: May 14, 2020, 01:48:44 pm by Grillo
Hello! Im new, i want to make a custom patch for this game so im testing this patcher, but im getting this error:
Applying patches in:
invalid literal for int() with base 16: ''

The error is caused by the ASM to restore spell quotes into the game.
Any idea to fix it (i know jack of coding so im kinda lost)

Edit: i managed, problem arised after deleting some of the other ASMs. Thanks!
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Did you decode and then encode text data before applying the patch?
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May 14, 2020, 02:19:47 pm #9 Last Edit: May 14, 2020, 03:38:44 pm by Grillo
So sad, the iso patched in this way cannot be further moddified using FFTPatcher, it causes all sort of problems, nor can be loaded for moddifications using FFTactext.

Is there a way to reinstall the spellquotes and books without changing the rest of the game? that way it would be possible to patch an already modded iso with it, (then you could easily fix the utt text files)
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"Law smothers anarchy, Duty subdues instinct, Grace repels darkness, Reason exposes deception, Purity rejects artifice and Truth tempers fanaticism.     -The book of all"


This is the best you've got, really. I assume if it was easy then the Valhalla author would have made it do so.
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