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FFT ARENA 1.42B - Anti League Tournament

Started by saw2th, May 20, 2018, 03:06:06 pm


What is an "Anti League" tournament?

The purpose of this tournament is to build the worst team possible within rules constraints; Scores/Advancement will be determined by how many Loses your team gets, not Wins:

- There is no JP Limit, but you *MUST* spend at least 2800 points on your unit.
- Brave/Faith are the same as regular Arena Rules (40-70)
- Items: Hyper Shoes, Toy Knife, Bags, Healing Weapons, or MP Damaging Weapons are all banned. If a unit is able to equip something in their slot (ie, shields), they must equip something over having a blank slot.
- RSM: You are not allowed to use Move = 0.
- Regular equip/job restrictions apply: No more than 2 of the same on items/rsm.
- You can't use 4 mimes :P

Why do this?
This tournament is mostly for the purpose of exploring mechanics, skills, and interactions that often go unobserved in Arena; due to players wanting to pick what they see as more ideal choices, more interesting/funny plays will occur. When a player is forced to work with what they think is the worst approach possible, it will give us more information on aspects of the game we could improve that normally do not get spotlight in regular play, yet could always still come into play for future games & players.

When does it start, when is the registration?
Now! Sign up either here or notify me via Dischord's arena channel, and we will cap the tournament at 8 players.

What is the format?
The format will be a double elimination.

When will the tournament start?
I will start pairings and begin scheduling stream time/match recordings as soon as we have 8 players.
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Yep I am in for this one. Where am i sending The team to though?
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Time for a new season!

V 1.4.1 W/L: 3 / 7
V 1.4 W/L: 3 / 14.5
V 1.39 W/L: 13.25 / 22


Everyone should message me their team list via Dischord or here.
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I submitted mine as well. I figured y'all need a last minute addition to the roster
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You dare cross blades with me?




There doesn't seem to be much activity... Where is everyone?


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White Knight Wiegraf

Quote from: Bonesy on June 29, 2018, 09:32:10 pm
probably on the arena discord

That's correct. When Discord was created, the majority of players who were active at the time just started using this new medium instead, causing a sink in activity on this subforum. And it hasn't recovered since. Some even said they forgot it exists.


As for this tournament, here are the links I could find.


Round 1:
Cannot be found.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4 (final):

Round 1 is lost forever because it was done exclusively on Twitch, unless saw2th also recorded his stream.
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Kotetsu Quad Killer!!