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November 28, 2020, 06:13:03 am


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Final Fantasy, Monster Hunts

Started by Kib, October 06, 2015, 01:29:44 am


again thank you guys for the encouragement, I have watched the community dwindle, I thought the site would be shut down at a few points (no offense). I have watched with awesome lurker status as 1.3 (don't hit me), Mercenaries, FFT+, CCP, and many other memorable patches started and progressed then faded or were absorbed into new works. The sheer dedication of the core group of mods, and contributors is impressive. I have always wanted to help, but for one reason or the other never felt like or had time to learn.  I hold no delusions that FFT: (Something to do with monsters) will be as grandiose as JoT5 but I hope that it will be at least a tolerable patch and offer a unique look how one of our favorite enemies from FFT legacy has affected the world after Ramza, and maybe how he continues to affect the world, after his downfall.

I see why most patches fail or never get started now  :shock:

Learning to event has been fun, but somehow I think I have made the entire process harder than it needs to be lol. Elric's tutorials are great and have helped a lot. Actually got a decent idea of how the first event would look today, (KINDA EPIC). Got a case of the warm and fuzzes when I completed it too. I bow to anyone who manages to find time to do anything with FFT, the time I have put in just getting through the tutorials has put off a few people I know.

So, tentatively I am going to aim for before the end of the year, having my first 3 events done,and having a vid of them up for your viewing pleasure.
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My advice would be to come on Mibbit periodically and join the IRC, work at it alot, get as much help as you can once you start putting out real progress, and more importantly keep updating your work.
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