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January 16, 2021, 12:07:45 am


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Current Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Mods

Started by Zeke_Aileron, May 15, 2018, 12:37:10 am


May 15, 2018, 12:37:10 am Last Edit: June 13, 2019, 02:26:28 am by Zeke_Aileron
This is a list of current mods for Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, a short description will be provided to give a brief look into what the mod offers, please check them out, and give the mod creators feedback as well.

Eternal's Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grim Grimoire Mod, This is a mod that is in a similar fashion to FFTA: Grim Grimoire, and it's goal is to have a refreshing game-play experience by removing broken vanilla abilities, re-balances vanilla abilities, new jobs with new abilities, fixed items, monsters with better stats, a guide that goes over each job and new job, their Move/Jump stat, what they can use equipment wise, and detailed descriptions of their abilities, currently in Beta v0.7, please leave feedback on their original topic post.

Zeke_Aileron's Final Fantasy Tactics A2: A Clan's Journey Mod, This mod mixes up the base game with various changes to the game balance, no job/race has a speed increase, the base speed of each race is set based on their race, new jobs, abilities, units, new text descriptions, enemies scale to your clan's average level to make sure progress with the main story missions is challenging as well as the normal missions, enemies now have different equipment, abilities, bosses now feel more like boss fights in terms of better equipment load-outs, Boots are useful to specific jobs and enemies also have specific boots equipped to their jobs, Luso has a custom job with new abilities and text descriptions, a new unit you get in the beginning of the game also has a custom job, The mod is designed to be mainly played on Hard mode, the mod is currently in version 0.94, the mod creator is accepting criticism and feedback on their original topic post.

DeSgeretjin's Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2: Vanilla Spiced, This mod changes up the vanilla gameplay by adding a unique job for Luso, various ability changes to some jobs, stat growths for all except HP growth was nerfed so units can be 60% more durable in fights which in turn makes status effects more relevant to use, Monsters are given a buff to stat growth overall to offset their lack of equipment, Level scaling increased by three quarters, Equipment has been given effects and or elemental effects which allows for more diversity in choosing what elements to use in fights, Boots MOVE have been nerfed, Mana cost increased for higher tiered abilities, Blood price removed from player use, Enemies that can use equipment have been properly geared up in their formations, The mod is currently on v0.983, feedback on their original topic post is welcome.

IcyGlare's FFTA2: Semi-Balance Patch, This mod aims for more buffs over nerfs, general changes for jobs, speed growth increased, enemies scale in level equivalent to your clan's average levels, some quests are no-longer month based, currently v0.57.

Rfh's FFTA2 Redesigned Mod's priority goal is to make the game's base difficulty harder than before, replaces useless and game-breaking stuff which includes specific reaction and support abilities, enemies scale with your clan's levels, Level cap for all units is capped at 50, most of the races now have access to a single special ability; however, you can only have one special ability active in a battle, some jobs have completely new command sets, currently completed until further notice of a update, this mod was recently updated by an outside source not from the original topic owner, but by the name of Suffulge, For a newer mod with different changes from the original FFTA2 Redesigned (Updated 2018-06-04).rar, click this for the changelist.

Shokat's FFTA2: Promise Rewritten (Rebalance and Difficult hack) (An improved version of Rfh's FFTA2 Redesigned Mod's is an attempt
from a modder with little experience to continue the amazing work from Rfh in his discontinued mod separate from Suffulge's mod patch. Feedback, criticism and suggestions welcomed in the link where the mod is located, This mod has everything from the original mod, as well as reworking the obsolete skills, fixing bugs and improving the game experience in every way possible.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown
  • Discord username: Zeke Aileron™#0606