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July 15, 2020, 07:54:18 am


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How i can make Weapons or armor reduce speed or movement?

Started by ekaiser, May 15, 2019, 04:20:11 pm


How i can make Weapons or armor reduce speed or movement? FFTPatcher only let me increase that stat even i put -1 that turn to 0 value.
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1) This shouldn't be in Event Editing.

2) You don't. The game wasn't designed with that idea in mind.
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Moved to help forum. No idea why this was posted in event editing...
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Sorry guys i try to making a new style of play when all units have movement 7, but all weapons and armor have weight to reduce that movement, make heavy looking Armor reduce 2 movement and 2 speed, normal ones 1 mov and 1 sp, robes and clothes doesnt reduce anything, some thing to weapons like greatsword reduce 1 mov, also i'm working to place some guest character all over the world map (reducing the formation limit for all of that battles to 3 for the overall spritesheet limit 9) and the option to recruit them after battle end, and then forgot to put this speed-movement reduce thing to the right place :roll:
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Literally, planning the same thing for my hack. Movement reduction for armor and speed reduction for weapons, although my numbers are far more conservative. Be careful with this though because it makes Monks even more OP for no investment. You might want to consider adding claws as monk weapons and getting rid of martial arts.

I know there's a hack that has claws. If you can figure out which one, you might be able to borrow assets from it. As far negative stats goes you'll need to implement an ASM made by Pride. Check the link below for the ASM.

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Thanx Timbo! yea some jobs will be nerfed if i implement that, also i will try that ASM now... :shock:
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