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{FFT}*-The Great Shinobi War-*

Started by Teynjin, December 04, 2017, 07:14:12 pm


I would love to see a rendition of this game in the style of Naruto! I know there is a lot of fanboys out there and yes, I am one of them- But Naruto offer's so much content possibilities as well as enjoyment for many many people! As we all know, tactic jrpg's like this are pretty well non-existent. No one is managing to actually deliver a crossover for Naruto in this genre. I would love it see this and would be happy to assist in any way possible. Content creation, data entry, whatever is needed of me. Let me know what you think.
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While I admit that it has potential as a concept, it's also a concept that would require an awful lot of work. Work that would require talents that the community no longer has in abundance.

I would say, try throwing everything that currently exists job- and ability-wise out the window and see what you can cobble together within Patcher just through editing those alone. There's a lot of inspiration to draw from (the Ninja Storm games are already balanced by necessity, and are a great starting point for ability ideas), and having something tangible is a better starting point than an idea.
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<@Elric> I agree to that as well

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At the end of the day, are we not all trapped inside lemons?


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could you point me in the direction as to how to change the name of a skill or how to add an actor i can apply skins and skills to.? I'll do the rest from there.
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