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October 30, 2020, 03:42:16 am

Specifying starting abilities

Started by RetroTypes, February 23, 2020, 05:00:49 am


Hey everyone, seen this asked before but as far as I've found it hasn't been answered (point me to it if it has please).

Is there a way to edit which abilities units have learned when joining your party (or entering a battle)? I've read certain skillsets are hard-coded to have all abilities be auto-learned but I'm hoping to pick and choose only certain ones. For example, force Orlandu to always have only Stasis Sword, Shellbust Stab, and Dark Sword learned when he joins you. Action Abilities are what I'm mainly looking for, but R/S/M's would be useful as well if possible.

I appreciate any help!
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The only help I can think of offering is up the job level of orlandeu/orlandu
The abilities he knows are all known by other jobs making it hard to edit their properties so editing the amount of jp orlandeu has may make the spend the excess on some more abilities? I believe that's how that function works anyhow. I'm not too qualified to answer the question but I've done what I can to help
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February 23, 2020, 02:00:56 pm #2 Last Edit: February 23, 2020, 05:09:21 pm by Nyzer
Quote from: RetroTypes on February 23, 2020, 05:00:49 amI've read certain skillsets are hard-coded to have all abilities be auto-learned

No, not at all. Hardcoding, as I understand it, is basically an external instruction that can't simply be switched with a flag or a dropdown menu or whatever that tacks on some extra functionality/restrictions/whatever. Like how the Break skills are hardcoded to target specific slots rather than being something that the Patcher can edit.

I've never heard of any skillset that hardcodes auto learning.

In the Patcher's ENTD tab, you can make any unit have one specific job at one specific job level. That unit will then generate with enough JP across all jobs required to unlock that specific job, then enough JP to reach the specified job level for that specific job, plus a bit of random extra JP here and there that still keeps it only at whatever job levels were required/specified.

Units then learn skills in top-down order depending on how much JP they have and what each skill's learn percentage is set to. If Orlandu is set to have Job Level 5 in his base job, and Job Level 5 requires 800 JP, he'll spawn with 800 JP and change to try to learn skills with. Both Stasis Sword and Night Sword cost 100 JP each and have a 100% learn rate, but Stasis Sword is at the top of his skillset and Night Sword at the bottom, so he's a lot less likely to learn Night Sword since he has good odds of spending the rest of his JP on previous skills. If you change Stasis Sword's learn % to 0, then Agrias won't auto learn it, nor will any other enemy using it as their normal skillset.

Auto-"learned" skillsets come in two varieties. One is by equipping a skillset that isn't actually tied to any job the unit can access to the unit in the ENTD.
(Or so I believe; haven't ever tried it myself so far, and I may have missed something.)
This really doesn't work for any joining characters, though, since if you remove that skillset there's no way to equip it again.

And the other is by flagging the skillset type as a Monster skillset, which has weird effects on a non-Monster unit and is only restricted to 3 skills (or 4 if standing next to a Beastmaster).
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If you set a unit's primary or secondary skillset as anything but <Default> or a generic job's skillset (anything between the Generic Squire's Basic Skill to the Dancer's/Bard's Dance/Sing), in battle you will have access to all of that's skillset active abilities, regardless if they were learned or not, and regardless if the skillset matches the special job (if applicable) or not. It does not make make the character learn the abilities; it only gives access to them in battle.

There's no way around this. You can try to play with the Learn % and the JP costs but that's all you can do for proper ability learning.
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Anything is possible as long as it is within the hardware's limits. (ie. disc space, RAM, Video RAM, processor, etc.)
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Ok, I appreciate all the info provided here. I think I can make this work. If I do I'll try to post back with a solution, in case anyone else wants to do this.
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