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August 08, 2020, 08:06:02 pm


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TableTop Adventures (working title)

Started by Rufio, August 22, 2014, 03:12:58 am


Thank you.  I think I have what I need as far as ASM goes figured out.  The most complex thing I had to do was switch the target's fury and faith for the fury/faith hacks.  And make some of my own formulas because I'm funny like that.  If I think of anything I do need, I know who to ask.

TableTop Adventures Demo is out.
Try it out and let me know how to make it better.


Shameless thread bump.  I'm still here guys!  Still working.

So I just finished a huge overhaul of the items and monsters and figured I would post somewhat of an update with a player's guide type deal.

First off, here are the classes.  They are unlocked by power source.  Almost every ability requires one kind of item or another.  For this reason, every class has innate equipment change.  Knives count as light blades to equip, but are considered implements for casting purposes.

Each tier 3 class comes with innate abilities, some of which can not be learned elsewise.

I changed the elements for every monsters and made the items match up.  The game basically works off of this element chart.
"Water puts out the Fire, Fire feeds off of the Wind, Wind ravages the Earth, Earth stops the Lightning, and Lightning spreads through the Water."

2 = weak, X= absorb, 0 = cancel

Every monster has an element, so having a variety of equipment is advised.  Speaking of which...

Here's a basic rundown of the weapons.

There are also superior and exotic weapons that don't follow the same rules as the regular weapon set.

As for the rest of the items:

Armor is divided into 3 categories; Heavy, light, and cloth.  Due to reasons, Armor is the only piece of equipment that gets better as you level, but give no bonus other than hp/mp.  Everything else is pretty much equal and should be equipped based on the situation.  For example, if you choose to go fight undead, you should probably grab some annointed weapons.

Shields are divided by light and heavy.  Each shield gives a type of buff or prevents a status.

Head gear is one type.  No more hats and helmets. Each headgear prevents a different status affliction.

Shoes are shoes.  Small adjustment, but not much.

Rings are the only things that grant permanent statuses.

Gauntlets grant strengthen elemental.

Cloaks grant absorb element but also make the wearer weak to another element.  Unlike a monsters element, cloaks do not cancel any elements.

Items: still have some testing to do here, but lets just say i changed some things.

So that is a bit of what I have been working on.  That and eventing which is going well, despite the amount of things I still need to fix.

Hope to be back soon with more updates!

TableTop Adventures Demo is out.
Try it out and let me know how to make it better.