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Looking to develop FFT Engine

Started by lab3l, March 27, 2012, 11:33:50 pm


I am looking for a team to help me program a complete FFT Engine. It would be nice to allow people to just create their own FFT style game and spark a little creativity.

This application would allow users to essentially design their own story, characters, npcs, etc.
I was thinking an interface such as RPGVX would suffice. I understand this may be an annoying task but I think it would do some good.


You may want to look at Tethical, which is currently under development and has made great progress.
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Indeed, Lirmont and Kivutar have been at work creating just that. Right now it's largely in the development phase, but Lirmont has been making great strides programming a control panel tool. Information can be found here:



I will make the man, who creates a game which is identical to fft (or at least very simular) and makes you be able to play it online against another human player, the richest man on earth

asuming that my gratitude is the most precious good existing on earth of course


Yea that would be the shit but I'd still like to make my own story lines just to play around.


Well in a sense you can already do this with event editing and other tools we have here. All of which are quite user friendly.
You can take a look at some of my events for an example :P
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