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August 14, 2020, 12:34:34 pm


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Ramza is a crystal in cut scenes and starts battles as a crystal

Started by Seperest, July 30, 2019, 09:42:45 pm


I'm stumped as to why Ch1 Ramza is a crystal in cut scenes and starts all battles as a crystal. Attached is a pic of his Ch1 job settings and the first ENTD you see him in (Military Academy).

The only ASMs ive used are from OrgASM and they are: No Spillover JP, Punch Art Formulas use Naked PA, Units start with 0 MP, Regain 10% of Max MP after each turn, No Zodiac Compatibility, Random unit gear based on story progression, JP scroll glitch fix v1.2, No monster breeding, Cannot recruit any soldier from Soldier Office, Weapon Guard innate all, Global C-Ev, Selling item at 1/4 Price.

Any ideas?


Start removing some ASMs one at a time from what you are patching to a unpatched image, and narrow it down
You prolly have a ASM conflict somewhere
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Took a fresh image and patched using my fftpatcher patch only. no ASMs or tactext. And it still happens. Seems ASMs are not the issue. Thought maybe my image was just bad so i played the fresh unpatched and unedited version and it doesn't happen. Semms to be a fftpatcher thing.


If i am able to here, I'll give you a copy of my patch so you can look through it and see if maybe you can find something I missed. Tried 3 more images from 3 different sources. Same thing happens.


Eh, after 5 days and several emulators and images I gave up and deleted the patch, thanks anyways.


The whole patch? Or just the patcher file while you restarted it from scratch?
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