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July 06, 2020, 07:07:52 am


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Sprite Work needed for Journey of the Five

Started by Elric, March 14, 2012, 06:55:40 pm


As we are getting closer to releasing Chapter 1, we still have some sprite
work that needs finishing, and with our current spriters busy on other things,
I thought i would make a request here.

I won't reveal the sprites names here (PM me for details)
But anyone willing to do so will need some spriting experience since we need:

1 Sprite to be finished
1 Sprite to be started and finished (much easier then the first)
3 EVTCHR Frames to be made to go with the transition between the first 2 sprites (Think like when Gafgarion throws off his cloak at the Execution grounds, same concept)
(I can explain how to edit the EVTCHR if needed)

If this is something you would be willing to work or would like more details on, let me know.
The faster it's done the sooner the events can be finished, since I literally cannot make one of the last events in Chapter 1 without these.
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