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Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 22, 2015, 05:38:13 pm
Yeah I agree with it being a grey area that's why its so hard to put him in the evil category. Even if i do think he is slightly "evil"(for lack of a better word  :P) I would still call Delita a hero. Heroes don't have to be saints or anything. He still stood up for for the people and accomplished something ramza could not have.

and he does represent a more human reaction to everything. Which is one of the things that really makes you relate and feel for him.

just to point out too I'm not sure exactly what was said...but the fake orlandu guy willingly gave his life(course not sure if delita deceived him or not lol)

And I remember reading somewhere that he let orlandus kid and the assassin who was sent to kill him both live. That definitely says something about his character right there. Too bad his kid ends up dying by he churches hand if i remember right  :lol:

I still stick by what i said about ovelia. I agree that giving your life for somebody might change if that person tries to kill you...but I still think killing her shows that he has changed. Plus from her point of view he killed ordlandu's kid, ramza, alma and everyone else and she thought she was next. His reaction was just a selfish act and if they would have both died the church most likely would have rose up to power....and churches with power never ends well. It could have destroyed everything that he fought so hard to change.

Quote from: KingUrameshi on December 22, 2015, 03:02:49 pm
Also I am not sure how accurate I am but I think Delita might have had a hand in the death of the leader of the Black Sheep, Baron Grimms who died on the battlefield due to an arrow. Seems suspicious that Baron Grimms would die from an arrow while leading troops where commanders are usually protected from that sort of thing, and then Delita gets promoted right after.

I'm sure it was no coincidence anyways lol

Gotta say I always liked wiegraf and milinda? too (surprised I remember all this shit lol)
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 22, 2015, 03:04:44 am
Eh although I think Delita was a better character than Ramza, I think he soiled his hand plenty just not by his own choice. He was a naive guy but when push came to shove he got right in the middle of everything. I Haven't played fft in a really long time so all I can recall is the impression Delita left on me. Delita was a hero but he was willing to stoop to the same level of the real monsters of the game. Evil is not the right word I guess...but for lack of a better word a necessary evil. In my opinion he set out to change the world knowing that he too would have to change and I do think he lost himself a bit in the end. Honestly I agree with everything delita did and would have done the same thing. Except when he killed Ovelia. After everything he has been through I'm sure even he knew that dagger was not gonna kill him. Don't quote me on this but I believe he even said that he would give his life for her or something like that. And even if he did think he was gonna die...instead of being like ah shit well at least I accomplished my goal, Ovelia is in power now and things will be different ( which is what I think he would have done when he first set out to change the world ). He instead decides on killing her, which either way I look at it was not in the benefit of the people. It may be debatable if killing her was evil or not, but I do think it shows that war changes even heroes.

Just to clarify still love delita lol
Haha had lots of free time this week. Ramza is at 70  :shock: Once she got move+2 it was pretty easy. Long as an enemy was standing she was attacking. Think I'm all done testing everything out now lol :mrgreen: got my builds all figured out depending on what you throw at us anyways. Must be doing something right them monsters are becoming beasts and I'm still able to handle most of em at high levels with low lvl equipment. Long as I don't run into 4+ chocobos I'm usually good. Awesome game guys I'm loving it can't wait for re-release and ch2!
Agrias can dance for me anytime  :P
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 21, 2015, 03:18:07 pm
You should be proud! Your topic is the chill spot right now lol. We will all be talking about delita very soon I'm sure  :P. Feel free to lol at me I haven't played vanilla in a long ass time but I was never into all those super OP builds anyways. I'm kinda glad they did away with that leveling down and faith/brave raising bs in JOT5. Anyways I'm talking about JOT5 builds right now. I've been experimenting a bit and I posted some builds I think I'm gonna try out when ch 2 hits in my previous post. We'll see though who knows what ch 2 has in store for us

*edit* I guess I should post something about delita too. Delita is definitely one of my favorite characters of the game. He had an awesome story and an original background. He did what he had to do for the good of the people but he was kind of evil. It may have been a necessary evil but I think it did consume him a little bit. I think he even cared about Ovelia towards the end but then we all know how that ends. So i definitely think Delita lost himself in the end. I always loved the battles with ramza and delita too. Even though they chose different paths when push came to shove they united and stood together against a more evil power. They have an awesome story to work with with delita and ramza and I can't wait to see what the JOT5 team does with it.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 20, 2015, 02:30:29 pm
Yeah those 108 gems worked awesome with the geomancer build too. I think it boosted one of her sword skills too. I always hated how her growth rates on the holy knight were so bad. The only reason I made her a samurai was because on one of my games I leveled her in the holy knight thinking it out to have good PA growth and she ended up having really high MA but low PA and was doing pitiful damage with her sword skills. She still ended up being one of my MVP as a samurai though =p. She was always one of my favorite characters. Took me a while messing around with her to get build I liked. Ended up sticking with the geomancer because it had decent growths/multipliers and she did decent damage with the abilities.

So whats everyone using in Jot5?

Nothing set in stone yet but one person I have a awesome build for already is dante. Open for suggestions though!

Dante - Dragoon (once spears are available he will be owning it =p )
weapon - spear ( for devil styles trickster )
Skills - Jump ( 1.5 damage from spear )
Skills - Devil styles ( 1.5 damage from barehanded )
reaction -  first strike
passive - barehanded
move - move-hp (maybe)

cloud - I think a mean damage dealing immobilizing limit breaker samurai

Snake - a covert bow wielding debilitating ranger or knight depending on the situation. Also when i need one hes gonna be my thief combined with barehanded to increase %. His hide reaction skill is awesome!

Link - White mage didn't work out too well because he has a bad zodiac combination with 2 of the chars. I'm thinking either summoner/oracle/redguard. Oracle came in quite handy with petrify against the skeletons but I definitely need another character that can revive so I'm thinking summoner.

Ramza - I think duke/animist

Agrias - being an ai i'm thinking either holy knight/knight or holy knight/monk. Think I'll use geomancer reaction ability or pa save
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 18, 2015, 09:04:28 pm
Hey I got a quick question not worth starting a new thread over..... Does Agrias base class( Holy Knight ) have the same growth rates as the original?

Also just out of curiosity what did everyone do with agrias on the original game? I always liked the holy knight/samurai and the holy knight/geomancer combos. Not sure what I'm gonna do with her on JOT5 yet. Seeing as how she is a guest I'll have to mess around with some builds and see how well the AI does with it.

And yeah good luck with everything Elric, seems you got a lot going on right now and I hope all goes well!
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 15, 2015, 08:55:55 pm
You'll have to wait for them to confirm everything but according to the chapter 2 progress log, we'll have to start over from scratch because of the new changes. I got a feeling it'll be worth it though  :P. Plus you don't want to get too leveled early on or the monsters get crazy hard.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 15, 2015, 03:57:35 pm
From what I understand right now I believe they are concentrating on the re-release of ch 1. They did a lot of changes to the game over all (especially the mark system, monster recruitment, jp system and the ch1 last battle). So that's why ch1 re-release is first then they are gonna concentrate on ch2 release. They are pretty far done with ch2 from the look of the progress log but ik elric has some rl shit going on right now. I haven't heard any release dates as of yet but maybe we'll get an approximate timeline soon.

*edit* by the way if you guys need any help testing or anything at all just pm me. I don't have any programming experience and I'm not very good at spotting grammar mistakes but I can try and spot some while I test for glitches and game play issues.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 12, 2015, 07:00:46 pm
Haha its good a good thing you guys are so excited about your project! That's why it is so good! I got no doubt its gonna be worth the wait.  :P
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
December 10, 2015, 12:15:58 pm
Agreed no worries guys. Shit happens there is no reason to apologize. I am very anxious to get playing new ch1 and ch2 but I can definitely say that it is worth the wait! I'm very glad you guys are sticking to it, even though I just found this awesome mod I believe its almost 3 years old now? I have seen many projects come and go and I know it takes an unbelievable amount of work and dedication to get to the point you guys are at now. Just know that it is definitely appreciated and you guys can add another huge fan to your list =p. I wish I could help out =/ I'm currently going to school for computer programming so I'm hoping to pick up some basics I can use to expand on some things that interest me. Just a thought too while some of you guys wait for the new release of jot5...If any of you guys are fans of classic phantasy star series, pscave has translated the ps2 remake of phantasy star 1 + 2. 2 is currently in beta but they are just about finished testing and as long as you play on an emulator there seems to be no errors. They also have mods for ps4 that make every fight in the game seem like hell =p. I'm a big fan of the classic phantasy stars so that was awesome to be able to play the remakes and the ps4 mod was just insane but it was very fun. They put a lot of work into them as well.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
December 07, 2015, 04:24:11 pm
AH! I forgot in DMC3 you could only switch styles at the start of a mission! DMC4 he could switch at any time...It would be nice to be able to do that but I gotta admit it would make dante incredibly op. My main suggestion was because based on originality but I had forgotten about DMC3.

Yeah its gotta be different play styles for link. Cloud was one of my MVP. I would still like to see Link get some more skills IF its possible. I noticed the post saying it was a problem with space but it was being considered. I hope its possible in the future but if not at least there is many other class options to make him useful.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
December 07, 2015, 02:19:55 pm
I have a couple suggestions to make but I just wanted to say how amazing chapter 1 came out!
I'm not gonna post everything about the game I liked because everything has already been said and you guys are busy working on progressing towards the future. I just found this mod last week and I couldn't believe how great it was. The sprites are beautifully done, the dialog is great, the battles are great and even challenging at times! I know you are tweaking the system a bit and when you release chapter 2 I will post a much more detailed response but I am going to list a few things I want to note and some things I think could be improved. But my list of suggestions is short and that is a great thing!

First ramza swearing... I'm not sure exactly how far after the lions war this is, but Ramza seems more mature in this game and hell after fighting that manipulative war I'd be swearing more too. I don't see a need to change it at all. I thought ramza's character was pretty close to his original and like I i was saying he's not that same naive academy student any more. At the least I don't see a need to go back and change the content you have already done as that would be a lot of work that would halt real progression.

Second I would like to see dante be able to use equip change. Dante, Snake, and Link are all able to switch their equipment in their original games and I think it would make more sense. Plus it would make it very useful for Dante and as of right now with links skills I don't see much point in him being able to switch weapons.

Which leads me to my next comment. I feel like besides light arrow( which seemed really powerful against ganondorf but he was probably weak to it ) Link seems to be the underachiever of the bunch. When I first got agrais I trained a bit and i left link out for quite a few battles. Yet Link was still the first to master all his skills. Why only the one sword skill for link? I'd like to see a couple more in there at least. He has charge attacks, jump attacks and etc. Maybe he learns some new songs while in this new world. That would be kind of neat as well he catches ramza playing a tune with his blade of grass and he plays it on his ocarina and it turns out to be some new useful song.

Also I second the notion to give some small game hints at least. If I would have killed a certain someone last I might have missed out on a certain skill for the time being anyways. It also be nice to put some hints in there if you plan on doing any hidden move find items. Just because the original had hidden stuff with no hints doesn't mean its right. Matter a fact from what I've seen so far I think this has the potential to surpass the original.

Alma....My how you've grown and become a badass. Love it!

If you gave me a choice on only having one extra character it would 100% be Agrias so glad you included that sexy holy knight =]

Mustadio and his new invention....Nice!

Sephiroth and ganondorf...Great job!

The new delita scene looks awesome I can't wait! I always liked when the two teamed up so this was a great idea!

*edit* I read the previous suggestions and it was very interesting to say the least =p. Glad you guys stick to your beliefs and not try to please everyone. Geno would have been a cool addition btw but I think your choices so far have been the best possible and I have no doubt I will be pleased with all future characters! I am still surprised to hear that most people found Link to be the most op. I still stick to my above suggestions with dante and link but they are simply my thoughts on the matter. After playing CH1 I can't imagine being disappointed with whatever direction you decide to go. Like you said you are not bound to their initial class but I always liked having the skill sets from the unique classes.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Chapter 2 Progress Log
December 07, 2015, 02:11:52 pm
I posted some suggestions on here then i noticed the suggestion thread =p. Sorry I am new here I just downloaded your mod a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome! This is by far the greatest mod I have ever played and I think it has the potential to surpass the original! Thank you for your hard work and dedication it really shows!