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Spriting /
January 19, 2009, 12:33:41 am
My first thought was, "Sol Badguy, palette swapped."
Spriting /
January 18, 2009, 07:49:06 am
Quote from: "Curu"Also, I see Etna.
Heh, yeah, though I'm not completely happy with it. Pixel art isn't my forte - I'd rather scan my line art, paint it, and resize. Unfortunately, my attempts at doing so look rather Dr Seuss, so I've been faking it as best I can.
Spriting /
January 18, 2009, 03:27:31 am
Personally, I think more bulk would make it look even more nunly. It's a long floppy cap, and you don't have the luxury of seeing the entire shape of it in a portrait. I say it's fine as it is, unless you've a preference for shorter ears.

And a long-time Zelda fan should know his name is Link. :p </catty>
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 14, 2009, 11:48:42 pm
Quote from: "Dominic NY18"Considering that PSX games output at 640 x 480
Erm, no. 256x224 is the base PSX resolution, with 640x480 being the maximum possible on the hardware. Most games use something closer to 320x240 if 3D elements are used, occasionally something higher for menus. You'd be hard pressed to find a PSX game that runs at 640x480 with any degree of frequency.
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 14, 2009, 06:30:20 pm
Quote from: "Kenshin72"Wow! Superjupi! This is my first time seeing your portrait! Awesome Etna!
Heh, thanks. I'm working on redoing it from scratch, but I'm trying to find a good technique for digitizing my hand-drawn portraits first before I continue. I was messing around with the original character designs from PSX FFT to see how they were resized and cleaned for the final character portraits, but with the results I'm getting... yeah, might be better to just do pixel art.

On the subject of screen resizing, I despise interpolation. I'd rather have 1:1 resize with no smoothing, or no resize at all. The 'original' setting in POPS is the least offensive resizing in FFT, and easiest to just grit my teeth and tolerate.
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 11, 2009, 10:34:13 pm
Most recent firmware has no effect on the lag whatsoever, be it ISO or UMD, or on fat or slim.
PSX FFT Hacking /
January 10, 2009, 11:26:51 pm
Integrating the retranslated text would be the most time-consuming, because you can't just dump the PSP's text in - the text windows are too wide to fit cleanly much of the time. You'd have to go through all of the dialogue and rearrange the line breaks, and all that sort of fun stuff.

From there, you would decide whether or not to add dark knights, Balthier, et al to the game, and if so, who to remove from the roster in order to get them to fit. Or do some ninja ASM hacking to add additional character slots, either way. Adding the new items would at least be quick and easy.
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 09, 2009, 03:44:14 pm
Quote from: "Dominic NY18"Was the first image taken on the normal or original setting?
Original, which sadly does not always run games at the original resolution.
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 09, 2009, 02:33:21 am
It's stretched both vertically and horizontally. Vertically to cover the resolution increase, horizontally to maintain the original aspect ratio, then the border expanded horizontally. It's the same effect as playing the PSX game on PSP with zoom at original aspect ratio, just with extended horizontal borders instead of black columns. In fact, the images even match up perfectly as such.

PSX, though POPS sadly resizes this image to provide proper 4:3 aspect ratio, as the original resolution should be 256x240
PSP, which forgoes dithering for the Vaseline effect of resampled zoom
PSX with zoom, overlayed ontop of the PSP version
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 08, 2009, 05:30:03 pm
Or, they could have just done like Disgaea and simply resize the boundaries rather than stretch and zoom the screen itself. It's just sloppy. I should also add that the effect lag is not a negative of remaking the title but a failure on the part of the production team. There's no reason for it to be there.
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 08, 2009, 07:32:03 am
I've been working more on the PSP version lately, just for the extra party slots to toy with. If there's ever a quick and easy method for resizing the party roster on PSX via patch, then I probably wouldn't ever touch the PSP version again. I hate most of the retranslations of proper nouns (when the hell did Squeenix start this holy war against the letter 's' in favor of 'th'? It's maddening!), effects causing the game to slow to a crawl is inexcusable, and the Vaseline stretch of the picture to fit PSP's resolution I find to be absolutely hideous. I'm mostly appreciative of the retranslated dialogue, and the additional items and characters are nice to keep around, but that pretty much covers all the good things I can find to say about it.
The Lounge /
January 06, 2009, 09:38:28 pm
As an aside, always take DAX's retirement claims with a grain of salt - he's 'retired' from PSP hacking half a dozen times, now.
War of the Lions Hacking /
January 06, 2009, 09:12:46 pm
The sound is quite a bit off for effect animations for me, and it's not just the effect that's running slow, either. Music continues to play at normal speed, but the effect's sound will stutter while the video speed is cut in half.