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ASM Requests

Started by The Damned, October 29, 2014, 09:16:45 pm


Request: ASM to bring the original Zodiac Calendar over to the NTSC-U version, from the Japanese and PSP versions of the game

As some of you already know, I'm working on a WotL version of FFT - The Lion War. This will add more content, such as the rendezvous missions, as well as the WotL translation of the game. I've covered quite a bit already that never made it into FFT: Complete, due to when it was created and what we had available at the time.

However one thing we still haven't gotten working yet is the proper Zodiac calendar as displayed here:

This was most commonly seen in English format, on the PSP version of the game, however this data is also from the Japanese version of the PS1 game.

There are a few pieces to this puzzle, the former being less important than the latter.

1. The Japanese PS1 game, and the PSP game, both show the Solar and Zodiac Calendar dates when selecting your birthday, where as the English PS1 version does not. As seen below:
As we can see here. Line 1 is January 1st for both the Japanese and English release of the game, but the Japanese release also shows that January 1, is Capricorn 10, on the Zodiac calendar.

So ideally, we would have the same thing here. I can tell you, thanks to Glain that the date data for this in the English version is located at 0xCF33 in OPEN.BIN, but I've been able to find the same data in another location in the Japanese version of the game's OPEN.BIN. and the portion with the second box does not seem to be controlled here...

This part is not 100% essential, as long as even via the solar calendar, the world map displays correctly and compat is unaffected.

2. The most important part. The onscreen display for the date on the world map. In the PS1 English version of the game, you start on January 1st. In the Japanese version and the PSP version of the game, you start on Aries 1, which is actually March 21st. The days would need to be the correct amount of days as well...

As far as I can find, i see no differences in the data for these between the Japanese and English versions of the game. However, while I do a lot around here, ASM is not, and likely never will be something I know much about, due to time constraints and the projects I'm working on...  Also, thanks to Glain, we know that the world map date location is 569CE in SCUS.

If someone find the time to figure out this mess and possibly even bring over the routines used for this from the Japanese or PSP version of the game, I would be eternally grateful.

If this request is at all unclear, please PM me or contact me on our discord channel for clarification, as I'm well aware that articulating my thoughts and requests is not always my strongest attribute.

I do have a modified version of the town names thanks to some help from one of Xifanie's sheets, as well as some of the old image from FFT: Complete. I've personally also added the Zodiac names to this to replace the months, which I'm fairly certain I can work out with some other locations that Glain supplied us with. But getting it working as intended is paramount to even worrying about the images/month names themselves.

From what I can gather, all the info for the Zodiac calendar is still in the English version, I'm just not sure how they call that on the world map, instead of the Solar calendar like we have in the English version

Thank you for your time.
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ASM to change the initial starting date of a new file:

ori r2,r0,0x0001(month 01 = january, 0a = oct, 0b = nov, 0c = dec, [don't go outside range, game will hang])
lui r1,0x8005
sw r2,0x77d4(r1)
lui r1,0x8005 ---> change to ori r2,r0,0x0015 (day - 01 = 1st, 10 = 16th)
sw r2,0x77d8(r1)

This routine actually loads right before the crystals fmv, and doesn't seem to ever be used again.

Attached is an xml version.
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I was hoping to edit formula 2D Dmg_(PA*(WP+Y)) PE  to  Dmg_(PA*(WP+Y))/X

Sorry if this already exists, I thought for sure it did, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere now.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Request: Fur Shop free pickup

I'm not sure to what extent this is feasible but the idea here is that any items in the Fur Shop can be "purchased" for free.

Items purchased from the fur shop must sell for the normal price when sold to any other vendor.
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Request: Formula 58 change.

Unit becomes class set to variable Y, instead of Morbol
  • Modding version: PSX
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All I want is to replace original damage formulas for basic formulas listed below:

> Physical damage (can be dodge): (WP + PA + X) * Y
> Magic damage (can be dodge): (WP + MA + X) * Y

> Physical damage (can be dodge): (PA * X) + (MA * Y)
> Magic damage (can be dodge): (PA * X) + (MA * Y)

*If possible to be able to select the element of the damage for all the formulas above, I would appreciate.

The idea behind the formulas is to create flexible formulas that would allow me and others to change how combat is played and how damage scales in the game.

Thank you in advance!
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So idk if im posting in the right area of this site or not lol but i was wondering has anyone created a hack/mod for the psx version that enables jobs to be unlocked for all available units like in tactics advance instead of individually?
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What? TA unlocks jobs on an individual level, too.
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January 09, 2021, 03:08:06 pm #328 Last Edit: January 10, 2021, 09:30:26 pm by CONMAN
Not a hundred percent that this fits here, but what the heck.

Could a fix be made so that the Kanzen sprite sheet can be pulled up properly from different sprite slots.  Outside of the Altima2 slot, the sprites are only pulled up partially in game.  Only the top third of a sheet like this will load on the map.  It would be pretty awesome if alternate giant sprites could be used for boss battles.

Edit: After some messing around, i found that I can use the arute (altima1) in different slots, but kanzen (altima2) will function in the altima1 sprite slot along with it's own.  This solves my issue.  Still a bit strange.  I'm assume some check for sprite id is used when the kanzen sprite attempts to be loaded.  Sort of unlikely that someone would need more than 2 spots for a Kanzen sprite.
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Quote from: zoiwillxx on November 24, 2020, 07:56:52 amAll I want is to replace original damage formulas...

I've been playing around with the base damage formula and it's important to understand how tricky this would be exactly as you've requested.

If you're going to do this it's important to understand that the damage formulas (weapons and skills) don't actually calculate the final damage themselves. They set two variables referred to as XA and YA. Another chunk of code (ie. routine) multiplies whatever values are stored in these variables together to get the damage.

So it's one thing to change how XA and YA are calculated, and that's what different weapons do:

(Knight Sword)
XA := PA(Br/100)
YA := WP

XA := WP
YA := WP

It's another thing entirely to change the multiplication of XA and YA, because this will have an impact on every damage formula that relies on it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not impossible, but realistically you'd have better luck learning assembly (which I encourage you to do!) and doing it yourself.
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